Alive Or Dead (2008)

Written & Directed by: Stephen Goetsch


Ann Henson .... Maria
Angelica May .... Sarah
L. Flint Esquerra .... Frank

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 17, 2008




A young woman named Maria (Ann Henson) is travwelling along a deserted road while acting kinky with a guy on her cell phone and then notices a black abandoned school bus with some bloody letters spelling help me in which she goes to explore it.
She finds dead body pieces everywhere with a survivor named Sarah (Angelica May) chained up wearing a sack over her head and the killer seems to have arrived with a body to drive the bus so Maria hides until he stops at a destination and pulls out a body from a bus which happnes to be alive by the name of Frank (L. Flint Esquerra) as he kills him and they all spot some sort of a strange castle and later on the two women discover that Frank is a canniballistic killer and try to get away from him along with other cannibals that live there.


The story shows an impressive beginning with the main character Maria driving in her vehicle while talking dirty on her cell phone and feeling herself along with shots on the dirt road driving in the dark.
There is a nice moment when she stops and spots a dark looking school bus as well as trying to discover it which leaves a nice horror impression.
We also have a nice jumping moment with her being surprised bya character named Sarah in which she's a victim chained to a bus with a sack over her head crying and whimpering along with many gruesome shots on some body pieces in the bus.
We have a good violent scene with a freak named Frank attacking supporting a murderous bus driver with good shots on each of these people.
We have a good approach by Maria trying to talk to Frank while he stares at the castle they're at in a dazed way and it makes this moment look very mysterious wondering on who he really is.
There's a nice moment with Frank walking towardsboth of these people Maria and Sarah trying to signal her to get away from him and then we spot a great suspenseful chasing moment with all of them. Watching this boggles you as to why this is happening all of a sudden.
Lots of good camera shots with Frank stabbing Maria in the leg adding some good terror into the story.
We spot a good shot on Maria and Sarah trying to find a way to start up the bus and spot a nice terror shot on a zombie like thing eating a hand in the back of the bus and then all of them slowly staring at one another.
There's a very strange scenes with a another demented character taunting both Maria and Frank while they are pinned painfully to a wall which makes you cringe a bit.
Bottom line: Man oh man what a bad movie and would've bombed it if the direction and performances were just as bad but they weren't at all so the movie is a bit saved.
It really doesn't make any sense at all on why this is all happening as we having some canniballistic killers and two innocent women trying to get away from a strange castle.
Look like some of the writers borrowed a bit from Hostel in a certain scene of this film while two people were pinned against a wall in pain and someone scolding them.
I kinda wonder if Stephen Goetsch was smoking some heavy stuff while making this film in the first place.

The acting is nicely performed unlike the story itself as Ann Henson (Maria) seemed to do well with her tough attitude and sane actions through what is all happening. She also shows some great terrifying expressions when things happen to her which is impressive.
Angelica May
(Sarah) shows nice fearful and crying emotions when necessary and yet pulls of her sanity mode pretty well too. She also does good yelling in pain or her struggling moments making the intensity pretty good.
L. Flint Esquerra
(Frank) has the great burly looks for a canniballistic killer in the film along with his growly voice.
He also shows great energy with his violent behavior too and was great with his blocking.

Lots of horror violence here.
Numerous body parts are lying in a school bus
A finger is chopped off
A leg is stabbed by a sharp wooden object
A canniballistic looking zombie is eating a hand
A shoulder is stabbed
Some heads are stabbed and shot
Someone is eaten alive but it's fast
A woman is stabbed by a sharp pole like object

We have the odd low sounds and grinding effects too. We also hear some great mellow piano playing all composed by William Anderson.