Alien: Resurrection (1997)


Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Written by: Joss Whedon


Sigourney Weaver .... Ellen Ripley
Winona Ryder .... Annalee Call
Dominique Pinon .... Vriess
Ron Perlman .... Johner
Gary Dourdan .... Christie
Michael Wincott .... Elgyn
Kim Flowers .... Hillard
Dan Hedaya .... General Perez
J.E. Freeman .... Dr. Wren
Brad Dourif .... Dr. Gediman
Raymond Cruz .... Distephano
Leland Orser .... Purvis

Release Date: Theatrical: November 26, 1997




200 years have passed since Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) jumped into a fire pit and was impregnated by an alien.
Scientists in a ship have revived Ripley as a powerful human /alien hybrid clone to take the queen alien out of her so it can breed in the scientists ship which is on course to Earth.
Ripley is learning language and how to live like a human again but she also warns the people that they are in danger with those things on board. Ripley's DNA gets mixed up with the Queen's and she begins to develop certain alien characteristics.
Plus, after the aliens are fully bred they kill one of their own so it will bleed acid and to escape the room they are trapped in the ship.
The aliens are walking amongst the ship and killing everyone in it's way and it is up to Ripley to stop this as she can seem to communicate with them.
However the General Perez (Dan Hedeya) will stop at nothing to have these aliens arrive to Earth so he can still experiment with them.


The story has an impressive beginning with people creating Ripley again as well as a good shot on her in a water type container as well as showing them taking the baby alien creature out of her and stuff like that so it explains on how they made a clone of Ripley after the end of the last sequel.
There's a good menacing reaction on Ripley towards a General Perez when she tries to strangle him which looked well paced.
There is also a funny discusssion between Dr. Gediman when he tries to explain Ripley in order to speak on what he's holding which is a fork.
There's also a good discussion with Ripley towards Gediman and Perez when she tells them that they're going to die in the ship with those aliens on board as this really grabs your attention on what this clone knows since the original Ripley knows all about what these creatures are like and explains that you can't tame them.
A nice shot on some people asleep and some eggs around them in the ship along with a good close up shot on one of them with his eyes opening letting out a scream. This looked cleverly done as well as showing an evil person in control by trying to breed this monsters as it offers a nice horror fashion by spotting all of this.
A good shot on Ripley's legs on her bouncing a basketball and shooting hoops. Plus we have nice moments with her and a fellow named Johner when he tries to get the ball from her and she seemingly acts flirtatious. There is also some good fighting sequences with the two of them during this moment as well as some swinging action with another member of the ship named Christie.
A nice shot on Gediman approaching a glass where an alien is and imitating the creatures expressions as well as a great jumping moment when this creature tries to lash out.
We have a good shot on Annelee Call with a knife approaching a room area where Ripley is sleeping and closely checking her out as well as a peaceful looking conversation between them as Annelle acting a bit anxious finding out about her as well as Ripley acting slick about it.
We spot some perfect shots on Christie shooting both of his pistols he holds in his hands with wide eyed expressions which looked intimidating.
Good shots on the creatures communicating with one another as well as killing one of them so it will bleed acid as this gives you a chilling feeling that something bad is going to happen. All of this looked perfectly intense. There's also a good shot on Gediman looking down on some holes on each floorway caused by the creatures bloody acid which looks creepy along with a nice shot on a creatures hand grabbing Gediman and pulling him down.
Good shots on the crew of people evacuating and trying to escape as well as Vriess in his wheelchair putting a rifle together with a shot on a creature crawling on top of a floor. The action totally packs a punch a great deal when we spot this.
Terrific shots on Ripley looking through a lab with deformed clones of her in which this looked perfectly twisted and never seen anything like this in the previous flicks as I kinda wondered if this should've been put into the story but yewt gives it the good horror/sci fi feel to it since sequels always have stuff that is out of the ordinary while seeing the original. A good upsetting shot on her using a torchgun and burning everything as this looked effective.
Great moments with some of the people swimming in water with some creatures swimming after them as this keeps you in suspense wondering how long they can hold their breath without drowning as well as them trying to find a way to get out of the water by ripping open a surface. Plus a good creepy shot on a pattern of alien eggs which looked clever in the film as a trap for everyone trying to get out.
There's a nice struggling moment with both Vriess and Christie climbing a ladder with a creature on their tail.
A real interesting scene on Ripley by acting weak saying the mother alien is in pain and hesitates. We also have a nice look on a creature carrying her to the nest as we have never spotted a moment like this in any of the films.
We spot a perfect and strange setting with Ripley at the nest with the queen alien along with Gediman cocooned up and behaving crazy as all of this looked very gothic. Then we spot a weird looking monster born that we never saw in a film as this for sure looked very odd and had doubts of this coming into the story.
There's a good discussion by Ripley explaining to Annalee who she is and do something about taking action against the nasty General of the ship.
A perfect upsetting moment when Ripley uses her blood to burn a hole in a window of the ship to destroy this strange looking monster as this was a perfectly upsetting moment.
Bottom line is that this is a much better sequel after Alien 3 but it took me a while to like it. It is a true monster flick with plenty of fantastic effects and CGI work involved. Ripley is a clone this time and acts differently but she has her same instincts about the creatures which is necessary. However, the downfall of this film with all that's going on it's way too fictious compared to the previous sequels and can be a real disappointment to the fans. But, it's fun to watch for the monstrous moments and corniness that is going on.

