Anaconda 3: The Offspring (2008)


Directed by: Don E. FauntLeRoy

Written by:
Nicholas Davidoff & David C. Olson


Crystal Allen .... Amanda
David Hasselhoff .... Hammett
John Rhys-Davies .... Murdoch
Patrick Regis .... Nick
Anthony Green .... Captain Grozny

Release Date:
Made-for-Cable: July 26, 2008





A group of scientists keep an anaconda in a lab by testing it with serum to try to cure an illness but yet an idiotic greedy millionaire named Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies) seemed to have provoked this snake as it managed to kill many of the scientists there along with escaping in a forestry area by going to a barn near a farmland.
This drug the scientists gave to the snake causes it's tail to grow sharp as it stabs people to death before eating these people and a roughneck named Hammett (David Hasselhoff) is sent on a mission to try and capure it alive while trying to make out to kill it with some other soldiers lead by Amanda (Crystal Allen) and Nick (Patrick Regis) as they don't seem to see eye to eye with Hammett and slowly their soldiers become the snake's next prey along with it breeding too which can make Hammett very rich while trying to capture this fine creature and returning it to Murdoch.

There's a good stern discussion with the character Murdoch towards Captain Grozny in a labratory as well as the goin on's there. We also have a good idiotic moment with Murdoch flashing a light on an anaconda behind a thick glass wall at the labratory with all hell breaking loose which looked suspenseful.
There's a good presence by Hammett causing problems at a bar and being attacked by two goons while he tries to talk on his cell phone which almost seemed well done in a comedy fashion but yet it needed a bit more improvement.
Many good camera shots on certain characters acting in a frenzy by trying to shoot an anaconda around a barn with some interesting cheesy effects.
There's also alot of good shots on the main characters running through the woods and firing their weapons with a cheesy CGI effect on the anaconda slithering around.
We have a good camera shot looking sideways on a woman acting in pain with her severed ankle and then a good shot on her fearsome expression with a shot on the anaconda about to swallow her up.
A nice panting moment with the main character Amanda pressing herself against a tree next to the anaconda staring at her. A good low budget effect there.
Hammett shows a good stern reaction with Nick about a situation when the anaconda is swimming in a river and what to do.
Many nice shots on the characters looking around an old hallway of a countrytype lodge and shooting anything that moves.
There's a great struggling reaction on Nick choking out his words towards Amanda with her getting upset while he's being squeezed to death by the anaconda.
A nice nasty action with Hammett pointing a gun towards Amanda and demanding her to do what he says.
A nice fighting scene between the both of them as well as Amanda walking away from the lodge and Hammet trying to struggle on the ground to reach for a timebomb before it explodes.
Bottom line is that this is the second worst one in all of the flicks made on a low budget with cheesy effects on the snake as some of it looked fun and some of it looked phony. We've seen many bad made for cable movies and this is one of them. Yet it could be a fun party flick but the show looks too campy to be frightening.
It doesn't really go anywhere and they try to make it different this time by bringing an anaconda near a country type forest area escaping from a science lab than in a deserted jungle as the chemistry isn't believeable at all. If you're in the mood for an action horror cheesy monster flick you might be entertained but it looks like a ripoff to those old fashioned drive in one's.

The acting is well.... not bad for a bad movie like this. Former TV star and heartthrob David Hasselhoff (Hammet) was never that special with his performances in shows (Not saying he's terrible) but seems the same all the time but this time he has improved by playing a roughneck in the film with his good stern attitude and sly actions. He does a nice job by instructing everyone what to do in order to try and capture the anaconda. He certainly shows good moments with his sneering reactions towards others like when he gets demanding at someone or pointing a rifle at them which came off impressively.
Lead actress Crystal Allen (Amanda) played a good part for her role using tons of energy and really picking up the pace along with good aggressive and tense actions when needed along with her emotional fears too. She does well with her panting while trying to struggle against the anaconda's.
John Rhys-Davies (Murdoch) does his role impressively playing a typical idiotic greedy one in the film which you wouldn't want to deal with unless you want complications and issues in your life. He brought his actions clear on that. Good stuff.
Anthony Green
really does well as his dimwitted assistant and shows a nice cowardly attitude with his part in it.
Patrick Regis
(Nick) really brought his part to life as a tough combat soldier in the flick as he showed a nice part in what he had to do. He also does well choking his words out while being squeezed by an anaconda in which he permed this at a nice intense and anxious pace.

Numerous violent bloodsheds of bodies after being attacked by the anaconda
The anaconda's sharp tail impales many victims
A head is bitten off with blood gushing out
A person's leg is badly severed with a bones showing

Peter Meisner really tried his best to compose the music as if it was really by an orchestral band with the high and low violin sounds but you can tell it's made on a synthesizer but it was nice to listen to if you're in the mood for a low budhet made for cable like this one as he puts in the susepnseful actions when needed too as well as the odd high and low rumbling sounds of a drumbeat.