The Kung Fu and Frat Nerd Basher Andras Jones by Greg Tiderington

Andras Jones is definetely a cult icon in the low budget horror film industry and got his start there too.
His fiorst acting gig was a lead role by playing frat nerd named Calvin in the David DeCoteau comedy/horror spoof 1988 flick 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama' in which he starred with the top T&A b-film scream queens Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer. He was battling away a bunch of possessed sorority sisters in an empty bowling alley that was controlled by a demonic Imp in which he shared many scene's with Linnea. The film got a limited theatrical release so certain viewers got to see this first time actor on the big screen.
During that same year he had a good supporting role playing a teenage ninja named Rick Johnson in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master' as he was battling against Freddy Krueger in his dream with his kung fu fighting but of course he failed in order to do so. This role gave him even bigger publicity.
He carried on to have roles in non horror shows with other films like 'Far from Home' (Starring Matt Frewer and Drew Barrymore), 'Tripwire' and 'The Demolistionist' along with the odd TV guest role but did return to the odd horror flick like in the video game 'Night Trap' (Starring Dana Plato) and another lead role as Trevor Blackburn in 'Horror in the Attic' which also starred many well known celebrities like Seth Green, Jeffrey Combs, Ted Raimi and shock rock godfather Alice Cooper.

He was once on the cover issue of #205 on Fangoria Magazine and has a talent for music by having his own rock band The Previous. His songs have appeared in 10 motion pictures, including 'Touch Me', 'Green" & "Little Witches'


At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer?

I have always enjoyed getting attention.

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

Not really.

How did you find out about auditions for 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama'?

My agent sent me out for that.

Who were you up against for the role of Calvin?

I don’t remember but I do remember meeting Jeffrey Combs in the lobby and being very impressed. Like most people who saw it I was really impressed with his performance in 'Re-Animator'.

What scene did you enjoy doing the most in the film?

Probably the bumbling nerd stuff at the beginning of the flick.

What was it like working with opposite of Linnea Quigley?

She was great and very sweet to me as a first time film actor.

Did you ever see the film during it's limited theatrical run?

Yes, several of us went to the film when it premiered at a porn theater in downtown LA. I remember that my friend from acting class James Marshall (Twin Peaks, A Few Good Men) came with us and we got a buzzed on beers that he had snuck into the theater.

What kinds of feedback did you get from horror fans?

None at the time.

Did you get the part as the ninja fighter Rick Johnson in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master' due to your work in 'Sorority Babes'?

Nope. I auditioned for that several times and eventually got the role, in part, because Tuesday advocated for me.

Did you have experience working in the martial arts before you landed the role as Rick?


What was the feeling like when you hung out at a highschool and other teenage events in the film?

It felt natural. I was only a couple of years removed from being a high school student.

What was it like practising your ninja arts in a scene of the film?

I’m not sure that I would consider what I was doing a “ninja art.” Mostly it was a lot of air-fighting, which I practiced a lot as a child.

How was it like battling against Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger doing yourmartial arts? Do tell us every detail on this?

Sorry that I don’t have more details for you. Robert Englund wasn’t there when we shot our scene so it was all me and the crew. I had a blast doing the scene but afterwards I had to go to the hospital. I had my appendix out earlier in the year and I stretched the wound in a dangerous way. Luckily, everything was OK and the rest is film history.

I did enjoy your last performance when you jump out of your coffin at the funeral to talk to Lisa Wilcox. What was it like performing this?

It was nice laying in the coffin. I believe I even napped a bit. A lot of that scene was improvised.

What was the hardest scene to do during the shoot? Which scene did you have the most fun doing?

It was all pretty much equally fun and challenging. Mostly, the whole experience was a blast.

You were in the video game flick as Jeff Martin in 'Night Trap'. What exactly was this movie about? Was it acting or voice over?

'Night Trap' was one of the first interactive video games featuring live actors. It was a dumb premise about girls at a beach house being eaten by vampires and game players could open trap doors to capture the vamps and save the girls. I played one of the lead vampires.

What was it like working with the late Dana Plato who played the role of Kelli Medd as she was going through alot till her death?

She was a great gal. We really connected but then she went her way and I did mine as so often happens when a film wraps.

You had a role in 'The Demolitionist' as Daniel Dupree although it was basically a sci-fi flick alot of horror fans enjoyed it cause you were in it as well as Heather Langenkamp from the original 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'. What was it like working in this film?

My role only took a couple of days to shoot. An awkward love scene between me and Nicole Eggert was cut from the film which just left my pistol-whipping from Richard Greico, which was a hoot to shoot.

Now I want to hear about your recent film which is a horror comedy in 2001 titled 'Horror in the Attic' in which you play the role of Trevor Blackburn. What's it like to return to the horror genre in this film?

One of the better experiences in my career. Working with Seth  Green, Jeffrey Combs, Ted Raimi, Wendy Robie & Alice Cooper. You kidding me? Great! And the script from Rogan Russel Marshall was really something special.

What was the whole experience like doing this film? Do tell us the details?

It was a wonderful grind. The show had no money and the director and producers were not exactly professionals but they gathered a great team and we were all working for the greater good. For a big chunk of the film I lived at the house where we filmed it. Good times.

Was this basically a party horror flick?

More of a psychedelic thriller with gore.

Who did you enjoy working with the most out of the whole cast in this film?

The scenes with Seth were a lot of fun and it was really good making friends with Rogan.

What was the working environment like on this flick?

A mixed bag. Lots of inspiration with a modicum of Hollywood wankery.

This flick played at a few film festivals. Did it have a small theatrical run as well?

Not sure.

Are you planning to return to the horror film industry and any upcoming acting projects you'd like to share with us?

No plans but, like any actor, I train and keep myself ready for whatever projects may arise.

Now here's some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror films?

'Bob Roberts'

What show were you in that your cherish the most as to today?


What show were you in that you weren't particularly proud of and would like to change?

All of them.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Good surprises

What are your ambitions?

Too many to mention.