A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)


Directed by: Chuck Russell

Written by: Wes Craven, Frank Darabont, Chuck Russell & Bruce Wagner


Heather Langenkamp .... Nancy Thompson
Craig Wasson .... Dr. Neil Gordon
Patricia Arquette .... Kristen Parker
Robert Englund .... Freddy Krueger
Ken Sagoes .... Roland Kincaid
Rodney Eastman .... Joey Crusel
Jennifer Rubin .... Taryn White
Ira Heiden .... Will Stanton
Laurence Fishburne .... Max
John Saxon .... Lt. Donald Thompson
Priscilla Pointer .... Dr. Elizabeth Simms
Penelope Sudrow .... Jennifer Caulfield
Bradley Gregg .... Phillip Anderson
Nan Martin .... Sister Mary Helena / Amanda Krueger

Special Appearances:

Brooke Bundy .... Elaine Parker
Dick Cavett .... Himself
Zsa Zsa Gabor .... Herself

Release Dates: Theatrical: February 27, 1987; Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1988





The story centers a puzzling epidemic of teenagers attempting suicide on Elm Street in Springwood. One of the troubled teens named Kristen Parker (Patricia Arquette) has her wrist slit by Krueger and her parents automatically send her to the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital for special treatment.

Dr. Neil Gordan (Craig Wasson) is perplexed by a motley crew of teenagers and their overwhelming fear if what seems to be a shared nightmare. No one has come up with any answers, but when Dr. Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp), the only survivor of an earlier epidemic of suicides, joins the staff, things begin to change.
She has experienced Krueger beforehand and has learned not to fear him.
She knows about the kids at the hospital being tormented by Krueger and finds a way to stop him as they are the last of the Elm Street children.

She saves Kristen from being nearly being eaten by Krueger by stabbing him in the eye with a piece of glass. Krueger remembers Nancy but can't believe it himself.

Then there are group therapy sessions but none of them are going well.
Nancy tries to tell the other people that work at the hospital that their dreams really will kill the clients there but no one believes her.
She even talks to her father Donald (John Saxon) about this issue but he's convinced that Krueger is dead and Donald has became an alcoholic since that deadly incident. However, Nancy convinces Neil to help her on the case as some of the clients are being slayed already.
Most of the other workers are just convinced that the vicitims tooks their lives but Neil starts to believe Nancy's story.

Eventually she gathers people together to try and fight Krueger back but what Nancy doesn't realise is since he took almost all of the kids souls on Elm Street is that he is more powerful than ever and hard to be conquered.


