Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood (2009)


Cinematographed & Directed by: Don E. Flaunt LeRoy

Written by: David C. Olson


Crystal Allen .... Amanda
Calin Stanciu .... Alex
Linden Ashby .... Jackson
Danny Midwinter .... Scott
Ana Ularu .... Heather
Anca-Ioana Androne .... Wendy
Emil Hostina .... Eugene
Alexandru Potocean .... Roland
John Rhys-Davies .... Murdoch
Dan Badarau .... Vasile

Release Date:
Made-for-Cable: February 28, 2009




A genetically created Anaconda created in a lab out in the middle of the jungle is cut in half and regenerates into two aggressive giant snakes due to some blood orchid while a mob boss named Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies) is greedy to get this blood orchid since it offers great power so he sends out his troops led by a head renegade named Eugene (Emil Hostina) to set out and kill anyone protecting this.
Meanwhile some travellers are stopped in the jungle and are chased by these giant serpeants and then held hostage later on by Eugene and his goons but they all have a bigger problem as these snakes go to their hideout eating them one by one.

There's a good discussion between the supporting characters Murdoch and Eugene on their plans to do a deadly deed where an anaconda is.
There's some good shots on the main characters Amanda and Alex running from an anaconda in an underground area.
There's some descent shots on the people running through the woods.
There's a good distant shot on both Murdoch and Eugene running away from an anaconda with the rest of the people trying to do something about it along with a fellow named Roland going crazy shooting his gun towards this serpeant.
We spot a nice discussion between Jackson and Heather along with a good camera shot on an anaconda staring at them and then Heather reacting to some sort of a bite.
There's a good invasion scene with Eugene getting aggressive towards everyone along with a good moment on Wendy trying to run away and Eugene gunning her down. We spot a good slow motion close up shot on her falling down.
We have a good battle with Jackson against another character with a good camera shot looking up on him while he is punching him as well as Eugene shooting him.
There's a good moment with people like Amanda and Jackson in a jeep panicking while Eugene tries to hitch a ride and there's struggling moments with all of this.
There's a good shot on
Murdoch injecting himself with the orchid and then laughing insanely spinning around with the camera circling him as well.
Oh we have some cheesy special effects with the anaconda slithering through the woods as well as attacking it's prey too in many spots as it looks a bit contrived. This is about it folks.
So the bottom line is that this sequel was the worst one to date and hopefully the last one lacking the anaconda's attacking as they hardly show up at all.
There's of course the typical bad guy attacks and some corpses too but by all means this film will not make you jump out of your seat like in the first one and the effects are terrible.
The story itself is very slow and you wonder what we're going to get out of all this. Well almost nothing as it picks up a bit quarter way through with the villains holding the innocent one's in their shacks until their mob boss shows up. Whoa big deal.
There's good locations though with the tall trees in the woods but this is about the only attraction you will get my friends.

The acting is in fair shape as lead actress Crystal Allen (Amanda) shows great aggression and tons of energy too playing the right heroic type in the film. She doesn't seem to lack her performance too much at all.
Linden Ashby
(Jackson) was another terrific performer who was very in your face with what he had to do and was great showing his anger and violent behavior when he needed to do so. He was indeed a character actor and the best actor without a doubt. He also shows a good
shocked reaction after spotting some corpses and does well with his emotions while doing this. He also does a great job freaking out after spotting an incident.
Ana Ularu
(Heather) seemed to grab my attention as well playing the girlfriend showing a nice mellowness to her part along with her jumping reactions too when something suspenseful happens. She reacts very well with a painful reaction while having surgery during one scene of the film.
Emil Hostina
(Eugene) really portrayed his cold blooded and bad ass attitude nicely and knew how to act violent and use his gun on people if anyone messed with him. A true renegade this fellow was.
John Rhys-Davies
(Murdoch) was unforgettable as the head mobster in the film even if this film was forgettable itself using his slick words coming out like this fellow is bad news and not a sane person to be around at all.

We spot a headless corpse
A person's arm is bitten off by an anaconda
An anaconda bites a person's head off

The music is composed by Peter Meisner as he composes some nice screeching effects along with the odd clanging and good classical music which seems to work for the plot.