All Hallows Eve (2013)


Written, Edited, Make-Up & Directed by: Damien Leone


Katie Maguire .... Sarah
Sydney Freihofer .... Tia
Cole Mathewson .... Timmy
Mike Giannelli .... Art the Clown
Kayla Lian .... Casey
Marissa Wolf .... Kristen

Minna Taylor .... Sara
Catherine A. Callahan .... Caroline
Marie Maser .... Woman

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: October 29, 2013




A babysitter Sarah (Katie Maguire) finds a VHS tape that little Timmy (Cole Mathewson) had in his bag along with candy and plays is as it shows three horror short movies on Art the Clown (Mike Giannelli) killing people in controvertial ways in which they all fear that this clown may come to visit them next while this tape is playing.


A very entertaining beginning when we see two kids Tian and Timmy watching Night of the Living Dead as well as the babysitter Sarah not really approving of it at all as well as a good shot on Timmy emptying his bag of Halloween and spotting a VHS tape and eager to play it as well as Sarah being hesitant in case its inappropriate material as this makes you want to weatch for more making you wonder if she will give in to putting it in the player. This for sure is a nice drawing card to the story.
A nice setting when they put it in and are about to watch it and its fuzzy and then coming into the picture a short horror flick as it shows off a great creepy vibe with all of this going on. Then a good moment when a girl is left alone in a room and we spot a clown with neat glowing eyes as well as honking his horn towards her which looked creepily effective as well as offering her those clown type flowers as we see cockroaches coming out of them as this has a good horror touch in which all of this looked perfectly still.
More great scenery with this girl then locked in some sort of a dark room with others talking to her with scared and depressed situations from all of them as this was yet another great horror setting.
The best moment on this scene is that we spot demonic looking figures in hoods ready to do a sacrifice ceremony in which there's great close up shots on what they're about to do including a pregnant woman as tyou cringe with disgust while spotting on what's going to happen next. This will please the fans who enjoy horror violence as well as sick stuff too.
While this short is happening there's nice shots on all Tian and Sarah watching and cringing as well as Timmy going to the front of the TV really getting into this. This also looked well done as it fits in perfectly.
Good moments later on when both Tia and Timmy are getting ready for bed as well as Tia suspecting that there's something inside her closet when she slowly approaches this object as this gives you the chills wondering on what will happen here as well as a good moment on Sarah looking near a window to see on what's outside and a nice jumping moment on what happens here.
The next short we spot Sarah watching alone while the kids are in bed is a nice mysterious one with someone named Caroline talking on the phone in her new home and unpacking as we spot a nice blurry background shot on something moving as this looked genuinely creepy and mysterious.
There's also many good dark shots on Caroline being creeped out and scared with whatever is watching her as there's nice dark shots around the home for anyone who's been scared of the dark and making these moments come onto the screen along with what we spot an alien type of figure chasing after her revealing nice suspenseful action and making you wonder if this thing will get her. Certainly packs a good punch with everything that we see here.
Plus after Sarah finishes watching this short we reveal a good moment on her seeing a hand near a corner with her thinking it's one of the kids as this is a great horror touch. As well as her waking up the two kids in bed as they tell her they were sleeping and not goofing around which is another great level of creepiness to the story.
Then we go to the next short Sarah watches which is a nice grindhouse flick as this almost reminds me on a chapter of the 1983 anthology classic Nightmares as it has a clever moment on a woman driving and is out of gas as well as a nice creepy surrounding at the gas station plus we spot a nice discussion with an attendant being friendly. Then we spot Art the Clown causing trouble with him dmeanding this freak to leave as well as running after him in a washroom.
Perfect moment with this woman slowly approaching the washroom hearing a sawing sound as well as great close up shots on what this clown is doing to this atrendant as this was a perfect gruesome moment offering great horror violence with a nice grindhouse feel to all of this as well.
More great moments with this one when the woman speeds away trying to get help but finds more gruesome and twisted moments as well as later on sitting near a corner and the clown crawling out of the ground which was another great horror moment.
Plus the ending looked perfectly twisted with this woman waking up from a dissecting table and realised on what this clown did to her. Defientely looked gruesome and original too.
Great ending to the whole story when Sarah is creeped out by all of this and we spot the clown staring at her through the TV screen which almost reminds of on a scene of Demons 2 as this moment looked just as effective along with her trying to shut off the TV and destroying the tape which looked quite creepy and intense as well as a gruseome ending which can shock you when we spot this.
Bottom line is that this is a great horror flick type of anthology but it works cleverly well without it being too typical with horror shorts in excuse to make a feature. These were horror shorts made a while ago but thrown in greatly and offers alot of controversy but in a good way by what goes on here. Made on a decent budget too for an independent flick. THis can please fans who like Halloween flicks without a doubt.

The acting is in great shape in which Katie Maguire (Sarah) really had a great sharp attitude as the babysitter with a good cautious and serious attitude by what she does or talking to someone else. Reacts well while watching something on TV and offers a good strict type of behavior too. Plus shows a nice loving attitude towards one of the children while tucking them in bed. She also was great while getting scared or freaking out near the end of her performance.
Sydney Freihofer (Tia) does well with her cheeky attitude as well as acting cocky at times. Learned her stuff well as someone who's a bit spoiled. Plus does well acting scared while watching a movie or getting creeped out when suspecting that somethings in her closet and being too scared to sleep in which she really studied this pretty well.
Cole Mathewson (Timmy) really drew into his character greatly as a mischievious and curious about his videotape. Gets into the enjoyment of stuff as well as doing well by pleading or acting persistent with things. Also does well by his sarcastic and teasing behavior within everything that he does. He was for sure a nice force of nature by acting full of life with stuff. Decent character actor too.
Mike Giannelli (Art the Clown) certainly brings a great hype and creepiness to his role with his evil grinning expressions or coming on strong towards others. Plus does well with his menacing behavior to top it all off. He was fast acting to whatever he did and does it with good horror style. He didn't have any lines but still did the job nicely.
Kayla Lian (Casey) seemed to do well in the first chapter as someone whom is timid and quiet as well as later on crying in fear as well as freaking out at the horrific moments when she's trapped in the ceremony. Shows everything off in a fair fashion and deserves a good pat on the back for working hard on her role.
Catherine A. Callahan (Caroline) in the second chapter offers a great bubbly outgoing type of behavior while talking on her cell phone having a happy go lucky type of attitude and offering a nice change when the creepy moments surround her with her creeped out attitude as well as showing off a great force of nature when trying to run away or hide offering some nice intensity within what she does here.
Marie Maser (Woman) in the third and final one seemed to do well acting cautious too as well as being careful for what she does here. Plus really does great freaking out after what she spots and running to her vehicle at full force. Also shows great hyped energy in other spots trying to get help or crying in fear along with acting believeably shocked at the end of her performance.

Woman's arms are cut off and blood gushing out
Pregnant woman's stomach is briefly cut open
Gas station attendant has his head sawed off as well as other body parts sawn off revealed
Gobs of gore is revealed as well as remains of body parts that was taken off someone

A ton of great unique horror composing all done by Noir Deco in which he has alot of echoey and deep gloomy sounds as this truly gives you the creeps on how he uses it for the scenery that involves the creepy moments. Plus we hear alot of intense high pitched screeching for the graphic moments especially as it leaves a great touch to everything in almost a Texas Chainsaw Massacre type of vibe. Plus more ghostly types of synthesizer sounds as well as the odd old fashioned types of music too which was classy. Plus alot of good hissing and windy sounds along with metal scrapings sounding perfectly powerful and in your face.