Always Midnight (2006)


Directed by: Phil Herman, Laura Giglio and Joe Sherlock

Written by: Phil Herman, Joel D. Wynkoop, Laura Giglio, John Bowler


Joel D. Wynkoop .... The Reaper / Arnold
M. Catherine Holseybrook-Wynkoop .... #1 Andrea Fan / Debbie
Warren Madden .... Master Tolon
Nancy Feliciano .... Bronze Princess
Laura Giglio .... Jenny
Johnny Monotone .... Jake
Robert J. Olin .... Ray
Toni Draggon .... Melinda
Ed Walker Jr. .... Dr. Maxwell

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: August 12, 2006





This sequel to the previous horror anthology After Midnight sets around a funeral home to the death of a woman named Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc as the Reaper (Joel D. Wynkoop) takes her book and tells some creepy tales from his cauldron of evil with his mistress on some real life evil events.

First up is the chapter titled The Bronze Princess about a man named Master Tolon (Warren Madden) who tells a tale about vampires and people taking over their land to rid them but a bronze princess (Nancy Feliciano) that Tolon was looking for was sent miles away as he goes on a search for her by trying to sense in his vision if she is okay and safe from the head vampire.

Next up is I Would Love to be a Vampire of a woman named Jenny (Laura Giglio) who is fascinated at becoming a vampiress to impress her boyfriend Jake (Johnny Monotone) as all he thinks about is sleeping with her and tries to find a way if there are vampires. Finally she gets her wish and gives her boyfriend the time of his life.

In the third chapter titled Tainted Blood we have a troubled man named Ray (Robert J. Olin) who almost attempts suicide after he claims that he was just bitten by a vampire as he hates the lifestyle of leading one but his wife Melinda (Toni Draggon) who is a vampiress tries to support him as much as she can.
However, he lied about being bitten as he has tainted blood on the side of his neck and is a secret agent who plans to destroy vampires.

The fourth one Kill Her Arnold is about a mentally ill man named Arnold who says he has voices in his head and the voices tell him to kill his girlfriend Debbie and tells her she's a vampiress and will breed with other people so that vampires will take over the world unloess he puts an end to her.


We somewhat have a funny beginning titled Andreas Revenge involving a funeral home as things looked campy by all the moments that we see here as well as a cute shot on a cat sitting on one of the chairs as I had to laugh when I saw this.
Plus we have the character on the wraparound story whom is the Reaper looking like a drunk and pushing the chair of the cat to get off which was also funny to watch but was annoying on how he was reacting to stuff.
Interesting look on the corpse though as well as the speech about this persons memorial but alot of cheesiness going on as well as the Reaper running outside and is feeling trapped with a dog growl in which this looked corny to watch.

Then we get into the wraparound story with the Reaper as well as #1 Andrea Fan having a discussion on a story as well as what looked like a cauldron with dry ice as this looked low budget and the surroundings which was like someone doing it in a rec room but it looked fitting for the budget that this one carried. It was fun to watch for an Up All Night type of film to watch.

The first chapter The Bronze Princess just shows mainly a person almost telling a documentary story on the history of vampires and a princess and it's a total bore as it looks very improv with no story idea. Not only that it was used on a very old home video camera. It's totally not a closed set when you watch this chapter and the camera shots are terrible too. However some odd moments when the title character Master Tolon senses stuff as he spots a lustful woman and then a scene with a vampire creeping up in a shower but of course his fangs was a cheap Halloween outfit and looked like they were falling off too.

The second chapter I Would Love to be a Vampire improves much much better as you know these were short films made during different times when they had more money but not alot. There's nice moments during a dream sequence with the character Jenny running in the woods and a reaper vampire coming after her.
There's a moment with Jenny in the shower and exposing her fangs as they were you guessed it a cheap costume and could tell these one's were ready to fall off too.
Good moments with her watching TV and we spot a black and white news report on vampires as this looked interesting to watch the arguments on all of this.
A corny moment with someone coming in and biting her neck when she's sleeping always hoping she would turn into one as this was quite silly to watch.
Also a moment when she tempts her boyfriend Jake to come to the couch with her and a good shot on her about to bite his neck even if the vampire teeth were phony looking.
This one was one of my favourite chapters as it's very clever and imaginative which makes up for the bad quality of the scenes. A nice one for a fun Halloween night.

The third chapter Tainted Blood is ultimate favourite as it's romantic yet shocking and sad and touching in the end. The two main characters Ray and Melinda looked quite romantic with a good lustful sequence in the story.
We do have an impressive beginning in the story with Ray about to commit suicide but Melinda tries to talk to him as this looked good and dramatic to watch. Yet you can tell the bridge where he threatens to jump is near shallow water.
We have an effective moment when he insists towards her to turn him into a vampire which looked strong when he hesitates. Also a good moment when he sinks her teeth into him as this worked in well. The battle between them looked great too after she found out what will happen to her.
Then we have the ending scene which looked sad when she is dying and him talking to her as well as this looked effective to watch. Makes you want to cry for him betraying her.