The acting is greatly performed as Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley) really seemed to know what she was doing as a resurrected one trying to learn about life and showing a different side to her character. She showed a true beastly violent bewhavior near the beginning of her performance as well as doing well acting untrustworthy using a basketball towards someone else as if playing with him. Plus was great by acting mellow too when having discussions on what will happen. Reacts perfectly weak in another scene when the queen alien has a problem and gets into this nicely. Plus does well being upset in other scene's too.
Winona Ryder
(Annalee Call) looked perfect for her role in the film showing great expressions to her part in it as she always would fit to be in an Alien film. Does a great job with her sharp attitude as well as showing a good tough and aggressive behavior in other parts of the story. Reacts well to stuff as well as doing a good job by having a conversation with others. She was always a true character actress.
Dominique Pinon
(Vriess) seemed to stand out very well in his role with his small features in which he does well at being sarcastic as well as having a good hyped up behavior to everything. Plus reacts well to acid being dropped on his head and acting in pain within this.
Ron Perlman
(Johner) had the perfect looks as a roughneck in the film bringing his aggression out nicely as well as his sarcastic attitude. He for sure stood out the most out of all the cast by acting loud and tough as well as showing an arrogant attitude as well as being convincingly cocky too. Yet shows a good courageous hearted behavior later on in the story as this looked powerful to watch and sticks out in your mind too. He was always a great character actor.
Gary Dourdan
(Christie) made himself a perfect fighting warrior in this film with his great tough expressions and fast paced actions. Shows a good strong personality as well as having a believeable no nonsense type of attitude too. Seemed to do well with his forceful blocking too and seemed to have a perfect hype for his reactions to things.
Dan Hedeya
(General Perez) of course portrayed a nice evil General of the ship as he made his role so real that you wouldn't want to deal with him. He shows a great sneering behavior as well as someone who you do not care to trust by what he does. Packs a punch big time and shows off a perfect slick viciousness too.
Of course there's a supporting role by horror film veteran Brad Dourif (Dr. Gediman) as a doctor who comes across very well and almost sane too.... almost sane until you keep watching the film. Was very different in this one compared to his other work as he seemed different. Proved to be a perfect versatile actor. He always delivered with every movie I saw him in.

