Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2005)


Directed by: Dwight H. Little

Written by:
John Claflin, Daniel Zelman, Michael Miner & Edward Neumeier


Johnny Messner .... Bill Johnson
KaDee Strickland .... Sam Rogers
Matthew Marsden .... Dr. Jack Byron
Nicholas Gonzalez .... Dr. Ben Douglas
Eugene Byrd .... Cole Burris
Karl Yune .... Tran
Salli Richardson .... Gail Stern
Morris Chestnut .... Gordon Mitchell
Andy Anderson .... John Livingston
Nicholas Hope .... Christina Van Dyke

Release Date:
Theatrical: August 27, 2004





A pharmaceautical company takes a journey out to find a rare flower called blood orchid that holds eternal life and will have fortune whoever finds it and brings back samples but they run into a two fisted soldier named Bill Johnson (Johnny Messner) who takes them there in a run down boat.
However, on their way their boat goes to an upway river and is destroyed so they are lurking into the jungle to continue their journey but run into poisonous insects, crocodiles and leeches. Not only that, they are trying to survive from anaconda's that are eating them up one by one as a nest is nearby and will stop at nothing to protect their breeding ground which is the blood orchids home.
One of the people named Dr. Jack Byron (Matthew Marsden) becomes evil and greedy and will stop at nothing as well to get those blood orchids even if it means killing some of the people with him.


The film is off to a good beginning as the camera really pans down well on a couple of hunters in the jungle with an anaconda on their trail.
There's a nice jumping moment when a chimanzee freaks out and jumps on supporting one of the characters named Gail Stern which is a nice surprise here on how she reacts to all of this. There's also a good shot on her falling into the water from the boat and a crocodile is ready to attack her from behind.
There's a good shot on the lead character Bill Johnson in the water stabbing the croc to death and Gail in total shock of her attack which seemed to look effective here.
There's a real cute shot on the chimpanzee going to the top of the boat to try and pick a lemon off a tree and the boat drives away as this creature wanders through the forest trying to catch up and you suddenly have a feeling something bad is going to happen to this cute thing.
We also see a real suspenseful moment with everyone in the boat and it's going down a waterfall which looks like a rollercoaster ride.
There's good jumping moments with anaconda's lashing out super fast on their prey too.
A nice kind of romantic discussion between both of the characters Sam Rogers and Bill while he is shaving with a knife in the jungle at night as they had a perfect chemistry which seems to be a good pointer in the story too.
We also see a real good and evil moment with Dr. Jack Byron coming up to Gordon Mitchell in a hut and then dropping a poisonous spider on him.
There's perfect shots on most of the characters walking through a watery cave and then struggling to get out with an anaconda on their tail.
There's alot of terrific battling moments with the people against the anaconda's like knife throwing or when someone gets wrapped by them.
There's terrific manipulative moments like with Dr. Jack Byron forcing Sam to cross a log to get some orchid flowers for him where underneath there's anaconda's.
A fairly neat effect with an anaconda nearly exploding and then a pit is being covered by rocks and dirt.
Bottom line is that This is a whole new story on it's own as the previous film was meant to be a story from start to finish.
It has alot of action in it and lots of suspense too with the anaconda's attacking but the CGI effects are a wee bit off. Still it's passable.
The story is very touching and cute in other spots with a chimpanzee involved up to mischief and all as you hope the little critter will be alright from the dangers around everyone.

The acting is quite good and everyone knew how to stand on their own with their character's in it.
Lead actor Johnny Messner
(Bill Johnson) was the best in it as the head guy taking the rest in his boat as he showed a good and tough attitude and acting silent and stern when he speaks. He also showed a perfect blunt attitude in the beginning of the story. He was greatly powerful by throwing a knife at an anaconda.
KaDee Strickland
(Sam Rogers) was another one who had a good tough girl type personality while battling these anaconda's by battling them which came across quite powerful. She does a perfect job by crying when a log underneath her is about to break.
Matthew Marsden
(Dr. Jack Byron) was very natural with his talent as a scumbag in the film that only wants what's best for him and proves he can bring that across. He definetely comes across nicely with his evil attitude on his nasty tricks. He was
perfectly menacing by pointing a gun towards another cast member.
Eugene Byrd
(Cole Burris) had the most energy in the film and was terrific at freaking out on what is happening and convincing at being paranoid. He
was terrific by tripping out after spotting one as well as discovering that leeches are all over him. He also does a great job by screaming and shouting while he is wrapped by one of them.
Salli Richardson
(Gail Stern) was quite a character with her part in the film as an insecure, touchy and whiney one who you sometimes feel like telling to shut up.
She does a great job screaming hysterically when a chimanze jumps on her showing a great intense type of energy here.

Nerida Tyson-Chew composes some sharp violin playing in the film making it sound very adventurous but a little too mainstream like.

Gordon Mitchell: Are you okay now?
Gail Stern: Yeah, I'm fine. And keep your hands off of me!
Gordon Mitchell: It might be hard, but I'll try!

Dr. Ben Douglas: [the expedition is wading through a marsh - Ben starts humming the theme from "Jaws"] Duuh, dum, duuh, dum. Dum dum dum dum dum dum...
Gail Stern: Stop that, or I swear to God I'll kill you!
[Ben gets pulled under the water]

Gail Stern: Hey! Over here bitch!