The film seems to start off nicely showing a black screen with some glowing title credits leaving it an exciting start for a sequel as well as great close up shots on something being made and getting stirred as well as a house being created out of popsicle sticks revealing that it's the Thompson's house which we have a creepy feeling on why this is being made revealing a teenager named Kristen Parker trying to stay awake while making this as well as taking a spponful of coffee and washing it down with a can of diet Coke. Already you know that she's having bad dreams beforehand controlled by Freddy Krueger while spotting this. All of this looked well done and a great appeal for a start on another teenage slasher flick.
A nice close up shot on Kristen getting up from her bed and the camera zooming away with her in the bed in front of the Thompson's old house looking creepy and out of shape as well as spotting some kids jump roping and a little girl on her tricycle as I was thinking to myself OH YES! Done in great style here. What's even more chilling is when this little girl tells her about the house and this man taking them to his domain as this gives you a good hint on who it is.
Plus there's nice narrow shots on Kristen carrying this child down some hallways but yet you could tell while she's holding her it looks like a doll as well as a nice result on what this little girl looks like later on. It looked well done for a beginners nightmare while she's pitted against Freddy himself.
Also a nice shot on her waking up and going to her bathroom with the knobs on a sink turning into Krueger's hands and one with his blades attacking her hands which is a nice surprising moment used in the film in which you don't expect this while she's awake.
More nice moments when Kristen is in an psychiatric ward when the employees try to seduce Kristen to fall asleep and she fights insanely against them as this looked impressive since we would be the same if someone was trying to kill us in our dreams. Plus it's impressive when she does the Freddy chant and chokes on the last sentence with our hero Nancy approaching as an adult now saying the last chant and then hugging Kristen in which was a nice treat spotting this moment. This whole scene will impress all you fans for sure.
There's nice and interesting discussions between Nancy and Dr. Neil Gordon discussing everyone's safety here which also looked nicely set out. Also it's impressive when Nancy explains what had happened to her mother but not getting into the whole detail which was nicely focused.
Things look even more effective and interesting when we spot Kristen in another one of her dreams inside the Thompson's house when she spots a roasted pig in the middle of the table with fly's going around it and there's many shots on this moment as everything is so still which makes you hint that this piece of meat will lunge out. But what is more memorable to the fans is when Freddy disguises himself and tries to swallow up Kristen as the effects looked great here. Also a perfect scene when Nancy wakes up as Kristen telecommunicates with her and she spots the house she made in the beginning of the film with a neat effects on her passing out on her chair and disappearing. Plus a great moment when Nancy saves Kristen and Freddy spots her with an evil snare. Certainly a great pointer here for a sequel on him encoutnering his old surviving victim for a long time ago. It's impressive later on when nancy tells her that he is for real.
Nice calm moments when some of the patients like Joey Crusel telling him roomate Will Stanton on keeping an eye out on one another while the other one is sleeping which shows good hints that they are dreaming of Krueger which draws in nicely as to why all these kids are in this ward.
Some perfect painful looking effects on one of the patients Phillip Anderson being controlled like a puppet by Freddy in which this looks gruesome as to how he attaches some wire strings onto him since in the beginning of this character having a habit on sleepwalking. Plus a nice shot on him on a ledge of a building with a great gigantic special effects moment on Freddy using his wire strings on him. Also great intense and disturbing moments on the other patients trying to scream towards him to wake up before he ends up falling down as this is for sure hard to watch for anyone who doesn't like to face a death scene with one of the good guy characters in the story. However a nice start for a first Freddy killing at the same time which pays off well for a slasher flick.
There's perfect moments at group therapy when Nancy explains who Freddy is and why he's doing this. There's nice creepy writing when she explains that they are the only children left in Springwood as this uses your imagination as to how much work Freddy had done to kids souls since the end of the previous sequel. Things seem good and dysfunctional when people are quarrelling as well as others discussing about Freddy wanting that so he can use that fear for him to do more of his killings in their dreams which is a nice key to the story for trying not to let that happen. The makers certainly knew their stuff while writing this sequel so far.
Another good entertaining moment is when a basketcase patient named Jennifer Caulfield is watching TV and then is dreaming but suddenly what catches you by surprise is when the talk show host interviewing a celebrity named Zsa Zsa Gabor turns into Freddy and he acts vulgar and is about to kill her but then the TV goes fuzzy which offers a nice humoress moment here before the real terror happens. Nice chanting sounds coming out of the fuzzy TV of the Krueger song as well as neat effects on the TV growing arms grabbing this poor disturbed kid with Freddy's head rising on top of the TV about to do his next killing which is one of the first humoress killings that he committed leading to more dark humoress slayings. Pretty impressive to watch here indeed and intense looking too as to what he will do to her.
Also what seems interesting to watch is when everyone plans to fall asleep with using a trance and then not believing they're asleep but then Joey goes and spots a lusty nurse flirting with him. Yet you have a bad feeling that this could be Freddy in disguise. What also looks fun to watch is all the character's describing themselves on who they are in their dreams. Which character that stood out well in my mind is Taryn White when she looks stunning but a bad ass exposing her switchblade knives as I found this to be a good weapon to use on Krueger. Another nice character is Roland Kincaid as someone incredibly strong and also leaves another impression on how to try and survive his own killing with using his superpowers.
A perefect memorable moment is when Nancy is watching over Joey in a coma and cusses Freddy to let him go along with bloody scrawling letters to Nancy on Joey's chest. A nice moment here and effective too.
The story becomes exciting again when we spot Kristen going nuts and fighting against the people at the ward to try and put her to sleep with the command of the bitchy
Dr. Elizabeth Simms which really makes you want to hate her while spotting all of this.

