Addicted to Murder: Bloodlust (2000)


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.... Santana .... Rev. Fulton
.... Karen
.... Bob
.... Andy

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.... Dan

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: 2000





It's five years after the events of ADDICTED TO MURDER and a transformed Joel Winter (Mick McCleerly) has all but exterminated the vampire denizens of New York City.
Those that remain are fearful and are in hiding for something WORSE than death awaits them. Something DEMONIC. Not even the fortified walls of a prison can provide a safe haven from his wrath…

It's time to feed the fear…


In the film we spot a real corny moment with a vampire couple are arguing with the male one having a temper tantrum by being hungry for blood as this looked way too comedic and was thinking to myself I was supposed to be watching a horror and not a comedy.
Yet some neat and interesting close up shots on her slaying away on making a jack o lantern with her bloody hands as well as spotting some gruesome results that blends in to what she did to her lover which looked good and artsy.
There's also other stiff moments like a supporting character named Dan whom is talking to Tricia about becoming a vampire with her trying to avoid his requests as this looked way too hokey by how they interact within one another. However there's some neat dark moments between the two of them in another scene when he creepily approaches her as well as a nice close up shot on his face and then a cheesy effects shot on a monstrous face with his. Also some off camera shots when she jumps on him and tries to bite him as this looked difficult to watch on what's going on. Yet the performance looked fairly suspenseful as well as someone else hitting Dan with some powder and neat cheesy glittery effects by him turning into a skeletal corpse which should please fans of no budget horror films for sure.
In the middle the story seems to go into a different direction as it seems confusing wondering if it's a different story alltogether in which we spot a prisoner named Dorian in a room hearing his sentence which seemed carefully focused and nicely drawn in as well as the matron Klostermann being nasty about this making it an interesting twist to more entertaining action that will unravel later on. Of course due to the lack of the budget they did what they could to make the scenery look as convincing as possible even if it doesn't look like a prison type of headquarters.
Good powerful discussions between Dorian and his new cellmate Santana which looked carefully focused, dark and serious as well as spotting other people in their cells calling out in which the set designer really tried hard to make the area look like a jail cell with whatever it took to be this way. The surroundings were fun to watch for sure.
A perfect situation with Dorian being pitted against of gangsters in a corner and a fight about to happen in which this came off good and natural by each others interactions. Also a perfect cheesy effects shot on Santana's face glowing as well as looking monstrous and lunging in for the kill as this looked good and terrorising adding a great pack of suspense too. Certainly makes up for the weak budget that this movie carried.
A nice camera shot on Dorian trying to explain to the people in charge of the prison by what had happened which had some silly writing explaining about his cellmate as a vampire which seemed obivous by what he was saying that would make him seem a bit nuts while he goes on a rant about all of this.
Good takes on Rev. Fulton confronting Dorian on situations which was another fair drawing in moments as well as Klostermann getting engative about all of this which showed some good timing to all of this.
Great situations with Klostermann getting in Dorian's face and plunging him next to a corner and good close up shots on him getting demanding towards him when he does this.
Some nice suspenseful moments between Klostermann towards Santana and when the terrors start to occur with all that's happening into the story especially near the end of the film when Santana has his battle between Joel and the neat skeletal effects that are about to happen within this heroic battle.
Bottom line is that this was the best out of the whole trilogy and a real improvement by what was all happening since they saved the best for last. It was confusing as we think that this film might've been a 2 part anthology but then the story comes together all in the end. Alot of silly moments but the action that happens like in the prison cell really makes up for all of that. Of course this film was made on a camcorder budget and cheap computerised effects like the previous one's but so what? It's a fun to watch party horror flick for anyone who enjoys vampire stories. A nice one to end in the trilogy too.

) had the right looks, motive and appeal with his part as a new prisoner but can he act? Well not really as he was way too over the top and was straining big time when he gets excited or tries to stress something. He just tried way too hard with whatever he did here. Also when he gets emoitonal or upset he was very wooden too. If he got acting lessons he can really pull off a character but he's rusty with whatever he does in this flick.
(Santana) was the best out of the whole cast and lived to play a ruthless vampire with his seriousness and dominating type of appeal. Had the right brawny type of looks as well as shows great fierce expressions when he is about to attack. Just rolls in with the punches and does well when he speaks firnly and coldly too. Shows off terrific energy and enthusiasm. A worthy character actor indeed.

(Rev. Fulton) was fairly okay by playing a preacher but yet he wasn't overly terrific. He did what he could do and seemed to catch your attention a great deal when he tries to get information out of his fellow actors and tried his best to do what he had to do. His looks however was average on his role but not too shabby either. He was better than most of the cast members portrayed here and can seem sharp in his perofmance as well.
Scream king Joe Zaso (Dan) has about a 4 minute appearance in it and he often does a good job but he needed serious improvement in this one as he was too forceful with he eagerness during the beginning of his role and was too off the wall in this way. Yet when he tries to act wicked and evil his improvements are a bit better but yet he is still a bit rough by what he was doing. Didn't seem like he was enthusiastic by what he had to do here.

More bloody neck bites.
Bites in the head.
Guts are revealed.
Brief decapitated head is exposed.
Machette is in the side of someone's shoulder yet it looks phony.
Couple people are burned into a skeletal corpse.
Bloody stabbings.
Violent bloodsheds.

The music was more improved in this one but we still hear the annoying and phony heartbeats in many spots. However, there's some intresting cheesy low sounds done by a synthesizer as well as some breathing effects and airy type playing too. Yes it gave the movie a nice feel to the low budget scenery all the way through.