A Christmas Horror Story (2015)


Directed by:  Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban & Brett Sullivan

Written by: Jason Filiatraul, James Kee, Sarah Larsen, Doug Taylor & Pascal Trottier


William Schatner .... Dangerous Dan 
Zoé De Grand Maison .... Molly 
Alex Ozerov .... Ben 
Shannon Kook .... Dylan 
Amy Forsyth .... Caprice Bauer
Jeff Clarke .... Taylor
Michelle Nolden .... Diane
Percy Hynes White .... Duncan 
Corrine Conley .... Aunt Edda 
Adrian Holmes .... Scott
 .... Kim
Orion John .... Will
A.C. Peterson .... Big Earl 
George Buza .... Santa

Special Appearance:

Julian Richings .... Gerhardt

Release Dates: Fantasia International Film Festival: July 20, 2015; Film4 FrightFest: August 30, 2015; Mile High Horror Film Festival: October 1, 2015; Limited Theatrical: October 2, 2015 (USA); Limited Theatrical: October 23, 2015 (Canada)





Interwoven stories that take place on Christmas Eve, as told by one festive radio host: A family brings home more than a Christmas tree which was illegally cut down in which their son acts strangely evil and possessed, a student documentary becomes a living nightmare when they try to look for clues on murders that once took place there in which they end up getting slaughtered themselves with one of the students becoming possessed themselves, a Christmas spirit terrorizes a dysfunctional family that goes to visit their bitter aunt as one of their collectibles that has an action piece of a Krampus is broken by a bratty son which may be the cause of it all, Santa slays evil elves and has to battle with the Krampus in order to survive.


The film was disjointed as it was like a horror anthology but the stories trying to take place during the same time and didn't work so I will do my best to try and review this piece: 
A nice setting where we have Dangerous Dan as a DJ hosting a radio show and announcing four tales which is the only piece worth watching by what is going on here as we see him on and off in the story. Good settings with Christmas lights too. 
In one of the pieces of the chapter that's scattered over everywhere in the story is a good moment with a bunch of teenagers going on their mission to do their documentary while driving in their vehicle as their discussions worked in well and watching on their iphone monitor on what happened there with dead bodies and police investigating it all and a nice jumping moment on one of them being taken by surprise. 
Nice moments when they go down in a basement area of the school looking around as well as some shocking moments on something appearing and then terror breaks out with some possessions happening which looked intense but there's a fornicating scene which doesn't look convincing at all.
In one of the other scattered chapter things were impressive when a family cuts down a tree for the holiday and their son Will ending up missing in the woods which looked convincingly creepy wondering as to what will happen when they are looking for him and then a good shot on Will appearing out of a hole from a tree as this leaves off a creepy impression.
Plus we have a moment when Will is at home stuffing his face with pasta as this for sure looked dangerous wondering if he will end up choking with the close up shots on him not slowing down as well as his father talking to him and a nice shocking moment when this child stabs his hand which offered good possesed horror timing I must admit for a bad film.
Impressive intense shots on the parents looking around as well as their son walking on a wall or having his eyes glow in a distance as well as a gruesome moment on what happens to the father next to a tree with shocking gross out moments that involved canniballism. Some of these scene's seemed to have paid a tribute to The Omen and The Exorcist.
Energetic scene's in the third one with a family driving to someone's place and it looked convincingly dysfunctional as this was convincingly done.
Good camera shot on a chainsaw cutting some wood as well as a good shot on a strange looking innkeeper acting creepy as well which draws off to a nice mysterious feel to it all. 
Also which seemed funny was their undisciplined son Duncan is goofing around with a krampus figure and a prickly elderly relative Aunt Edda demands him to leave it alone but later on doesn't listen to her when she's out of the room and he intentionally drops it as this for sure leaves an impression that this kid is a troublemaker intentionally in which I got the impression that the terror will get him big time for being the way he is. 
Nice situation when the family is stuck in the road and is walking through the woods and a fast moment happening to the father Taylor and we see blood which draws you in wondering as to what happened here.
Plus a good jumping moment when we see this force grabbing at Duncan and dragging him away which looked catchy too as well as suspenseful. 
Afterwards a confrontation between one of the survivors towards Aunt Edda with some shocking moments that were about to unravel which had mildly cheap CGI effects but this was nothing special to watch whatsoever. 
The fourth one is pretty awful as we have Santa Claus dealing with terror as there's a perfect shocking moment on one of his elves doing smething tortureous to himself as well as going crazy and cussing too. Defientely doesn't fit into the story of the film as well as him having battles with his other elves possessed along with being slaughtered too. When I saw this and remembered when Silent Night Deadly Night being picked during it's theatrical run I was thinking to myself that film is harmless compared to what I saw here.
We see Santa on a struggling situation on his home at the North Pole trying to escape the mdness as we even see him having to kill Mrs. Claus for becoming evil and trying to kill him. This was way too much and not in a good way at all. 
Yet I did enjoy his battle with the Krampus character which looked extremely effective and powerful to watch by what the two of them do here. I give good credit for that. We find out in the end on who Santa really is and we're like aaaah. But it still looked pretty lame.
Bottom line is this film was uneven to watch and confusing too. Tries so hard to make it look like a one story flick by putting different scene's of the chaopters in separate places but it's a plain anthology regardless and looked unorganised. A ripoff to Tales of Halloween in which that one was out the same year and done in a more unique style. The only things that saves the film from bombing is some of the suspenseful situations and shocking moments. Otherwise you'll be sitting through agony by watching this clunker.