The last one Kill Her Arnold was very annoying yet the writing has all sorts of twists and turns to it which you wonder what's going to happen but again you can't wait for it to happen as the plot it's irritating. It was supposed to look challenging while watching this but it misses by a longshot. It's incredibly hokey between the characters Arnold and Debbie as a married couple and freaky things happening. Ho hum.
But the hallucination scene's look amusing and twisted.
There's some interesting hallucination sequences with others telling him to kill his wife. There's one scene that borrows heavily from the Psycho shower scene. Also we have creatures in various moments as you can tell that they are silly Halloween costumes. But again this film lacks a decent budget so they had to get what was in their price range.
The ending was really lame brained and couldn't wait till it came to an end and stuff being unravelled. This scene was terribly written.

Bottom Line: When I first watched this film I knew it was made on nothing and I was right as the wraparound story was irritating yet looks like a nice show to watch late quiet night when you have nothing better to watch. Otherwise it's pretty bland folks. However it was the best budget of the Midnight trilogy anthologies. Also independently released on a limited DVD from a former site.

The acting in the wraparound story is bloody awful as narrator Joel D. Wynkoop (The Reaper) is very annoying and tiresome introducing each chapter. However he can look fun if you're in the mood for a trashy flick with a group of friends or wanting to watch something late at night for kicks. He's over the top I will tell you that.

It gets worst with the first chapter The Bronze Princess performed by lead actor Warren Madden (Master Tolon) whom is not at all convincing at playing a master as I nearly threw up. He adds a seriousness to his role which is the only thing that I will give him credit for. Otherwise he was wooden all the way through and a born amateur.

The acting picks up with the second one I Would Love to be a Vampire as we have a descent performance by Laura Giglio (Jenny) with her obsessions at wanting to become a vampiress. Her attitude for being lustrous looked okay too for it's no budget but it's very watchable. She is silly as always but this looked fun to watch offering a ton of spunk into all that she did here. Had the right looks for her part as someone who loves to party or get into the adventure of things.
Actor Johnny Monotone (Jake) who plays her boyfriend however lacks with his character. He was stiff in everything that he did but at times seems to try and pick up some energy. Yet nothing to brag about as he slumps later on. He doesn't cut it at all.
We have a cameo by former R&R member on this site Owen Keehnen as a news reporter and dressed well for it.
He does his lines very sharply and knew on how to get discouraged in the argmentive scene's. Focused well onto everything and deserves a good pat on the back.

The third one has the best acting in this anthology Tainted Blood as we have a solid and serious performance Robert J. Olin (Ray) as he shows a convincing depressed type of vibe and his serious speaking while talking to soemone else and showing a good focus within all of this. Plus he does well getting into a happy and romantic mode. Shows a great convincing attitude when he insists on being a vampire. Plus does a good betrayed type of behavior near the end of his performance showing a perfect cruel seriousness. He was a great character actor.
Toni Draggon (Melinda) got into character a great deal as well and trying to be convincing and helping her fellow actor not to take his life and coming across as a convincing problem solver. Adds a nice charm and romantic type into her part as well as delivering it powerfully. Plus was good at trying to talk someone out of being a vampire adding a good concerned attitude. Does well with her motives when about to bite someone on the neck. Plus offers a great viciousness when attacking as she was incredibly powerful while doing all of this. Plus does well choking out her words of upsetness when she is slwoly dying. Yes she studied her role inside and out.

Now the last one flops but not as bad as the first one because although Joel Wynkoop (Arnold) tries to bring character he's too over the top as he always is in films. When he reacts he is too much and incredibly annoying. He can't pull off a character whatsoever. Sorry he doesn't do the trick with whatever he did. HGe was very off when strangling someone as this didn't look close to being intense at all.
His wife M. Catherine Holseybrook-Wynkoop (Debbie) shows no character at all whatsoever as she just says her lines. Yet does okay while being on alert with stuff so she shows energy that way and getting on top of things. Just can't pull off a character.
However, Ed Walker Jr. (Dr. Maxwell) who plays a shrink seems to breeze through fine.
Shows a good motive with his speaking and showing good concerns. Plus seemed to do okay acting crazy showing wide eyed expressions during the hallucination sequences. Tried really hard with his work here.

In The Bronze Princess Nancy Feliciano who plays the princess takes off her top and her breasts are fully revealed. Then she lies naked on her bed.
In the Tainted Blood chapter Robert J. Olin takes off his clothes and there is a butt shot of him while he hops in the shower.
Toni Draggon takes off her top and is fully breasted. Then she gets completely naked from top to bottom when she walks into the bathroom to join the shower scene. She shows off her breasts towards her close to death scene too.

This film was so cheap with no budget there wasn't much gore in it at all but during the intro to Tainted Blood there are film clips of vampire's having stakes driven into their hearts and spitting out blood.
Then after Ray is bitten on the neck blood trickles down his neck.
Green goo spits out of Melinda's mouth.

We have some lame synthesizer tones for the home made video chapter The Bronze Princess by artists like The Crypt Keepers, Delta Time and The John Matheny Band
However for the second one I Would Love to be a Vampire we have a nice score with the synthesizer sounds by Total Sound
During Tainted Blood, we have some interesting guitar twanging and saxophine playing along with some nice jazz music by Peter John Ross as it was useful for a lustful sequence. Plus a good low horror sound when a vampiress sinks her teeth into someone else as it adds some great timing. To top it off, we have good wavy synthesizer music too.
We also have a songtrack titled "Nekoda's Theme" in the Kill Her Arnold chapter composed by Stephan Weismueller and Mike Johnson along with the original music score by John Matheny which sounds wicked. Also interesting wavy sounds for the hallucinations as this seemed to fit in nicely.