Ripley has an operations with an alien being taken out of her
Some bloody gunshots
A guy is frozen and his body crumbles
Aliens slaughter one another
Bloodied corpses
An alien bites a guy's head
Corpses with their chests torn out
A man's head is smashed by an alien creature
A baby alien comes tearing through someone

John Frizzell has so many powerful moments with his orchestral music used in this film as it sounds terrific like in any of the Alien movies. I have no criticism at all. Alot of great trombone playing as well as violin music sounding perfectly loud. Plus alot of great drum rolling as well as the odd flute sounds in which alot of the other kinds of music from the previous flicks almost sounded similar to this one. All of it brilliantly done. It also has a great fast pace for the adventureous moments for the chasing scenes with banging metal sounds as all of this really worked in having a great action theme to it all.

[first lines]
Ripley: [voiceover] My mommy always said there were no monsters. No real ones. But there are.

[when the Alien "baby" emerges from the Queen's womb]
Dr. Gediman: You are... a beautiful, beautiful, butterfly.

Elgyn: She is severely fuckable, isn't she?

Annalee Call: You're a thing, a construct. They grew you in a fucking lab.

Johner: Right, you're the "new model" droid. You can access the mainframe by remote.
Annalee Call: No, I can't. I burned my modem. We all did.

Ripley: Why do you care about them?
Annalee Call: Because I'm programmed to.
Ripley: You're programmed to be an asshole? You're the "new model" asshole they're putting out?

Ripley: Who do I have to fuck to get off this boat?
Johner: I can get you off. Maybe not the boat.

Johner: Don't push me, little Call. If you hang with us for a while, you'll find out I am not the man with whom to fuck!

Johner: Earth, man. What a shithole.

Johner: Hey, Vriess, you got a socket wrench? Maybe she just needs an oil change. Can't believe I almost fucked it.
Vriess: Yeah, like you never fucked a robot.

Purvis: God, I am so tired.
Johner: Sleep when you die, man.

Annalee Call: Jesus Christ, Johner, what do you put in this shit, battery acid?
Johner: Just for color.

Johner: So, I hear you, like, ran into these things before?
Ripley: Yeah.
Johner: What did you do?
Ripley: I died.

Ripley: There's a monster in your chest. These guys hijacked your ship, and they sold your cryotube to this... human, and he put an alien inside of you. It's a really nasty one. And in a few hours, it's gonna burst its way through your rib cage, and you're gonna die. Any questions?
Purvis: Who are you?
Ripley: I'm the monster's mother.

Distephano: I thought you were dead!
Ripley: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Elgyn: My authorization code is E-A, T-M, E.

Johner: What a waste of ammo. Must be a chick thing.

Johner: I'm not the mechanic here, Ironsides! I mostly just hurt people!

Dr. Wren: I think you'll find that things have changed a great deal since your time.
Ripley: Oh, I doubt that.

Annalee Call: He is breeding an alien species. More than dangerous. If those things get loose, it's gonna make the Lacerta Plague look like a fucking square dance!

General Perez: Ellen Ripley died trying to wipe this species out. For all intents and purposes, she succeeded!

Ripley: Does it grow?
Dr. Gediman: Yeah. Very rapidly.
Ripley: It's a queen.
Dr. Gediman: How did you know that?
Ripley: She'll breed. You'll die. Everyone in the company will die.

[General Perez offers Elgyn a drink]
General Perez: Drink, Elgyn?
Elgyn: Constantly.

Dr. Wren: Distephano, take their weapons.
Distephano: Begging your pardon, Sir, but FUCK YOU!

[when the Betty hits Earth's atmosphere]
Johner: What's burning?
Vriess: Us!
Johner: Shit! You're right!

Johner: [to Call] Kill you! Does that compute?

Johner: You can't fly one of these things?
Ripley: Are you kidding? This piece of shit is even older than I am.

[last lines]
Annalee Call: [about the Earth] It's beautiful.
Ripley: Yeah.
Annalee Call: I didn't expect it to be. What happens now?
Ripley: I don't know. I'm a stranger here myself.