Amityville Island (2020)


Edited & Directed by: Mark Polonia

Written by: John Oak Dalton


.... Renata
.... Kelly Jo Knight
.... Dr. Ormond
.... Dr. Tyler
.... Eric Cates
Tim Hatch .... Hayden

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: March 17, 2020




Kelly Jo Knight (Jamie Morgan) buys stuff at a yard sale at the house in Amityville as it's been cursed by evil for decades and then is arrested for attempted murder after being possessed by the belongings and is taken to an island with fellow prisoner Renata (Danielle Donahue) where bizarre genetic experiments are carried out on humans and animals in a secret women's prison.


Spotting the near beginning I saw the house that was supposed to look like the one in the other Amityville flicks but it's different. Just the similar top windows since this film carried almost a no budget so had to find any house I figured that looked convincing enough.
Then we have Kelly Jo Knight
stopping by the house as it's for sale and get a bunch of stuffed animals which belonged to the home with a bitter elderly lady making these moments look mysterious which is only half decent.
Then this lady spots something as we see her eyes glowing which was bad computerised effects as well we see as to what is causing this which is a red figure as the costuming etc looked cheaply done.
Later on in the story she is arrested for murder as she is pitted against her cell mate Renata as two goons film them brawling as this looked terribly sloppy which was supposed to look highly intense but it doesn't at all. Amateurish performances.
Things lack even more so when Renata tries to escape in the woods and one of these morons tries to fire a gun at her as the sounds of the gun and the effects on this looked obviously fake as well as a bear attacking this person later on as there's nothing graphic like we'd expect and the attacks were off camera since they can't afford to have an actual bear doing this and being trained.
Then these two girls are sent to an island by boat as later on one of the goons spots a shark in the water which was cheaply done by an animated computer and is getting attacked by this fish as this is the only moment we see a shark attack as the dvd cover offers more than what this film really is.
While these girls are on the island they are in a scientist laboratory being controlled by two scientists as there's tons of time wasting situations that really doesn't exlain itself out at all but see someone on a TV screen on what has happened to her which almost looked intense but nothing to brag about either.
Then when the two girls manage to get away these two scientists are chasing them and getting their dog to attack but charges at the owner and once again nothing graphic as this looked amateurish with what goes on.
The other one gets attacked by what looks like a zombie as you could tell this character was wearing a mask. Nothing impressive here folks but the film was losing it's horror toch big time. It was having a hard time as to what it leaned more towards a horror or adventure.
Bottom line is that Amityville flicks are done to death as this one is a huge insult to the legacy and the worst of it's kind. Looked like a bunch of friends decided to get together to make a fun project. If you haven't seen this stinky piece of trash trust me you haven't missed out at all.

The acting is god awful and only certain one's worth mentioning such as ..... (Renata) doesn't pull her weight too well when coming across as tough or arrogant when she challenges someone to a fight she's forced to do and doesn't react natural at all. In other spots she's a little better when the action starts up but still no golden star for her sadly.
(Kelly Jo Knight) didn't have very many speaking parts but seemed to come across noticeable onto the camera within what she does here. Still she's low on energy nevertheless but not as bad as most of the cast involved in this piece.
(Dr. Ormond
) had the goofy looks and acted over the top geeky when he was supposed to be aggressive as it seemed that he wasn't taking his role too seriously within whatever he did here. I'm sorry but he was pretty bland within all that he did here.
(Eric Cates) seemed to be the best in the cast out of his supporting role in which he did an impressive job as somebody who's arrogant. He was stiff with his actions at times but not as bad as the rest of the cast. Came across okay as a redneck and had the right looks and appeal for this.

Persons insides are briefly exposed.
Piece of a hand is revealed.

Matt Jantzen composed the music for this piece as he was very amateurish in every way by using a synthsezier for the deep sounds and other types as well as techno sounds too which was annoying. Plus has some singing chants near the beginning of the film which needed alot of improvements.