A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)


Directed by: Renny Harlin

Written by: Brian Helgeland, Jim & Ken Wheat (as Scott Pierce)

Story by: Brian Helgeland & William Kotzwinkle


Robert Englund .... Freddy Krueger
Lisa Wilcox .... Alice Johnson
Danny Hassel .... Dan Jordan
Andras Jones .... Rick Johnson
Tuesday Knight .... Kristen Parker
Brooke Theiss .... Debbie Stevens
Toy Newkirk .... Sheila Kopecky
Rodney Eastman .... Joey Crusel
Ken Sagoes .... Roland Kinkaid

Special Appearances:

Brooke Bundy .... Elaine Parker
Linnea Quigley .... Soul from Freddy's Chest

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 19, 1988; Fantasporto FilmFestival: February, 1989




Just when you thought it was safe to sleep again Freddy awakens. Kristen (Tuesday Knight) is dreaming about the Thompson's old house since it's now Freddy's domain and fears that Krueger is alive.
In her dream, she calls for her surviving friends from the
Psychiatric Hospital Roland (Ken Sagoes) and Joey (Rodney Eastman) now they are better too. They prove to Kristen Freddy is still dead as his boiler room is dead but Roland's dog bites Kristen in her dream as the dog enters one of the boiler room's pipes but Kristen still convinces them that he's coming.
Still, Roland and Joey advise her not to mention his name and to have better dreams.
Later on they are at school and Kristen hangs out with her new friends Alice (Lisa Wilcox), Alice's brother Rick (Andras Jones) who is also Kristen's boyfriend, Debbie (Brooke Theiss) and Sheila (Toy Newkirk) but Kristen is still troubled.
Later on that night when everyone is asleep, Roland is dreaming that he is at the car junkyard where Freddy's remains were buried (A dream he didn't want to dream about). Roland's dog is also there but behaves viciously. His dog urinates on the ground causing a trail of fire leading to Freddy's corpse. Freddy awakens and says No one should've never buried him as he wasn't dead.
While Roland tries to save himself Freddy kills Roland off while he starts to wake up but it's too late. Joey falls asleep while watching MTV and listening to music and Freddy does him in too.
Kristen freaks out when she suspects they're dead when they don't show up for class and accidentally bumps her head in class causing to pass out. She is nearly slayed by Freddy but a nurse wakes her up in a hospital.
She knows that Freddy is back when Rick tells her that Roland and Joey were found dead.
Kristen and some of her friends go to the Thompson's old house and later on since she refuses to sleep but her mother puts a sleeping pill in her drink during dinnertime. Before she falls asleep she thinks of a nice place as Alice tells her about the Dream Master which is about dreaming of a nice place but it backfires and and then she falls into his boiler room. Freddy throws Kristen into the fire pit when she tries to attack Freddy.
A pic appears in Alice's room but Kristen however wills her special ability to her friend Alice who was in the boiler room too witnessing Freddy throwing Kristen in the fire pit. Alice sees the horrifying pic of Kristen being held by Freddy when she wakes up and then the pic disappears into flames.
Alice and Rick go to Kristen's house and Kristen's bed is on fire with her corpse on it.
Suddenly Alice's other friends are being killed off one by one while Alice falls asleep the same time they do and she goes into their dreams witnessing her friends being murdered by Krueger as he uses her to bring him new souls for his body now that he took the souls of the last survivors who killed him before.


