Albino Farm (2009)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Joe Anderson & Sean McEwen


Alicia Lagano .... Melody
Sunkrish Bala .... Sanjay
Nick Richey .... Brian
Tammin Sursok .... Stacey

Special Appearances:

Chris Jericho .... Levi

Duane Whitaker .... Jeremiah
Kevin Blair .... Preacher

Release Dates:
Toronto International Film Festival: September 6, 2008; Fantastic Fest, Austin: September 19, 2008; Sitges Film Festival: October 4, 2008; Gérardmer Film Festival: January 31, 2009; Glasgow Film Festival: February 20, 2009; Hong Kong International Film Festival: March 25, 2009; Imagine Film Festival: April 19, 2009 (Netherlands); Seattle International Film Festival: May 28, 2009; May 28, 2009; Limited Theatrical: July 24, 2009; Fantasia Film Festival: September, 2009; MOTELx Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 5, 2009





Four college students decide to take a cruise to the Ozark Mountains for a school assignment but they encounter a town nearly deserted alonmg with having car troubles along the way with residents who don't act like everyday people plus are superstitious about a place called Abino Farm in which they warn these students about it but decide to go there anyway which has a gate closed shut.
While they decide to enter the Albino Farm they are killed off by deformed looking rednecks who awaits them and have a cave in the mountains for where they remain as their assignments for fun and joy turns into a blood thirsty nightmare.


There's a nice beginning with a shot on two little kids two twin siblings going to the gates of the farm area and daring one another which looked impressive as it looks like real peer pressure. There's also a nice jumping moment when an attack happens after one of them goes through the metal gate leading to this area.
There's a good moment with the characters like Brian, Stacey, Sanjay and Melody cruisng in the car just having a good time with Brian goofing off as well as shots on the car speeding by a dirt road along with a good suspenseful shot on an old dwarf sitting on a road and the car dodging. There's alot of good camera shot looking down on Brian trying to talk to him and a nice jumping moment when the old dwarf leaps up and gets anxious.
There's many good camera takes on the four of them in a restaurant staring at a waitress and eyeing her breasts with a good shot on her breasts while she tries to take their order. Of course we often have something like this in a horror film with someone having a hard time handling their hormones.
There's a nice strange discussion with a preacher talking to both Brian and Stacey about the dangers where they're going with nice shots on the preachers expressionless face looking like a religious nut.
There's a nice silent moment with both Brian going up to a car and tapping on their window and a good side camera shot on the drivers side opening the window as well as some interesting silence before he speaks in which you wonder what the hell he's going to say. Then a nice shot on a fellow named Levi opening the passenger car door to get out with a nice dark shot on him speaking and smoking a cigarette which leaves a perfect creepy feel to all of this.
There's a good creepy moment with both Sanjay and Melody entering a room from a church to speak to an elderly lady about to ask her something and then a great camera shot looking sideways on her breast feeding a deformed baby along with a nice camera shot zooming down and then this old woman turning agrilly and shouting a crazy response after they catch her in this act with a good freaking out on Sanjay and Melody and running away.
There's a good close up shot on Richley in a field with his foot caught in a bear trap and nice close up shots on his foot as well as him yelling in pain.
There's nice shocked reactions on all Sanjay, Melody and Stacey when they look at a camcroder playing and seeing what they find on it which is a perfect drawing card to the terror of the plot.
There's also a great shot on a creepy looking tree in the dark with hangings of skeletal bones as well as the three of them freaking out about all of this.
There's a good moment on Stacey sitting near a tree with a good camera shot looking down on her as well as side shots creeping in on her and then deformed residents coming in to attack her which looked nicely shot too.
There's many great takes with both Sanjay and Melody struggling to get away from the madness running through the fields or other parts of the property. Plus a nice close up shot on the two of them tied together with their arms sewed up and yelling in pain when they try to break free from one another.
Bottom line is that this film is very entertaining and exciting to watch since it first starts with two little two twin siblings dare one another to enter a gate to the Albino Farm and once they do that terror breaks loose.
Plus there's great moments with young adults just trying to have a good time and encountering weirdos in a nearby small country town which leaves a great impression that these people are not good to be around along with spots of deserted areas which seemed to combine both Children of the Corn and Texas Chainsaw Massacre in which the film at the same time doesn't try to rip off these suspenseful moments and will guarantee to have you glued to the set in order to find what what will happen next.
There's great shocking moments too after what one of the main character's in this film spots like a deformed baby as well as a wild looking punk giving two other people a ride to the Albino Farm which makes you think that this is a terrible idea.
To top it off there's great shocking moments with someone watching one of their friends getting taken away when they play a camcorder which almost shows a Balir Witch type of feel along with a struggling moment on the last survivors escaping from these deformed residents mixing in movies like the remake of Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn and The Descent.
This film almost like a take off on the films mentioned both old school and recent one's but there's many different twists in all of them. Most of them looking great and a few that is a slight drag but not too over the top. For any horror fans who like creepy mysterious superstitious storylines would enjoy this one for sure.

The acting was quite good in which we spot lead actress Alicia Lagano (Melody) didn't seem to do much in the very beginning of the film but then her adrenaline was really pumping big time when the terror starts to happen with her crying emotions and intensity which she does quite well with this and I was quite impressed with what she had to do.
Sunkrish Bala (Sanjay) was quite cheesy with his performance but yet he seems to bring a bit of humor onto the screen with his indian accent and comes across nicely into the plot and all that's happening in which he can be well remembered like the rest of the cast that was involved so he deserves a good pat on the back since he worked hard in his entire performance.
Nick Richey
(Brian) was probably one of the best actors in this film in which he really knew how to portray a total goofball with his sarcastic behavior and trying to come across as someone funny but not impressing anyone. He also does well with his raging anger too in some spots of the film as well as his panicking attitude too. His aggressions worked in well for many scene's with his loud and intense screaming attitude.
Tammin Sursok
(Stacey) was really fun to watch in which she knew how to act tough when necessary as well as having a light hearted attitude too when it came to inncocent children that were invovled in the film. She was a true character actress which is enough to comment on her. Just watch her perform and you will see what I mean.
The rest of the cast members had small parts but I wanted to mention some people here since they made the story really effective too:
Chris Jericho
(Levi) was perfect portraying a total weirdo in the film and came across someone who was sketchy and untrustworthy too. He is a professional wrestler but this film is a good start to a career in horror films with what he portrayed and broguht alot of great intense energy to his role. I found this dude the best out of the whole cast even if he was in it for about 6 minutes or so.
Duane Whitaker
(Jeremiah) also does a nice job in his cameo as a fellow at a gas station acting very bizarre and behaving like a crazy supersititous old coot in which I've never seen him portray a role like this proving he can be quite versatile.
Another cast member who was versatile was Kevin Blair (Preacher) whom I remembered fondly with his work in Hills Have Eyes Part 2 and Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood which he looked extremely different this time and played off a freaky preacher incredibly well. He looked totally ghostly and appears in the end of this film.

There's a brief breast shot on Joicie Appel while breast feeding a deformed baby.
Beth Graveman
as one of the deformed people in the film flashes her breasts.

Someone's foot is caught in a bear trap with the spikes stabbed in
A person has their jaw stabbed by a hook and torn out
Two arms are sewed together
A head is bashed in

There's terrific accoustic guitar bluesy music like you'd hear in a ghost town or a deserted country area with the sliding chords on this. There's also deep gloomy sounds and metal scraping too which fits the film quite well. We hear the odd moaning sounds as well as a jungle beat type of drumming during a scene where the main characters are trying to escape in a field at the Albino Farm.