Another treat here is that Nancy tracks down her Daddy with Neil in which we spot Lt. Donald Thompson at a bar when she asks for where he left Freddy's bones after the time he burned him alive in which there's nice arrogance on him answering that he's dead which was nicely put in. There's nice forceful moments on Neil towards Donald on demanding to find Freddy's belongings as this was also perfectly put into the plot here after Nancy leaves the bar after a sobbing call from Taryn telling her that the people at the ward sedated Kristen and that Freddy's gonna get her which looked perfectly done and imaginative as if you had to try and save someone.
Things look good and still when everyone is about to go into dreamland with Nancy warning the others that if Freddy kills you in your dreams you die for real which was a nice touch here. Also nicely effective moments when they are dreaming and are with Kristen that Freddy shreds pillows to make them lose one another as this was very imaginative and can psych you out while spotting this as if you were in this moment alltogether.
A perfect shot on Freddy battling against Taryn in which we spot her using her blades which looked cool but yet a disappointment when she fails her task battling him since he fed on her weakness. But yet that's what keeps a good horror story rolling along.
Perfect moments when Donald and Neil go into a junkyard to find Freddy's bones as well as neat effects on carlights shining as well as the skeletal corpse battling against the two of them which looked like a good and powerful struggling as this was a perfect pointer into the story when we see why they are coming to this area.
A perfect setting on the bioler room with Joey tied up against a firey pit which was enjoyable spotting everything that's surrounding here as well as Nancy explaining when they try to do away Freddy on him not being this powerful before as well as him telling everyone on what makes him survive on being powerful when the teens are no longer afraid of him which is a perfect pointer for a sequel not being the same old.
Nice impressive special effects shots on Freddy grabbing the others in his dreamland through some mirrors as this looked cool to watch.
Bottom line: Oh boy it's as if the film left off after the first one and ignores the last sequel. It's truly a great teen slasher flick with great effects and a bigger budget too along with some dark comedy of Krueger making jokes while doing them away since the late 80's was a time for comedy to be blended with horror which inspired many other's to do use the similar chemistry here.
I think anyone who enjoys teen party flicks will thoroughly enjoy this one.

Yessss!!!! Heather Langenkamp (Nancy Thompson) is back as she's full grown now and still does great in which she shows a good warm and caring presence in the beginning of her role which shines off perfectly here. Also does a good serious and flowing conversation with someone else and really getting into this making what she says so believeable here. Also she shows great energy when trying to battle away the killer in the film which she offers alot of charisma. Also does a great job with her strong and serious speaking while talking to others at group therapy as she gets into this big time and deserves a nice pat on the back here. Shows a great tough and aggressive attitude when trying to save someone which she put alot into this. She's still a great character actress and never lost her touch to play this part for the sequel. She shows a more maturity level playing an adult instead of a teen which really shows off big time here.
Craig Wasson (Dr. Neil Gordon) shows a great calm and serious type of behavior into his role as someone who takes his job seriously and trying to be sympathetic as this comes across pretty good by what he does here. He does a nice job getting into his conversations on business. Also does a great job acting phyisical and aggressive in a bar when trying to force someone to listen to him as this showed alot of great adernaline here. He also shows off perfect energy and painful reactions while struggling against a skeletal figure in a junkyard in which he brings alot of great aggressions, anxious and weak reactions too.
I found actress Patricia Arquette (Kristen Parker) to be very amazing in her role as the disturbed teen who can't lose her fear over Krueger. She performs nicely in the beginning of the film acting tired out and trying to focus on what she's doing in which she bledns in well to all of this. Does a nice job acting excited and trying to run away in a house. Does a great job with her blocking while trying to struggle away in a bathroon as well really knowing how to lose coniousness exposing her expressions by doing this. She's also marvellous at being as tough as nails too with her character like acting insane and screaming hysterically in a ward along with showing perfect blocking on her kicking someone just showing off a ton of great might here. Plus does a nice job crying and choking out a chant with her quiverring attitude. She does a perfect job screaming out intensely and calling out a name while struggling against her nightmare enemy. Plus does a great job with her aerobics and martial arts in her dream sequences as well as using them in battle which looked superb in her performance. She's great by shrieking in anger and getting violent to defend herself in the ward which was at her best performance in a scene of the film. She made this so realistic and intense too. Also does an impressive job sobbing after something tragic happens.
Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) stands out more in this one and is revealed alot more as well. He seems to show off a good menacing and domesic type of attitude during the beginning along with his cold and wicked speaking. He also shows off a great humoress type of personality during his battles against the rest along with having a powerful appeal to everything surrounding him. Also does a nice job having some anxious expressions along with turning it into an evil happy personality too.
Ken Sagoes (Roland Kincaid) is another person who's talent I admired as he was tough as well and shows alot of courage and making it look good too. Plus he shows a good no nonsense and aggressive type of characteristics here. Does a nice job screaming Krueger's name in a dream as he brings it all out greatly here along with his powerful blocking too just acting like total dynamite. Plus has a great type of heroic charm which makes him believeably likeable later on in the story.
Rodney Eastman (Joey Crusel) was mute during the most of his performance but yet does good with his blocking and acting excited by running around or trying to get attention when something bad happens in which he knew his stuff as someone who is alerted. He was a passable character actor.
Jennifer Rubin (Taryn White) does her job terrifically and one of my favouites in the film as someone trying to recover on her heroin addictions. She's great with her gruff speaking and really knew on someone who was acting pretty down on things. Does a good job by acting stand offish along with her gloomy expressions which looked pretty impressive here. Plus knew on how to act full of life in her dream sequence just having total spunk with a perfect attitude as well as showing a quick paced energy here. Does a great job crying and speaking upset while talking on the phone in which she really drove this out of her. Shows perfect nervousness in her dream while walking along a street as well as doing a perfect job by acting tough with her words and great blocking while swinging out her swichblades. Plus does a great job with her weak and painful attitude too. She's dynamite with whatever she does here.
Ira Heiden (Will Stanton) really shows a great young life like type of behavior in which he is well alert with what he does and showing good energy and charisma within his role. Plus he shows a great upsetting and anxious like reactions when something terrible happens. He also knew on how to act like a wizard in his dreams really bringing this all out. Basically he does a nice job as a young typical teenage kid with a good imagination.
Laurence Fishburne (Max) does his job as a security at the ward in which he studied this role well by acting someone who is fairly easy going and laid back along with a nice smooth talking in his words. He has often acted like this in other shows and his role here was a nice start for a successful career. Two thumbs up for this guy.
John Saxon (Lt. Donald Thompson) is back too as Nancy's father and now he performs as a basket case. He shows good acting at portraying a drunken officer at a bar. He does a nice job acting out of it. ALso shows some good anxious energy and expressions during a scene in a junkyard. Also was nice acting so lightheaded and friednly at the end of his performance.Too bad his role wasn't as big as in the first film.
Supporting actress Priscilla Pointer (Dr. Elizabeth Simms) makes a great bitch playing the head doctor of the institution and you'd just want to kill her cause of her nasty attitude and she does it well. She shows a great wicked expression when she speaks and has a great gruffness in her speaking just coming across as very sharp within this. It's no doubt she's done alot of acting gigs.
Penelope Sudrow (Jennifer Caulfield) has a real effectiveness in her supporting role as one of the patients in which she does a good job as a head case and a wishful thinker too. She shows a nice nervousness in her speaking along with acting someone who has other terrible issues than just in her dreams. Does well when she gets aggressive in her group therapy discussing Freddy as well as struggling to try and stay awake.
Bradley Gregg (Phillip Anderson) has always done a good job in shows and certainly shows off a hearthrob type of personality here with his outgoing behavior with whatever he does here. Presents himself terrically. Also shows great painful reactions and expressions while being controlled in his dreams which came off perfectly intense.
Nan Martin (Sister Mary Helena / Amanda Krueger) really portrays terrifically as Freddy's dead mother returning as a spirit and performs her role nicely as you'd want someone like her by your side when there's danger. She speaks good and calm with a nice seriouenss to her appeal. She threw alot of this in nicely as someone who has a dark secret.

