Amityville 1992: It's About Time (1992)


Executive Produced & Directed by: Tony Randel

Written by: Christopher DeFaria & Antonio Toro
John J. Jones (book Amityville: The Evil Escapes)


Stephen Macht .... Jacob Sterling
Shawn Weatherly .... Andrea Livingston
Megan Ward .... Lisa Sterling
Damon Martin .... Rusty Sterling
Jonathan Parker .... Dr. Leonard Stafford
Nita Talbot .... Iris Wheeler
Dean Cochran .... Andy
Terrie Snell .... Mrs. Tetmann

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: July 16, 1992




A family man named Jacob Sterling (Stephen Macht) brings an antique old clock to his home as a gift which was originally from the old house in Amityville and is placed in the family's living room.
Suddenly the clock has a mind of it's own as it begins to drill itself shut to where it's displaying so no one can remove it
Then the neighbors friendly dog Peaches enters the house and suddenly gets hypnotised by the clock.
Next thing Jacob's son Rusty (Damon Martin) sees a hallucination of a necromancy room whenever he turns on the living room light.
Well one day during a morning jog, Jacob spots his neighbor Mrs. Tettman (Terrie Snell) staring at him strangely as she takes her dog Peaches for a walk and then sets Peaches to attack him as the dog mangles his leg.
Another neighbor named Iris Wheeler (Nita Talbot) warns Rusty about the clock in their house telling him it's evil and experienced and evil moment while passing by their house after Jacob received the clock.
Jacob and his daughter Lisa (Megan Ward) behaves very strangely as Rusty tries to warn them about the clock as it slowly tries to destroy the family as the clock is making the family become evil.


The beginning looked pretty impressive with the family man Jacob Sterling returning from New York to his hometown in California by bringing home an antique which is a clock from that creepy house in Amityville where the family fled in which is a nice cheesy start here. Also it's a real cool feeling with an elderly old lady named Iris Wheeler spotting their home at night during a storm with the clock being active in the home and then spotting hallucinations with the thunderstorm revealing the Amityville house which looked cool to watch here giving ti a perfect special effect.
Also we spot some good uplifting moments with a typical teenager Rusty giving a neighbors dog a treat as well that this canine running into the home and barking at the clock in which this shows a nice cheesy effect to the story since lots of animals sense things better than we do. Plus there's a good moment when Rusty is about to go up the stairs and his father Jacob spots him and acts a little firm on this which is a nice sign to a slow possession while we spot this.
There's a good still moment when Jacob is out for his morning jog and then we spot the dog and the owner sanding there expressionless which leaves a nice almost haunting like feel to the story as well as this supposedly harmless animal attacking him in which all of this looked pretty strong and intense on the struggling moments here.
There's also a moment with Jacob going crazy wrecking a map of little houses that he plans for his real estate which is a nice drawing card too that he isn't himself at all here. This looked fairly cheesily disturbing to watch.
Things looked more cheesy and fun when we spot the dog's owner looking for her pet with neat effects on the wind blowing as well as hearing the dogs sounds in which you have an impression here that what she will find won't look pretty at all since it was set out in a low budget type of fashion here.
In the story too a nice situation with Jacob drawing out a house for his real estate which is of course the home in Amityville as well as his reactions on being distracted by his girlfriend Andrea Livingston which seems to borrow quite a bit from a scene in The Shining while watching all of this. Although it's a low budget type of perspective it was still in good taste.
There's good special effects when Rusty flicks on and off the lights in the room where the clock is as there's a change of settings in the room exposing the inside of the home in Amityville while he does this which looked impressive and a real attention grabber.
There's also a good situation when Rusty speaks to one of his neighbors Rusty about what he has spotted in which the discussion looked pretty well done on the history of the house in Amityville as well as a good flashback sequence of the room and some deadly objects revealed with loud noises covering this that will make you jump a bit.
Also a nice creepy feel when Andrea is sleeping in her bed and a door opens and closes by itself as well as the sheets on the bed opening up. This just really leaves a chill down your spine. Also she spots something wet and black. Both of this reminds me of similar situations in the original fact based movie and seems to pay a good tribute to that situation too.
Also a good moment with a shrink Dr. Leonard Stafford who is having an affair with Andrea is going down to have a late night snack and time stands still with a sidden out of nowhere appearance by Jacob at the kitchen table towards him with a gun and getting nasty about questioning him on banging his girl in which the setting here looked nice and still leaving a great creepy effect to all of this and then later on after this terrifying incident the time starts ticking away again with Jacob vanishing. All of this was perfectly put in and well written too making this look pretty dark and serious.
Another nice scene that will psych you out is when the daughter Lisa looks at herself in the mirror and suddenly the reflection starts to have a life on it's own and then reaches out to touch her lustfully as this was a nice add on to the story.
Later on in the story a nice setting on a model train set rolling around with Lisa acting lustful in her lingerae talking towards her boyfriend with nice gooey effects on him sinking down to the ground for any horror fans that like slimy effects will get a kick out of spotting this situation and some interesting cheesy camera shots on him sinking down.
Also a nice moment with Leonard in a bathtub and more of theat black gunk coming from the water pouring into the tub as well as him jumping out and then the corpse of Lisa's boyfriend lunging out which looked nicely put in and nearly makes you jump too. A nice surprise here indeed.
There's another situation when Jacob tries to strangle Andrea in which this was supposed to look powerful and intense. Well it looked a bit powerful but not intense enough. Also it looked quite cheesy too.
A nice shot on the little map once again with the little houses that all look like the one at Amityville which adds a perfect moment proving that the clock has taken over Jacob's mind big time as well as exposing tombstones on his family.
Yet there's nice settings with little sister Lisa trying to powerfully seduce Rusty in which this was strongly shot and done adding a nice invincible moment here.
Also great powerful and struggling moments with Andrea and Rusty struggling against Jacob with his powerful behavior in which looked very strong and incredibly suspenseful as well as her trying to destroy the clock in which there's many great effects covering this with the clock trying to move forward and backward the time here.
Bottom line is that this was so far the best sequel out of all the Amityville sequels.
Neat effects and cheesy but fun dialogue's. Of course it's a different neighborhood with the lightning effects showing the house on Amityville but so what? It works well on it's own as the story pulls off well for what it is. It's very entertaining watching the hauntings happen with that clock which makes all the plots watchable too. There are many struggling moments with the odd possessions too which is what an Amityville sequel should be.
All in all just a cool film to watch as you can't compare it to any of the other films since it's a story of it's own.

