Alien Dead (1980)


Produced, Directed, Special Effects & Cinematographed by: Fred Olen Ray

Written by: Fred Olen Ray & Martin Alan Nichols


Buster Crabbe .... Sheriff Kowaski
Raymond Roberts .... Tom Corman
Linda Lewis .... Shawn Michaels
George Kelsey .... Emmet Michaels
Mike Bonavia .... Miller Haze
Dennis Underwood .... Deputy Campbell

Release Dates: Theatrical: June 1, 1980; Sitges Film Festival: November 28, 2003




A meteor carrying an alien parasite crashes in the swamp of Bayou. This invader re-animates the corpses of people exposed to it and they kill and eat many wildlife their and then eat people nearby their area.
The local county sheriff assumes that there is a hungry alligator in the swamp but suddenly they all encounter the creatures that look like people as they plan to devour the small community and grow at an alarming rate.


The beginning of the film when e spot two people dodging their boat through some broken down trees in a swampy water looked badly done as you can't even see a clear picture of this due to poor lighting and then when a terror happens the camera doesn't show this as it was badly shot.
Also we spot a lame moment with a sheirff and his deputies playing cards and someone comes in panicking witnessing something in the water as this was terribly uninspired.
We also have lame discussions between Tom Corman and Shawn Michaels near the lake as well as them talking to her pa Ernest as this looked so wooden it's not even funny along with bad writing on what they're saying as well.
An amusing moment with a woman trying to call for her dog white it ran out when she opened her door and it's silent as this leaves you a hint that terror will strike and then we see a zombie rising out to attack her which looked too cheesily done to make you jump out of your seat and it looked phony on how she died.
We have an interesting backwoods shot on a redneck about to chop wood for his Momma and the zombies swarming around him and then the Ma seeing the gruesome results and it looked phony when she was supposed to have been terrified and the zombies come after her. All of this took a long time in order to kill time. How lame!
There's a discussion with a dipstick Deputy Campbell talking to someone in a bar with a country band playing as you can tell they weren't playing at all and overdubbed by cheesy music. This was an embarrassment to watch.
There's also a woman half naked swimming in the lake with Campbell spying on her which looked stupid and overly long to watch. Nice shots through on a zombie rising from the lake and ready to do her in which once again looked phony like the rest of what we've seen so far.
We also spot a couple who has their vehicle stalled and the zombies creep up on them which looked a bit unorganised as it took them a long time for them to realise they were there and the woman running away screaming as this looked phony but a nice slow motion shot on the zombies jumping her down and then eating her as this once again took a long time in order to kill some time of course.
Then we have a situation with the main characters asking someone whom is disturbed by how this all started and going into a flashback memory as this all looked uneven but a mediocre moment on someone rising and turned into a zombie but nothing to brag about.
Then they try to trap themselves into a cabin with a zombie hand trying to grab at them as this looked terribly phony to watch. It seemed that the makers were trying to borrow heavily from Night of the Living Dead but it was a sheer ripoff.
Then these people are firing their rifles at the zombies which was done in an okay fashion but when one of them gets killed it looked fairly weak like the rest of the plot here.
Bottom line: Oh god how bad can you get?! This movie was a complete joke as well as a bore. I dont know if this was Fred Olen Ray's idea of making a tribute to those old B&W sci fi horror flicks but it doesn't work at all plus it's made on a bad budget as well as badly edited. This was made before movie's went direct-to-video because there weren't enough viewers liking it cause it's so bad but this probably didn't play in cinema's for very long. However, there are many interesting camera shots on the cast playing the living dead walking in the swampy forest and attacking their victims but that's about it. I billed this one just as bad as Don't Go In the Woods.

The cast couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag even if they were tortured to. It's way too corny and mellodramatic with phony southern accents.
Buster Crabbe
(Sheriff Kinkaid) who was famous for his Billy the Kid parts in films was a bit stiff in this one but was probably the best out of the cast. He seemed to come across sharply with his actions and seemed convincingly wise with what he was talking about. Tried to pull off some energy into his role. Still he needed alot more effort into all that he was doing here. He must've been hurting big time for work when he did this one.
Raymond Roberts (Tom Corman) was terribly wooden into all that he did here as a journalist. Tried to come across as a decent type of guy with knowledge but just couldn't pull it off whatsoever. He really needed acting lessons big time as he was so boring with everything that he did here. He just lacked and that's that.
Linda Lewis
(Shawn Michaels) really got on my nerves as someone whom seemed somewhat whiney and loud. She was way too over the top by what she did in her role. She was no award wimming material except for a raspberry award that is. Tried way too hard to have energy into her role and couldn't even scream well either.
George Kelsey (Emmet Michaels) was too silly and in a bad way as a redneck backwoods hunter in which he didn't know how to get into character at all and seemed too hyperactive with his speaking. Now this could be a good thing but not with him. Also doesn't react too well with other stuff instead of it coming naturally.
Dennis Underwood
(Deputy Campbell) as a dipstick deputy is just as lame brained.
He was truly annoying and was stiff within everything that he did and like the rest too over the top and can't even come across as convincing when he acts perverted or even getting into a discussion. Looked like he was watching the Dukes of Hazzard and just copying from that.

A woman is topless and fully breasted swimming in a pond at the swamp.

A farmer is half eaten
The farmers wife is stabbed by a pitch fork
People are eaten alive showing body parts and insides. Although it looks gross the effects are bad.

The music by Franklin Sledge and Gary Singer is incredibly annoying with the synthesizer playing and very unroriginal too. There's also fake sounding heartbeats which was also off. Plus quiverring sounds that tried so hard to make it sound like an old fashioned zombie flick with all the surroundings but we all know better. There's an opening and closing credits having a twangy country and western guitar playing as well as keyboard music like it was ripped from a karaoke score. These two really have no class with their scores whatsoever.