Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy (1999)


Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Matthew Jason Walsh

Story by: Matthew Jason Walsh & David DeCoteau


.... Norman
.... Don
.... Stacey
.... Janine
.... Arlando
.... Morris
.... Professor Cyphers

Release Date: Direct-to-Video/DVD: July 2, 1999




Six students are gathered together in a home with Professor Cyphers (Brenda Blondell) in which they discover the remains of an ancient mummy. Then during the night one of the students Norman (Trent Latta) awakens this thing as he becomes possessed to lure the students in to do this objects deadly deeds.


The beginning looked too set out as we have Professor Cyphers instructing her students on a Mummy lying in a home but this object looked a bit fake and their interactions didn't seem natural but I expected that. After all this is a DeCoteau flick not to forget.
Afterwards we spot discussions coming from the brawny boy next door Morris towards Arlando by getting cocky towards him which the moments here looked stiff and a bit wooden. Yet I've seen worst in films.
Morris then has a discussion with Janine as it almost turns into an argument and then turning into a somewhat love scene but at the same time all of this looked incredibly wooden while watching all of this as if they were forced to do this.
Night falls and of course it's thundering constantly like we do see in DeCoteau's flicks such as Witchouse etc. In other words it is phony and it gets annoying as well as mind boggling because when someone is outside it's occuring too but crickets are chirping in which that means it's not raining. Enough is enough of that to make things seem scary cause it's not.
While these situations are happening our head nerdy student Norman takes a look at the Mummy as this object rises. The situations looked mildly cheesy but effective as well as to how this kid reacts to this object which seemed to work in a mediocre fashion as well as what he plans to do to his professor as things looked cheesily intense watching as to what happens here.
The other students interact with one another and Morris is out of the shower wearing calvin klein underwear like we see in DeCoteau's flicks lately as I expected this to happen.
The story really drags with the different situations coming from the home.
Morris spots a shower running thinking it's his girlfriend so he strips down into his underwear once again lying on a bed and we spot the Mummy staring viciously at him. The timing on this looked fair as we get a sinking feeling that this kid is heading for his death bed.
The survivors look around the home to find their missing classmates but then we spot Norman not looking nerdy anymore and his wicked plans on what he's going to do with Stacey as he plans to do a sacrifice which looked partially intense but alot of the time looking cheesy to watch as well with one of the students Don trying to save the day.
Bottom line is that this is another pointless effort on a Decoteau flick as apparently this was shot in 4 days as I could tell by how everything went. Could've been alot better if the makers gave it more time to make this piece more worthwhile. Can be a fun flick to watch if you're in the mood for a bad movie.

The acting is terrible for the most part but (Norman) seemed to pull off his part in a fair fashion as he knew on how to act somewhat nerdy but when he reacts to something he is a little over the top. He shows an okay versatality with his sneering attitude as well as acting crazy near the end of his performance but at times he gets a bit carried away.
(Don) seemed to do okay as well as he was slick in his role and does okay reacting aggressively when needed to be for that moment. He seemed to try his best as you could tell. But like the rest of the cast he needed some improvements.
(Stacey) has a nice soft spoken type of speaking into what she did and had the somewhat geeky scientific looks but however when she gets scared or screams out of terror she is way off and not believeable at all. She lacks characteristics.
(Janine) was indeed one of the worst in the cast she was stale in her performance and wasn't convincing especially with her sarcasm here and there. She doesn't know on how to pull it off and needs lessons big time.
) however seemed fairly sharp and witty with his words as well as doing a nice job by acting cocky. However he was stiff at times but better than most of the cast that was mentioned here and showed off some decent energy.
(Morris) had the brawny looks and clean cut appeal as a jock boy next door type but his acting stinks in which he was just a line reader and seemed to struggle to get into character as this shows big time. He was another one who needed to take some lessons.
(Professor Cyphers
) was fairly sharp with her words while talking to her students as she was one of the few mentioned that were better than most of the cast members but at times she seemed like she was just speaking her lines and not getting into character too well.

Some bloody stabbings but nothing too gruesome.

Jared DePasqale composed this piece as at first it sounded nothing too spectacular with stale piano playing and some clarinet music but however there are some parts that it picks up especially when the Mummy is wandering around the dorm area with odd screeching sounds. Nothing too special but it was an improvement. Also in the flick when a sacrifice is being prepared we hear jungle type music which was catchy. During the opning credits the music was catchy as we hear vocalised chanting sounds as it suits the flick.