The acting stands out pretty well which is another pointer from being bombed as William Schatner (Dangerous Dan) still has the knack for his characteristics in which he had the perfect voice to portray a DJ in this flick as his performance does the trick here just being on the ball. I really liked by what he did here. Didn't let an ounce of energy down at all.
Zoé De Grand Maison (Molly) worked her part in well as student in which she does was impressive by being alert on situations as well as acting timid on stuff. Also was on the ball when she tries to do a report when someone is filming her too. Seemed to get into the motive when she is possessed by acting wild but when she goes into a lustful situation she isn't convincing. 
Alex Ozerov
 (Ben) seemed to show off great energy as another student in which he came across as one of the intelligent types in the flick as well as doing his job with his anxious speaking. He was on the ball pretty good for what he had to do here. I give him a two thumbs up. 
Amy Forsyth (Caprice Bauer) had one of the main supporting roles in the flick but mainly stood out near the end of her role as she shows off a good viciousness by what she did here as well as acting powerfully aggrassive plus her cold speaking did the trick as well. She certainly delivered. 
Jeff Clarke
 (Taylor) really seemed to be on the ball as the dysfunctional family man. He does well with his hyped and energetic attitude as well as his sarcasm. He for sure comes across as a pain in the ass type of fellow. He put everything he got into his role and did it with style. 
Adrian Holmes (Scott) was another one whom was pretty slick with what he had to do in which he speaks greatly with his words as well as trying to be an understanding and passive type at first. Plus shows off a great rage later on when the horrifying events start to happen as he was a true ball of energy by what he had to do. 
 (Kim) did the trick as his wife as she does a good job getting stern towards her onscreen son as she has a good sharpness to her speaking. Also does well trying to act sympathetic in other spots or showing great energy with her terrifying type of behavior all into what she did here. A good character actress. 
Orion John (Will) did a perfect job as the possessed son as he truly packs a mysterious type of suspense within his performance. Does a great job stuffing his face while eating pasta just gulping away showing off a perfect concentration as well as showing nice blocking when he attacks someone. He for sure was a bolt of lightning within whatever he did here and showing off a nice silent behavior. 
Percy Hynes White (Duncan) had one of the most effective supporting roles as an undisciplined brat just really packing a punch when causing trouble and having a believeable disregard by whatever he's doing that isn't right. At times though he can be a little bit over the top but not too much. 
Corrine Conley (Aunt Edda) was quite funny in her supporting role even if it wasn't too big. She for sure offers a good bitterness and prickly attitude to what she had to do here. Shows a nice darkness to her presence. Also offers a nice versatality to her presence in another scene. Shows a good calmness to what she was talking about proving to be a good versatile character role. 
Julian Richings
 (Gerhardt) shows off a good cameo as an innkeeper in which he offered a great creepiness to his role with a wicked attitude as well as acting convincingly crazy. He really draws into it big time with his cold attitude and wondering if he's a horror character at all. 
George Buza (Santa) seemed to stand out well and delivered his courageous lines as well as showing the perfect seriosuness for his role. He was fast acting for when the terror strikes him and offered great blocking when he goes into battle. I liked his performance better than seeing this awful story itself.

A hand is stabbed
Elf chops off his fingers
Elf head is sliced with their brain revealed
A bunch of elves are slaughtered
Violent bloodsheds happen in a forest
Hand is chopped off and eaten

Not too much composing done by Alex Khaskin except some effective hisssing sounds and other noises such as that which suits the darkness of the stories that we spot in the film as well as low sounds too as this seemed to fit into the story as well. We hear later some odd chantings near the end but nothing too superb.