An impressive start here as we have a good close up shot on a little girl making a house out of chalk as well as Kristen Parker talking to the little girl along with everything looking dead with her checking out the house in which this all left an impression that Freddy is far from dead but trying to trick her that nothing is working due to this. Also nice discussions on Joey and Roland towards her and getting her to check the boiler along with a suspenseful shot on Roland's dog lungling to bite her arm as this adds a nice touch making you wonder if Freddy is controlling this dog or not. What is strange is that Joey is talking as he was in sort of a catatonic in the previous sequel and in this one doesn't explain on how he snapped out of that in this one.
Some nice moments when school is starting as well as spotting some interesting discussions with Kristen and her friends and their issues as well as a nice daydreaming moment on Kristen's friend Alice Johnson spotting the boy of her dreams Dan Jordan coming up to her with some cheesy one liners adding some interesting humor to the story here. Plus some good moments on their fears including a lustful one named Debbie Stevens spotting a cockroach in her snack that she's eating as this was a real attention grabber on how intense she gets on stepping on this bug.
Some strong discussions with Joey and Roland at their school hall talking to Kristen when she is convinced that Freddy will be back which makes the story look impressive here and a good one for a sequel indeed. Also a nice shot on a locker with claw marks on it and a red light glowing on it as this was a cool special effects.
One of the best scene's is when Roland is dreaming and in his dream is suddenly trapped inside a car and spots himself in a junkyard where Freddy's bones were buried as the setting looked perfectly still and dark along with his dog there and acting vicious letting out firey urine that awakens Freddy's grave in which this looked incredibly suspenseful and gloomy. Right away you can tell that Freddy was possessing this mutt to awaken him from the grave. Perfect special effects which looked pretty gross on how his body automatically is put together with his eyes and flesh coming together too. Plus good shots on him picking up his hat as well as having his blades lift in the air so Roland can see him as well as a good dark camera shot looking up on Krueger with his perfect dark and creepy one liner announcing he was never dead. Oh yes a perfect one for a sequel on our famous killer returning. There's great close up shots on car lights lighting up as well as some fire shooting out as well as the camera zooming away on the look of planet Earth being a total junkyard which psych's you out big time.
A perfect peaceful moment with Joey spotting a beautfiul model on his wall lying on his waterbed before going to sleep and then terrific camera shots on his waterbed lighting up with this model swimming underneath and then BANG! Krueger appears clawing through and dragging him down as well as a perfect shot on him plunging down with his claws and spotting the water turning blood red. Very well done and pretty intense.
Things look great when Kristen gets anxious in school when she realises that Joey and Roland are absent as this was a total attention grabber here. There's also some great situations when she is in a doctor's office and we spot what looks like a nurse with sharp finger nails as you can tell it's Krueger in drag which is a hoot to watch.
We have a real great dysfunctional scene when Alice is hallucinating and her drunken father isn't satisfied with his dinner in which this looked strong when she is telling him off as this was a real intense attention grabber here.
Also a great dysfunctional moment when Kristen is telling her Mom off realising that she was drugged with sleeping pills as it almost puts you in the position on what we fear on her falling asleep.
Some neat moments on Kristen trying to dream on being at a beach and spotting a child as there's a great camera shot on Freddy's blades coming through the water like a sharks fin along with a great explosive shot on him plunging through a sandcastle with it exploding as this is a real sight spotter. Plus there's some good horror wit with Freddy putting on some sunglasses since this helps people from being afraid of him before he plans to kill her.
There's a real powerful shot on Kristen trying to charge towards Freddy with him throwing her in his boiler as this looked perfectly put together and powerfully done too.
Also things look intense when Alice goes to Kristen's home only to discover a burned body as the shots on this looked incredibly intense and suspenseful to watch even if it was brief.
We spot a nicely shot classroom with everyone focusing on their test and nothing else as well as some humoress moments on someone who has athsma named Sheila
Kopecky trapped in her desk with good effects on her paper on the letters moving around pronouncing that klearning is fun with Freddy as well as her pen dripping blood as this looked very interesting to watch and knowing that she's dreaming. Things look intense when a robotic object grabs her and then Freddy offering humoress lines to her asking if she wants to suck face.
Also the effects looked disturbing while he does this with her body shrivelled up and white eyes gouging out as this is for sure hard to watch. A good horror effect though.
We spot more humoress moments with Alice's brother Rick in a washroom falling asleep and spotting beautiful cheerleaders bombarding in with their pom poms as this looked like a good teaser to block his view and go into another dimension which is a room for martial arts. Things look funny with an invisible Freddy speaking his martial arts words and hitting Rick out of the blue as well as good energetic moments on him trying to get aggressive and fighting back which was impressive to watch here and very still too.
In the film we have another hallucination sequence with Alice at a funeral and Rick hopping out of his coffin to speak to her in which this was well remembered for anyone who saw this film. Done in a good tongue in cheek fashion.
There's a good touching moment when Alice plans to go out and her drunken father doesn't want to let her leave fearing that he will lose her in which looked good and emotional to spot this.
There's a setting outside of a theatre with Alice entering and the tiocket lady doesn't pay attnetion and charging her as well as her in a seat which we spot her dead friends that Freddy has killed in which this gives away that she's dreaming as well as neat effective moments with her popcorn and drink blowing away to the screen as well as her too which looked neat as well as her in her diner that she works at and spotting an older basket case of her which also seemed impressive here. Plus there's some interesting sick humor with Freddy sitting next to her and eating a pizza with his souls as meatballs. This looked creative nonetheless and perfect special effects too.
There's a great suspenseful situation with Alice racing towards the hunky Dan Jordan to his vehicle to try and save her friend Debbie in which it repeats itself as this was clever that Freddy is controlling her from arriving in time to the house to save her. Meanwhile this really looked disturbing when Debbie is benchpressing and Freddy is about to slam it down on her and she spits out that she doesn't believe in him since that's what his weakness was in the first two flicks but since he has all the kids souls he is more powerful. Things turn out gross when her arms fall off and turns into a cockroach which is her biggest fear. It can diturb any fan of this beautiful character on what happens here but yet works out well since Freddy feeds on the kids' fears and turns them into their nightmares before he kills them.
Things look great when Freddy tries to trick Alice that he's standing in the middle of the road and she pushes the gas pedal to try and run him over only to spot a horrible incident happening.
One of the best scene's here is when Alice crashes through a window of a hospital room during when Dan is dreaming this to save the day and try to put a stop to Freddy as well as great effects on them going through what looked like a coloured tunnel as this looked well done and exciting to find out on what will happen next here.
There's also good battling moments between Alice and Krueger as well as perfect effects on how she puts an end to his evil deeds and great effects with the souls popping out of his chest which looked amusing to spot here.
Bottom line is that we have more action packed fun with this film although it is more filled with mainly special effects and Freddy doing away teenagers it's still over the top good. Many fans dissed the sequels but the true fans like me enjoyed all of them (Well except for Freddy's Dead). It's really cool to spot Alice having Kristen's special ability to have all the kids techniques after Freddy kills them and he has their souls which makes it almost an even match here.
Check this one out as it's just as good as part 3 and exciting too.

Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) as our beloved killer brings on a new dark humor and darkness to his character at the saem time and stands out terrifically doing both as usual. He does a nice job presenting himself when he rises from the dead as well as showing a great forceful attitude while doing in his victims which looked energetically paced at a high level here. Plus he shows a nice new versatality in a brief dream sequence when he is disguised as a nurse in which he looked impressive by doing this. Also he does a great job springing to life in humoress ways as well as showing a great adrenaline by laughing hysterically. He does a good job on his blocking with his battling moments near the end of his performance as this looked energetic to watch as well.
New lead actress Lisa Wilcox (Alice Johnson) is fabulous as the strong minded and caring teen in this film who never fails with her performance at all. She does a good job by acting in a rage in one scene towards her onscreen father along with her wild eyed expressions just rolling with the punches here. She was impressive with her firm attitude while stressing something and acting like a basketcase in which this was brought to life greatly. She also shows a nice versatality in a dream sequence as an older part of her in a diner which shows off perfectly and can be convincing that it's someone else. She shows a terrific dynamic energy while trying to race somewhere in which she related to this well. Plus she's great with her vengeful attitude by acting heroic with her martial arts which shines off terrifically.
Andras Jones
(Rick Johnson) is quite a character with his role as a martial arts teen and brings the dark comedy to this film as well as showing good serious attitude too. Does a good job with his aggressive argumentive attitude in one scene which he rolled with the punches big time here. There's great energy when he performs his martial arts type of blocking as well as having a great courageous type of speaking while doing this. Plus he was a natural ham hopping out of a coffin and acting full of life which was highly energised here. Of course he had practice with his comedic performance as a nerd in a flick before this called Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.
Tuesday Knight (Kristen Parker) steps in to reprise this role but doesn't do as well to make the role convicncing like Arquette did. She is not all all terrible though and shows some nice performances during many scene's of the film. She does a great job freaking out in many scene's of the film and does a great job with her negative attitude in the school hallway on Krueger returning which looked pretty impressive here. She does a terrific job panicking too when two of her friends are missing which looked great. She seemed to do not too badly crying when she found out what had happened to them but it needed a tiny bit of improvement. She does a terrific job freaking out while acting drugged from sleeping pills and was believeably forceful with her cussing attitude. She does a nice job in a boiler room just lunging out when she is about to attack which was impressive.
Another actor named Danny Hassel (Dan Jordan) who played the cutest guy at the highschool seemed to have more of the looks than the acting talent too which explains why he only had a handful of other acting gigs. He does seem to know on how to come across as someone who acts anxious in certain terrifying moments and showing a good energy within all of this.
Brooke Theiss (Debbie Stevens) had both. The beautiful looks and the talent too as a stunning teenage friend at the highschool who feared of cockroaches in which she does a terrific job freaking out when spotting one which seemed believeable as to someone who hates bugs. Does a nice job with her outgoing behavior making herself seem very likeable as well as getting to the point with things which she drew in quite strongly here. Knew on how to act tough as well which shows off perfectly and believeable. Plus does a great job with her intensity while struggling and freaking out in her nightmare along with her expressions as she made it very convincing. She was one of my favourites in the film.
We also have Toy Newkirk (Sheila Kopecky) as she represents herself as sort of nerdy as a teen with athsma yet she comes across as a cool and outgoing one and performs it terrifically too as she looks believeable as if she has that kind of diagnosis. She really spoke smoothly into what she does when getting into a good conversation as she brings this to life big time. She also shows alot of great energy while struggling against a mechaniacal object in her dream drawing a great intensity here.
Ken Sagoes
(Roland Kinkaid) still brings a good hype into his part of the film in which he shows a great eccentric type of behavior by acting hyperactive when he mentions that Freddy is dead in which he acts too overly sure about it making this very believeable. His aggressions really come out nicely too. He also does a great job shouting and yelling in his nightmare which shows alot of great adrenaline as well as speaking weakly while getting killed as this came across perfectly too.