Stacie Alden plays a lustful nurse and takes off her top and exposes her breasts in a dream sequence

Kristen's wrist is slit
Phillip Anderson's arms and legs are cut open with barb wire used as a puppet
In a dream Kristen's mothers head is ripped off.
Donald is stabbed in the chest by a sharp object
Freddy bloodily stabs Nancy with his glove

Composer Angelo Badalamenti does a very nice score with the creepy tones and there's even some music from the first film too used in this one. We also hear some good low violin tones as well as some high pitched screechy type synthsizer sounds and low keyboard playing too suiting the year of a the horror standards of the 80's. There is neat pounding sounds too used in Kristen's dream sequence which sounds really cool.

We have a perfect soundtrack by 80's hair metal band Dokken with their hits "Into the Fire" which was played shortly after the beginning of this film when Kristen turns on her ghetto blaster which sounds cool to listen to. The title song "Dream Warriors" was played during the closing credits which is awesome too along with a bitchin video.

Little Girl: Freddy's home.

Kristen Parker: Five, six, grab a crucifix. Seven, eight, better stay up late. Nine, ten, never... never...
Nancy Thompson: Never sleep again. Where did you learn that rhyme?

Kristen Parker: The man in my dreams... he's real, isn't he?
Nancy Thompson: He's real.

Roland Kincaid: Phillip, wake up... Have a nice stroll, asshole.

Phillip Anderson: Hi. Welcome to the snake pit.

