All Hallows Eve 2 (2015)


Directed by: Jesse Baget, Elias Benavidez, Andrés Borghi, Jay Holben, Mike Kochansky, James Kondelik, Jon Kondelik, Bryan Norton, Antonio Padovan, Ryan Patch & Marc Roussel

Written by: Jesse Baget, Elias Benavidez, Andrés Borghi, Mark Byers, Jay Holben, Mike Kochansky, Michael Koehler, James Kondelik, Jon Kondelik, Bryan Norton, Antonio Padovan, Christopher Probst, Marc Roussel & Mark Thibodeau


.... Woman
.... Elizabeth
.... Jack
.... Jack
.... Kate
.... Father
Jared Mark Smith .... Son
.... Andrea
Robert McLaughlin .... Killer
Griffin Gluck .... Max
Christie Lynn Smith .... Loraine
Sergio Berón .... Franco
Pilar Boyle .... Ale
Zion Healy .... Fat Pat
Finn Kobler .... Sam
Jonathan Nation .... Masochist
Michael Serrato .... Mr. Tricker

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: October 6, 2015





A woman finds a VHS tape on her doorstep that shows a series of gruesome tales that could be real. But the true danger is the pumpkin-faced killer that's using the tape to find his next victim.


During the beginning we have moments with whom we call the Woman toying with a ouija board and moments like that as I had a sinking feeling that I was in for an average flick that's weakly inspired as well as moments on someone wearing a pumpkin mask stalking her by watching on what she does as this was supposed to look creepy but doesn't do the trick as well as still moments and then her phone ringing as this leaves a Scream type feel to everything but not creepy as it's intended to be.

Then we have the moment where she puts in the VHS tape that's dropped off to her as this was a collection of very short horror flicks so I will try my best to review them:

Jack Attack: A nice beginning revealing a babysitter Elizabeth having a conversation with little Jack as the moments looked nice, peaceful and heartwarming when they plan to carve a jack o lantern in which there's nicely focused camera shots on all of this as each scene was nicely concentrated on this showing nice innocence on all of this as you'd hate to see it ruined that way but of course we know that something is going to happen later on.
A perfect effective moment when Jack loses control like he's choking to death as these moments looked truly intense by what is going on here as well as Elizabeth trying to help the issue as well as a good close up shot on her using a knife to try and take it to his throat with nice effects on what happens later on that looked truly deadly and shocking too on what happens to everyone in this room including the pet dog which gorehounds may enjoy too.

The Last Halloween: Looked whackily entertaining when we spot trick or treaters going to a strange looking broken down home and then we see the resident whom is called Chatterbox acting freaky towards the children as this was a real attention grabber.
Also goes to a home where there's a screen revealing a grumpy residence Jack telling them to go away as this was done in good taste on someone miserable as you get a feeling that karma will pay him back in a deadly way by him doing this.
A nice setting between Jack and his sick coughing wife Kate discussing on how he's behaving towards trick or treaters as this was also done in a fairly good style by all that we spot here.
Then when the terror strikes we spot the children dressed in their costumes playing tricks around Jack and taunting him with effective lighting shots on all of these little one's which works in greatly for the story as well as bigger types of these characters including a witch or a grim reaper closing in on him. All of this was action packed and suspenseful.

The Offering: Quite a slow short story which doesn't seem to make any sense as we have a father and son acting itense with one another while driving to an area and then we spot them in a snowy night in a deep dark forest bringing some plate of food and calling out for some sort of forgiveness as the wooded area looked still and creepy that I must admit.

Descent: Offered some nice timing when we spot Andrea coming into her friends apartment and then when she tries to surprise her we see her murdered by a killer but yet she has to hide in a closet so the killer doesn't notice her as this looked cringing and making you watch carefully wondering if he will notice she's in the room as Andrea's cell phone starts to ring which also gives you the chills as well as this killer carefully looking at the closet and coming close to it wondering if he will oepn the door to it.
A good moment taking place months later when she is in an elevator and the door is about to close with a hand of someone pushing it open as this looked suspenseful making you wonder if something is going to happen.
Perfect moment when she is in anelevator alone when the killer is in with her and the elevator stops along with her getting creeped out and trying to figure on what to do which also makes you watch carefully and wondering if he will do her in.
The ending of this one was pretty twisted which was cleverly done and looking psychotic for sure.

M is for Machoist: Is very twisted at a carnival as we get an intro by the circus entertainer Machoist of course and a burly man Fat Pat pinned against a circling object as there's good close up shots on him crying out while we spot Fat Pat's son throwing deadly objects towards him which looked like a revenge son against his father for not seeing eye to eye or something dysfunctional that happened between the two of them. This chapter was for sure a shocking one to watch.

A Boy's Life: Nice silent and dark settings with young Max in his bed and being too scared to sleep in his room at night scared of what might be the boogeyman under his bed. Nice focused camera shots on his objects moving and things like that.
Some nicely focused discussions with his mother Loraine talking to him about her childhood fears as well as how she overcame them which was nicely focused and coming to life a good deal. Plus we spot some nice shots on her with this chil's crayon art on what he saw which looked perfectly creepy. This makes things look truly mysterious.
Also a nice uplifting moment when she decides to play with him late at night pretending to play war with his toy gun and equipment to try and destroy what's under his bed as this for sure is a nice touch for a child to learn to overcome his fears of the dark. Of course at the end of this one we get a creepy feeling that something terrible is going to happen as it just does that. This seemed to almost pay a tribute to Goosebumps but for watcher that are a little more mature to take the scary situations which are mild at the same time.