Hope Marie Carlton who played the pin up girl in Joey's dream appears fully breasted inside his waterbed.

Kristen is burned alive in the boiler room
Debbie's arms are torn off with new cockroach arms and her body is torn off while transforming into one
Freddy's stomach gets zapped and a hole in his body is revealed

Both John Easdale and Craig Saffan took the job performing the music score for this film and are just as wonderful. They have some pounding sounds and screeching noises during the beginning of this film using the same terrific chemisrty like the composers did for the last few sequels. There's also low thumping noises and high screeching synthesizer music as this really adds to the suspense in the plot. Plus we have some low moaning music for a scene when a pretty girl is turning into a cockroach which sounds totally unpleasant. Plus there's nice pleasant music for the moment when the souls are free which sounded smooth and strong too.

There's a terrific rockin soundtrack by many 80's popular artists in this film and a soundtrack album was released. I own it on cassette.

"Nightmare" performed by our actress Tuesday Knight sounded perfect during the opening of the film. However, it was never released on the soundtrack album and it should have been.
Then after the first nightmare sequence "Back to the Wall" by Divinyls when the teens are riding in a volkswagon sounds very stale and wouldn't be my first choice for a song.
There's a perfect song during some martial arts fighting which is the number "Anything, Anything" by Dramarama (Another song that never made it to the soundtarack album)
Another one that never made it to the album is "Fatal Charm" by Billy Idol when Freddy drowns Joey in his waterbed. Idol has a unique voice that anyone can recognise.
Ahh yes in the restaurant playing on the jukebox after Kristen finds out that her two friends were killed is "Love Kills" by the hair metal band Vinnie Vincent Invasion and is the best out of them all. The rock video is bloody good too featuring segments from the movie.
We can't forget the brief songtrack during the middle of the closing credits titled "Are You Ready for Freddy" by the 80's rap group the Fat Boys which leaves a nice impression too but this was another one that lucked out on the soundtrack yet it sold well as a single and made a terrific music video out of it.

There's many other songtracks in this movie but these were the one's that really stood out iin my mind.

Kristen: Joey! Kincaid! Help me!

Debbie Stevens: Mm, there's Dan Jordan. Mm-hmm! We are talkin' one major-league hunk!
[Alice's daydreams]
Alice Johnson: You know, you are one major-league hunk.
Daniel 'Dan' Jordan: [laughs] Thanks, Alice.

