Addicted to Murder: Tainted Blood (1998)


Produced, Cinematographed, Edited & Directed by:


.... Angie
Sarah K. Lippmann .... Tricia
Mick McCleery
.... Joel Winter
.... Jonathan
.... Jackie
.... Karen
.... Otis
Joe Moretti .... The Hunter

Special Appearances:

.... Jonas Collins, The Vampire Expert
Joel D. Wynkoop .... Dr. Dan Hess

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 1, 1998





Joel Winter (Mick McCleery) is still on the prowl and hunting for Rachel as well as being stalked by a crazed vampire hunter.
Angie (Sasha Graham) now has a new vampiress to control named Tricia (Sarah K. Lippman) whom is bored of the single life and is looking for the love of her life by going on blind dates but she is hungry for their blood.
Angie along with Joel is looking for a rogue vampire who is turning people who aren't worthy of "The Gift"--and it's up to Angie Karnstein to find her sister and put an end to these creatures with the tainted blood.


The story picks up where it last ended off in which we have a discussion with Joel Winter discussing a situation with Angie out in the wooded area as this looked incredibly trashy to watch and not drawing in your attention as it was supposed to have been.
Also we have a situation with Angie approaching someone as if she will attack this victim and have a cheesy camera shot circling around this guy with him screaming which looked amateurish to watch.
However, we spot an opening credits which seemed cheesily fun with computerised blood dripping down which can be a pleaser for a party made for video horror flick looking fairly creative too.
Another amateurish moment is when some creep enters a home and is about to attack what seems to be an innocent female victim named Jackie as none of this looked intense at all but yet was fun to watch regardless on where it was shot in a baesement suite and then she turns out to be a vampiress along with her attacking him which doesn't seem convincing at all. There's then discussions with the male vampire getting aggressive with her along with a background sound of a baby cry which got on my nerves a bit.
Yet there's a good focused and solid discussion between Jackie and Tricia with nice camera shots on them as well as the moment on Tricia becoming a vampiress and living every day as one which was nicely written into the story here.
There's some trashy writing when Tricia starts dating online and the guy comes to take her out adding some dry humor with both of their sarcasm trying to come across as witty but this fails a great deal.
However there's a good moment with one of her dates hitting it off and interesting close up shots on the guy as well as taking him to her place and then biting his neck with him freaking out and his lines to her about him never doing the dating thing online again since there's warnings about meeting people on the internet as this brings the film a nice psychological feel to everything.
An interesting moment when Tricia is ready to bite her roomate and then when her roomie turns to catch her she covers her mouth and runs away making out she's sick which was a nice cover up in the story.
Also we spot a nice change in her later on with her hair darker and looking more gothic as this was a nice add into the story adding more good vampire flavor to everything that we spot within her.
Plus a neat artsy flashback moment with Jackie in a black and white shot near a river which looked entertaining by what she did as well as a moment when she's in present day on a discussion between her and Jonathan as the moments looked perfectly dark by what was going on between the two of them and by how it was shot too.
Also we spot a flashback sequence looking up at a drunken father which looked very off and unbelieveable by his obnoxious attitude.
Perfect shots and discussions between Jonathan and Otis having a dark moment with one another dealing with some deadly business as this was solidly put together.
Yet the story falls flat with many cheesy camera shots in the day outside with a vehicle and situations like that but a neat shot on the character Rachel with mist and an effects shot on her staring out. But then it falls flat again with a hunter trying to attack Joel which looked awfully phony but yet neat cheesy costume outfit on his monstrous hands and briefly his face too.
Bottom line is that this film looked almost as fun as the first flick and yet there are fun touches here and there but the story really falls into a slump big time as I couldn't get into it with some annoying moments and stale writing that didn't do any justice either. Oh well you can't always win here. Then at the ending it's to be continued to the third flick which of course looked clever like we'd see in a serial flick such as Phantasm.

(Angie) was over the top and forceful this time around as she seemed too off the wall to seem wicked with her icy speaking but sometimes she can do the trick on an odd occasion. However it seemed like that she wanted to get her performance over and done with. Seemed to do fairly okay though spekaing darkly towards someone explaining a situation.
(Joel Winter) was worst than ever in his role here as he was so low on energy it wasn't even funny. It seemed he was forced to pay this part as when he gets annoyed or anxious he isn't in character at all especially while running away from someone. C'mon you can do better than that.
(Jonathan) truly had a real hard time portraying a vampire as when he attacks he is so melodramatic and way over the top. He couldn't relate to his role or make it believeable whatsoever. He really \focred out his performance and speaking way too much. But yet when he has some still quiet moments when a serious situation is happening he seems to do the trick and presents himself not too shabbily. However, he was in serious need of acting lessons.
(Jackie) was terribly phony when she acts scared near her first performance in which she can't relate to nearly being attacked by someone as she needed to be more intense than the way she was. Also when she does her blocking by biti9ng someone it also looked way too planned out. Yet she can do a good job by speaking coldly as well as smoothly too. So she can get into her vampiristic mode pretty good here. She's just rusty in other spots.
(Otis) showed off a good presence with his evil looks and totally fit like a glove with his cold and serious speaking with a perfect and dark seriousness to what he was saying. He really studied his craft here even if his role wasn't huge at all but supporting roles usually show off nicely in a film. He lived to portray this part a nice deal.

Some bloody neck bites with blood dripping down and some bloodsheds but that's about it.

The music wasn't as good this time yet there's some effective chilling and icy synthesizer music and the odd old fashioned organ type playing too here and there especially during the opening credits. We hear some phony heartbeats in many areas. Also there's lame bass guitar thumping sounds which was from the first flick. Yet some good wavy and ehoey synthesizer music especially for certain flashback sequences. Plus alot of trashy synthesizer effects as well. This was brought together by Alucarda.