A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)


Directed by: Stephen Hopkins

Written by: Lisa Bohem

Story by: John Skipp, Craig Spector & Leslie Bohem


Robert Englund .... Freddy Krueger
Lisa Wilcox .... Alice Johnson
Kelly Jo Minter .... Yvonne
Joe Seely .... Mark Gray
Danny Hassel .... Daniel Jordan
Erika Anderson .... Greta Gibson
Nicholas Mele .... Dennis Johnson
Whit Hertford .... Jacob
Beatrice Boepple .... Amanda Krueger

Special Appearances:

Michael Bailey Smith .... Super Freddy
Marnette Patterson .... Little Girl

Release Dates:
Theatrical: August 11, 1989; Fantasporto Film Festival: Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1990




Alice (Lisa Wilcox) thought she could relax and not worry about Freddy anymore. However she is dreaming of Freddy being reborn and then he quickly grows into an adult.
She thinks shecan stop him again with her boyfriend Dan (Danny Hassel) but things get terrifying. Dan tries to race to see Alice as there is an emergency but somehow Freddy forced him to go to sleep and he dies when he crashes his truck into a semi.
Alice finds out that she is pregnant as her child will be a boy. She tries to tell everyone that Krueger is back but people thinks that she is going through too much drama and thinks that they're accidental deaths whever someone is killed.
She also tries to free the spirit of Freddy's mother Amanda (Beatrice Boapple) to put a stop to him at a local church which she dreamt of Freddy being reincarnated while Freddy is
striking through the sleeping mind of Alice's unborn child. Can she free Amanda?
Freddy is already convincing Alice's unborn child that she doesn't love him and tries to turn him evil. Also, her friends starts to drop like flies as she must free Amanda before she's next along with her unborn child.