Jock: [in response to Sheila's inhaler] Hey, baby. You're sucking on the wrong nossil.
Debbie Stevens: Hey, yo, needle dick! I bet you're the only male in this school suffering from penis envy.

Rick: Hey, Supergirl, it's dead. Give a bug a break.

Freddy Krueger: You shouldn't have buried me. I'm not dead.

Kincaid: I'll see you in hell.
Freddy Krueger: Tell 'em Freddy sent ya.

Freddy Krueger: How's this for a wet dream?

Freddy Krueger: [as nurse] I wanna draw some blood!

Elaine Parker: Something matter with the cuisine?
Kristen Parker: Well mom I'll tell you, when two of your friends die in the same day let me know what it does to your appetite.
Elaine Parker: Your just tired, don't think I haven't noticed you haven't been sleeping young lady, that has got to stop honey.
Kristen Parker: [suddenly gets up, feeling drowsy instantly] What's wrong with me?
Elaine Parker: Adolescent anxiety... this will make it better.
Kristen Parker: [confused... looks at lemonade which is murky] O god... what did you do?
[grabs mom's purse and sleeping pills fall out]
Kristen Parker: Jesus Sleeping pills!
Elaine Parker: Look Kristen I'm sorry its just...
Kristen Parker: SORRY! sorry after you and your tennis pals torched this guy and now hes after me? In case you havent been keeping score, it's HIS fucking banquet, and I'm the last course.
Elaine Parker: Kristen we went over this in therapy.
Kristen Parker: No mother, you just murdered me, take that to your goddamn therapy.
Elaine Parker: KRISTEN!
Kristen Parker: No!
[runs out of the dining room, sedated and falling]

Freddy Krueger: Elm Street's last brat. Farewell.
Kristen: We beat you before!
Freddy Krueger: And now you're all alone! Kristen, why don't you - uh - call on one of your little friends? Maybe they could help.
Kristen: Never! I'm the last!
Freddy Krueger: Why don't you... reach out... and cut someone?
[Kristen screams]

[after Kristen calls in Alice]
Freddy Krueger: How sweet. Fresh meat.

Freddy Krueger: Wanna suck face?
Sheila Kopecky: No!

Alice Johnson: [Rick comes in and sits next to Alice, who is watching a video with Rick and Kristen in it in happier days] You made her so happy then.
Rick: Yeah, before all this Freddy shit.
Alice Johnson: [Turns to Rick] You know, I saw it in my dream. Th-There was this horrible man...
Rick: [Interrupting Alice with a tone in his voice] Oh, who, Freddy? Freddy? Look, I don't want to hear about Freddy, okay. I heard it all from Kristen and I don't want to hear anymore. So just stop it.
Alice Johnson: But I could smell the smoke, I can feel the fire. It wasn't a dream it was real!
Rick: I said stop it! She wasn't crazy and neither are you, so just stop it, please. God, why are you acting this way?
Alice Johnson: I don't know, Rick. Something happened in the dream and now... it's like she's a part of me.

Freddy Krueger: [imitating ninja trainer] A true warrior needs no eyes.

Freddy Krueger: [being served a pizza pie consisting of living human faces] Mmm... the usual. My favorite. Mmm... Eeney, meeney, miney... MOE!
[stabs Rick's face with his glove]
Freddy Krueger: Mmm... Rick, you little meatball. I love soul food. Bring me more.
[notices Debbie and laughs]
Freddy Krueger: Your shift is over.

Freddy Krueger: No Pain... No Gain.

Debbie Stevens: I don't believe in you.
Freddy Krueger: I believe in you.

[about the roach motel]
Freddy Krueger: You can check in, but you can't check out.

Freddy Krueger: Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

[after healing a gaping wound in his chest and moving to kill Alice]
Freddy Krueger: I... am... eternal.

Freddy Krueger: You've got their powers. I've got their souls. Come on!

Chorus Children: Now I lay me down to sleep. The Master of Dreams my soul will keep. In the reflection by my side...
Alice Johnson: Evil will see itself, and it shall die!

Alice Johnson: Rest in hell.