Dr. Elizabeth Simms: I'm not going to take any more of this. How much longer are you going to go on blaming your dreams for your own weaknesses?
Roland Kincaid: Lady, how much longer you gonna keep blowin' smoke up our ass?
Dr. Neil Gordon: That's enough, Kincaid!
Simms: There will be no repeat occurrences of last night's events. From now on your doors will be locked during sleeping hours. We'll start a policy of evening sedation for everybody.
Kincaid: [Jumping out of his seat] The fuck you will! Anybody tries drugs on me gets his ass kicked!
Simms: Well, you just bought yourself a night in the quite room, Mister. Now sit down!
Kincaid: Fuck you! You sit down!

Kristen Parker: He's turning us against each other so we will be weak.
Kincaid: Bullshit.
Nancy Thompson: No, she's right.

Max: [walks in the TV room] Girl what are you doing?
Jennifer Caulfield: Watching TV.
Max: I can see that. Why don't you read a book? You watch too much damn TV!
Jennifer Caulfield: Research.
Max: [sarcastically] Oh, you gonna be a big TV star.
Jennifer Caulfield: Wait and see!
Max: [about to turn off the TV] Well, if Simms catches you up here she is gonna chew my ass...
Jennifer Caulfield: [interrupting Max] ... I gotta stay up, Max!
Max: Jennifer...
Jennifer Caulfield: I can't handle the nightmare. Not after Phillip.
Max: All right, but I never saw you.
Jennifer Caulfield: Thanks, Max.

[in Jennifer's dream]
Dick Cavett: Can I ask you a question?
Zsa Zsa Gabor: Why certainly.
[Dick Cavett turns into Freddy Krueger]
Freddy Krueger: Who gives a fuck what you think?

Freddy Krueger: This is it, Jennifer: your big break in TV.
Jennifer Caulfield: [screams]
Freddy Krueger: Welcome to prime time, bitch.

Sister Mary Helena/Amanda Krueger: [talking to Neil] Only one thing can save the children now. The unquiet spirit must be laid to rest...
Nancy Thompson: [walking up to Neil] Neil? What are you doing up here?
Dr. Neil Gordon: Oh, I was just talking to...
[turns around and Mary Helena is gone]
Nancy Thompson: To who?

Marcie: [after exposing her breasts to Joey] Do you like my body?

Freddy: What's the matter Joey? Getting tongue tied?

William 'Will' Stanton: In my dreams I can stand. My legs are strong. In my dreams I am the Wizard Master.

Taryn: In my dreams I'm beautiful.
[flicks open two switchblades]
Taryn: And bad!

Nancy [Staring at Joey in a coma] Let him go you bastard!
Freddy's bloody writing on Joey's chest saying Come and get him bitch
Nancy: Oh my god!

[while fighting with Dr. Simms]
Kristen Parker: You stupid bitch, you're killing us... YOU'RE KILLING US.

Nancy Thompson: It's now or never. I'm not gonna kid you, this is as dangerous as it gets. If you die in this dream it's for real. Nobody has to go in that doesn't want to.

William 'Will' Stanton: I'm in.
Taryn White: Me, too.
Roland Kincaid: Let's go kick the motherfucker's ass all over dreamland.

[Taryn finds herself in a back alley face-to-face with Freddy]
Freddy Krueger: Welcome home, Taryn. Look familiar?
Taryn White: Okay, asshole. Let's dance!

Freddy Krueger: Taryn... Taryn...
Taryn White: What?
Freddy Krueger: Why - uh - why should we fight? We're old friends, you and I. Remember?
[heroin needles form on fingertips]
Freddy Krueger: Let's get high.

Freddy Krueger: Will, you look tired. Have a seat.
Will Stanton: No thanks. I'm fine just the way I am.
Freddy Krueger: For now, maybe... but when you wake up... It's back... in the saddle... again.

William 'Will' Stanton: In the name of Lowrek, Prince of Elves... demon, begone.
[zaps at Krueger with magical beams while running toward him]
Freddy Krueger: Ahh.
[grabs Stanton and halts zapping]
Freddy Krueger: Sorry, kid. I don't believe in fairy tales.

Kincaid: [shouting] Yo, Freddy! Where you hiding at, you burnt-faced pussy? You think your hot shit with the little mute kid, don't ya? Well let me see you come get a piece of me! Krueger! Pussy! Yeah, I knew he was a little chicken.

Freddy Krueger: Joey... look. All the little PIGGIES come home.
Nancy Thompson: Let him go, Krueger.
Freddy Krueger: Your wish... is my command.

Lt. Donald Thompson: I killed you once before, you son of a bitch.

Nancy Thompson: He's strong; he's never been this strong.
Freddy Krueger: Yes... The souls of the children give me strength.