The acting is very good and we have a good strong cast by many experienced faces in this one.
Stephen Macht (Jacob Sterling) does great when he starts to turn from a great business family man to an evil one tempted to kill. Plus he shows a good stern and expressionless behavior in many spots which made him look believeably creepy. He also shows a good wicked charm during a situation when he suspects on the cheating business in which he brings up some nice tense and firm energy here and rolling with is superbly. He also does well with his hissing speech as well as his violent behavior which looked good and intense too.
Shawn Weatherly (Andrea Livingston) is incredibly energetic with her performance with all the terrors happening around her and keeps going strong throughout it. Also she is perfect with her sharp behavior and speaking as she is very clear with her words in the film. Plus she knew on how to act stern in certain spots which was a perfect bonus to her personality and is believeable by doing this. She also shows good energy with her struggling attitude. Also she knew on how to act flirtatious too with her affair in some scene's. She was right on within everything that she did.
Damon Martin (Rusty Sterling) really stands out as a typical teenager going through a wild rock n roll phase. He shows off a likeable charm to what he does as well as showing nice surprised reactions in certain spots which shows off sweetly here. He brings up the hype big time when the terrors start to happen showing a great adrenaline with his physical and struggling actions and blocking. He seemed to be right on target within all of this and had a nice effective role in his character.
Jonathan Parker (Dr. Leonard Stafford) makes his role believable as a caring shrink as if you'd like him to be part of your family. Yet he does well with his flirtatious behavior and has a good hyper type of reactions to everything surrounding him along with a great bubbly type of behavior too. He also does a perfect job with his high whiney freaked out reactions when his life is threatened in which he portrays this believeably by acting like a pussy. He acts perfectly anxious in other areas of the film too.
Megan Ward (Lisa Sterling) also knew how to come across as an innocent teenage girl to a lustful deadly one after the clock posesses her. She does well with her smooth speaking in which she seems very loose acting like this and yet dangerous too. She is great by acting obsessive with her lustful behavior as well as coming across really powerful towards all of this too. She really had a nice key role to her part in the film.
Of course we can't forget supporting actress Nita Talbott (Iris Wheeler) as she brings character to the whole scenario of this and is another key to this film. She shows off a great warm and caring appeal in her main scene and has a great focus into what she does too. Plus she was great laughing crazily after she is nearly attacked by a vehicle in which she does this nicely as someone who is out of her mind a bit.

Shawn Weatherly performs a sex scene and the sides of her breasts are revealed.

A man is bitten brutally by a dog in the leg
A teen sinks and melts into a pool of sludge
A scarred spirit crawls out of a bathtub

The music was composed superbly by Daniel Licht who composed the music for the next sequel Amityville: A New Generation and I can't explain it but to watch the movie and hear it for yourself as it has so many suspenseful sounds to it but there's good piano sounds as well as nice banging and tapping sounds giving it an ehoey type of appeal here.

Andrea Livingston: Rusty, this house nearly burned down!
Rusty Sterling: What can I say, I've been here all night.
Andrea Livingston: All night?
Rusty Sterling: Well, I took a piss around 7:45. Sorry I didn't call.

Lisa Sterling: Choo! Choo! All aboard!

Jacob Sterling: What the hell was that all about?
Andrea Livingston: It's about time, that's what.

Rusty Sterling [Last Lines]: Pure evil