The Amityville Curse (1990)


Executive Produced & Directed by: Tom Berry

Written by: Michael Krueger & Norvell Rose

Story by: Michael Krueger, Doug Olsen & Norvell Rose
Hans Holzer (Novel)


Kim Coates .... Frank
Dawna Wightman .... Debbie
Helen Hughes .... Mrs. Moriarty
David Stein .... Marvin
Anthony Dean Rubes .... Bill
Cassandra Gava .... Abigail

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: May 7, 1990




A group of people go to the old mansion in Amityville that is reputed to be haunted and to refurbish it as an investment but yet they expreience the walls shaking, doors slamming shut and encountering ghouls as well as deadly looking tarantula's creeping around.
A gifted psychic named Debbie (Dawna Wightman) seems to feel the terror in each room and is tormented in her nightmares about it then tries to warn everyone about the house being evil as a priest named Father Parcaeus (Jan Rubes) was once murdered there and his spirit may be warning all of them.
Also one of them named Frank (Kim Coates) begins to act strange and depressed leading to suicides and then starts to get possessed ready to go on a murderous rampage due to something in the cellar of the house.


There's good shots on the house along with everyone getting together and discussing the house about exploring it making it look like the rest of the Amityville flicks.
We spot pointless discussions with everyone near a fireplace opening up their fortune cookies after their dinner which looked very bland.
We spot a good shot on Debbie walking on a floor and crashing down on the floor.
There's a shot on Frank about to make his way downstairs in a cellar with the railing breaking but it looked very phony.
There's shots on Bill in a cellar looking at some pipes moving which the setting was supposed to look creepy but doesn't do the trick.
There's a cheesy make out scene between Frank and Abigail in a bathroom with a pipe bursting in the shower which was supposed to make you jump but misses by a longshot.
We do have some good shots on Debbie going down in the cellar and exploring with some candles and then a good shot on a cabinet lighting up with smoke along with a ghoul clawing through the inside of the cabinet and then later on reaching out for her.
There's a character named Mrs. Moriarty as an elderly type of woman introducing herself and talking about the house which looked way too comedic but yet there are some laughing moments when she talks about her cat and holding it.
There's shots on doors slamming and walls shaking with books falling out which looked extremely amateurish.
We spot a good shot on a tarantula slowly walking up on Bill while sleeping and then a good shocked reaction when he wakes up.
We spot some good nightmare sequences with shots on Frank hanging himself with some mist in the air.
We have a good shot on Mrs. Moriarty getting scared near a cellar and then being pushed down the stairs.
We spot a great scene with Frank at a booth confessing his sins to a priest and then Frank goes in a screaming rage along withthe priest looking frightened and trying to pray. Then we spot a good shot on Frank pointing a gun at him and shooting.
There's many great struggling moments between Frank and Debbie in the house running from the cellar where there's candles layered and her hiding from him with shots on her trying to throw sharp objects at him which was the best scene of all giving it that great horror feel finally.
Bottom line is that this is without a doubt the worst one out of the Amityville series plus the house looks completely different alltogether. I found this one a tough one to believe it's the house the Lutz family lived in as it was a little too comedic and seemed like a spoof on the films.
The story was very weak and not the least bit scary at all. The film is saved from bombing due to the near ending which looked very possessive and tense but that's it folks.
A film very forgettable and offensive to the fans of the Amityville series.

The acting is very average and some of it is below average too. Lead actor Kim Coates (Frank) really drew attention to the audience with his flirtatious attitude and then knowing how to get strongly emotional and well as going in an evil and screaming rage too. Plus shows some good energy with his menacing behavior.
Dawna Wightman
(Debbie) shows a good tense behavior but however she sometimes overly does it when she freaks out or gets scared and it's not at all believeable especially in a scene on her waking up she freaks out about the house being haunted.
Helen Hughes
(Mrs. Moriarty) as the eccentric elderly lady who has knowledge about the house was way too much and was too comedic. I wasn't at all convinced on her acting skills at all but she came across as funny sometimes. She does a good job by getting scared at times.
David Stein
(Marvin) seemed to bring his chraming attitude on quite well by being the host of the whole group and was overly impressed by him. I'd have to say he was the best out of the whole cast.
Cassandra Gava
(Abigail) showed a nice bubbly type of attitude to her part in the film showing nice characteristics to her part in it.

A side of a person's face and hand are brutally mangled.

We do spot the classical music but it really doesn't fit for the storyline and sounding too corny like the plot itself. We do hear some screechy music though for the suspenseful moments the odd time along with a major struggling moment almost towards the end of the film and a powerful classical songtrack for the closing credits which sounds nice but that's about it composed by Milan Kymlicka