Mr. Tricker's Treat: A good beginning with someone in some sort of a cage getting sick as well as the demented Mr. Tricker torturing and dragging this victim along and doing something deadly to him for a Halloween decoration as this looked pretty messed up while watching all of this. Then we almost see him caught in the act with a neighbor spotting this but of course it's a dumb blonde thinking he has props and getting annoying. This story seemed a little too silly while watching all of this.

Alexia: A forgien flick in Spain as there's many close up shots on Franco talking to Alexia on facebook as at first this seemed boring while seeing their conversations as well as a good moment on him thinking hard on defriending her as this leaves a nice psychological feel on deciding to unfriend others or how you felt when someone did that to you.
Plus great creepy moments on his computer coming to life and lighting up which psychs you out on what it does as well as a being coming out and trying to attack him as this looked incredibly effective and well done. Seemed to pay off a tribute to The Ring.

Bottom line is that this is a disappointing sequel to the original anthology as it doesn't leave the susp[ense or terror to the first one. Made by a completely different set of people that tried too hard to follow on what happened in the first one involving a VHS tape and making it a story of their own but didn't cut it right at all. These were all horror shorts from any different years like the first one but some of them were quite stale. Better off next time.

The acting is very mediocre and nowhere near as good as the original but nothing terrible in which everyone tried their best but mind you these were done by various shorts and different makers so I will see on what I can dig up here:

(Woman) seemed a little too plain in the wraparound segment but seemed to act a bit alert on what was happening and reacts well to stuff like the phone ringing and showed off some interesting energy the other times too. She wasn't terrible but needed a bit of a boost.

Jack Attack: (Elizabeth) shows off a nice caring and warmhearted behavior as the babysitter showing off a good mellow attitude as well as getting into what she was doing convincingly like helping out carving a jack o lantern. Plus tries to stay calm during an urgent matter which was believeable as well as showing a good hyped up energy on what to do with this moment. She seemed to be a believeable character actress.
(Jack) had a great innocent and soft speaking type of voice as he makes you really warm up to him buy trying out on something that he's never done. Shows a great gentle type of attitude indeed. Also does well when he is choking or being almost menacing after eating a pumpkin seed really doing well suffocating which looked believeable.

The Last Halloween: (Jack) was good as a grumpy and irritable one showing a good cold natured type as he really got into his role a great deal. Had the right looks for his role. He wasn't an old man type but still knew on how to behave closed minded as well as getting into a good serious conversation in another spot of the story. Showed off good adrenaline later on when the terror strikes him.
(Kate) does well as a sick wife in which she does well with her hacking and coughing as well as getting itno her speech forcing out her words. Shows off a sympathetic attitude for the trick or treaters and showing a good concerned attitude for her onscreen husband.

Descent: (Andrea) does a great job with her freaked out behavior after spotting a killing and trying to stay quiet while hiding in a closet which she studeid this scene incredibly well as well as grieving too which looked impressive. Also does well acting timid while going in an elevator. She also does a good job crigning big time while stuck in an elevator. Shows some great adrenaline while going in a rage by killing someone showing off great thrusting action.
Robert McLaughlin (Killer) lived to play a maniac in which he does well with his nasty attitude after killing someone and looking around with his serious expressions. This showed off nice timings too. Does well with his serious and cold speaking in an elevator while acting deceivingly sympathetic as this gives you the chills when he reacts this way which he does this in great style.

M is for Machoist: Zion Healy (Fat Pat) seemed to do well with his stressed out and painful reactions to him being tortured as well as stressing his words out with wide eyed expressions showing off some great energy into all of this in which he focused well into all that he did here. Shows a good dysfunctional behavior too.
Jonathan Nation (Masochist) lived to play an evil carnival host as he shows off some great insane energy while doing his deadly performance within all that is happening here. Plus had the right looks and appeal to all that we see here.

A Boy's Life: Griffin Gluck (Max) seemed fairly okay as a scared little boy of the dark in which he shows off okay energy when acting needy on stuff. However he needed a bit of a push as he was at times off and not too believeable. Seemed to have fun with his performance though when pretending to snuff out the boogeyman under his bed offering good energy in that spot.
Christie Lynn Smith (Loraine) does well as a caring mother in which she does show a nice firm behavior too talking to her onscreen son about his fears of the dark. Also shows a nice flowing conversation on her past fears along with reacting concerned by what he was drawing as she seemed to know on how to react to moments such as that. Plus shows some good spunk while playing a game with him late at night. Her role was very believeable and a worthy character actress.

Jack Attack: Something black and slimy is forming outside of a boys neck and then his stomach along with his babysitter and dog too and guts pouring out.

Descent: Guy's neck is bloodily stabbed by a pen

M is for Machoist: Man is bloodily stabbed with sharp objects thrown at him.

The composing was done by many artists from many of the different shorts that was used in this flick as it varies from alot of great hissing sounds as well as the windy noises. Plus there's alot of high intense violin playing which suits the creepy moments that we see in certain chapters. Plus some deep echoey piano playing here and there especially for the closing credits which was the most effective during the whole movie. Also odd woman chanting sounds for a certain chapter sounding perfectly clear too.