We have a nice beginning on Alice when she is taking a shower but then we realise it's getting too hot with great close up shots on all of this as well as the walls breaking and her trapped inside as this leaves to an impression that she's having a nightmare and what will unravel which looked impressive here. Also things looked well shot when there is a room on an asylum with guards around as well as Alice walking around and we spot on what we may think is Krueger in there before he is all burnt up as this looked impressive to watch too as we can tell that he's trying to find some way by returning as a dream killer. Plus there's a very interesting moment when she wakes up thinking her boyfriend Daniel is with her and then boom it's Krueger as a mental patient attacking her and then disappears which boggles you out and well done too.
Some nice one liners between Alice and Daniel during graduation day about her dreams as well as asking if she was dreaming about him in which we all know not to mention his name as that's what makes him return for sure. Plus some good moments like one of her friends Greta Gibson about to take a taste of her lollipop and her prissy mother warning her about those calories which is a nice drawing card to what will unravel later on for Freddy to prey on in her nightmare. This moment looked perfectly clever. There's some nice uplifting situations like Alice's father talking to her and trying to get his life together which seemed realistic on a fellow trying to maintain his sobriety and attending her graduation as this seemed impressive to watch all of this.
We spot some perfect dark moments when Alice is wandering into a playground and later on spotting from a perfect sunny day to entering a gloomy night spotting a creepy looking cathedral with girls jump roping doing the Freddy Krueger chant but adding some new singing lyrics to it which seemed pretty impressive to spot knowing that he is about to make his return. Great timing on all of this without a doubt. Plus some great shots zooming by with Amanda Krueger about to go in labour as well as spotting a baby Freddy in which he looked deformed as this seemed pretty corny but again so was Jason as a child in Friday the 13th. It was a real attention grabber here big time. Plus impressive to spot this little guy running and then growing into a full Freddy again as well as a great shot on him scraping his blades across a metal object with spraks shooting out towards Alice. A perfect comeback here for sure. Also we have our heroic Amanda protecting Alice as Freddy loathes his mother in which this looked impressive to watch and spotting his weakness for the first time.
We spot a real deadly intense moment with Dan driving in his vehicle but then great effects with Freddy tering through the vehicle as well as spotting him drinking and controlling the vehicle swerving around the traffic which looked shocking to spoit here. Also a perfect moment with Dan escaping and hotwiring a motorbike in which there's perfect shots on wires stabbing through Dan as this looks believebly painful and tortureous as well as spotting his flesh being burned off. The effects for this was right on target making you cringe while watching all of this. There's a neat effects of a robotic type of Freddy head on the bike talking to him as this almost looked like the same fashion as Terminator type of style.
Neat special effects with Alice in her diner and then a hallucination on a deadly looking pit on her discovering an incident with Dan as this psych's you out big time and well done too. Plus a great shot on a burnt truck with Alice running towards it and spotting the driver wearing a heat and shirt similar to Freddy's which is a nice brief attention grabber. Also a great shot on what we may think is Dan cackling underneath his torn up firey vehicle as this looked spooky as well as perfectly shot too.
There's perfect still moments in a hospital room with Alice talking to a little boy named Jacob as well as him describing Freddy as what he tells him plus revealing that it's her unborn child talking which seems to make you watch for more as to what will happen later on in the story. This looked perfectly done and dramatic too.
There's a great moment on a test with Alice when she sees if her unborn baby is dreaming of Freddy with neat effects revealing Freddy and other objects inside of her pregnancy in which looked perfectly twisted.
We spot a disturbing and freaky situation with Greta dreaming at a dinner table thinking that she's awake and gets sarcastic with her Mother telling her she may as well eat everything on the table which is a good one liner and having a deadly feeling on what Freddy is going to do within all of this as there's good dark comedy on him as a gourment chef and stuffing her face to death making this a bit hard to watch. Yet the effects on her stuffed face looked pretty funny to watch all of this along with the intensity happening here. Also a perfect effective moment when Alice is putting away grocieries and neat effects on the food rotting as well as spotting Greta struggling in the fridge as this looked incredibly suspenseful to spot all of this and really effective too.
There's a perfect situation when Alice explains on who Krueger is as well as stressing that you can't run away from him since he stalks you in your dreams as this was brought to life and grabs your attention big time here.
A great situation is with Alice falling asleep and making sure her friend Mark Gray is keeping an eye on her as to what her plan is going to be which looked good and serious. Plus perfect shots on her running in the halls as well as doing a chasing scene with Freddy and her plan to get a hold of Amanda. This looked full of great action and a good vengeful type of scenario.
My favourite scene in the film happens when Mark spots a comic book revealing on what is happening in their life as well as great special effects on him turning into a drawing and being sucked into the comic book along with him running away from Freddy and then turning into a superhero by making an effort to blow him away. Then it gets pretty funny when Freddy turns into a hulking Super Freddy and slashes him with the colours draning and turning into white shredded paper. This was for sure the funniest killing in the series here and done with perfect tongue in cheek adding the horror in it too.
Perfect effects with the character Yvonne going on a diving board and a perfect camera shot looking down at the pool which looked good and still as well as great effects on her diving board crumbling and freaky things bending down towards her as this looked perfectly terrorising.
A terrific discussion with Alice talking to Yvonne when she is about to cry telling her she needs to stay strong and what to do in order to awaken Amanda's soul as this was pretty powerful to watch all of this and really going in with what they were talking about.
Lots of great special effects on upside down stairs in a dream sequence with Alice trying to find Jacob as well a Freddy playing tricks on them as this seemed pretty clever and well done. Also a great moment with Yvonne walking to the back of a corspe and then Amanda turning and her spirit disappearing which showed great timing here. Plus great moments when Amanda helps Jacob with his special powers to fight against Freddy which looked awesome to watch and full of great effects too. Also neat shots on his souls pulling him.
Bottom line is that this is not as exciting as the previous sequels but still a good one. Dazzling effects and great settings along with an energetic cast sparks up this film. This film was the last Elm Street series. Of course Freddy's Dead and Freddy Vs. Jason were stories on their own. The ending almost teases you wondering if another one will follow this one.

Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) does a great job with his dark expressions during the beginning of his performance showing off as an inmate along with his powerful blocking on his brief attack scene. He also does a great job springing his arms out cackling and calling out. He also does a good job with his sneering attitude and expressions while facing his weakness on someone and getting vulgar which he really drove into this. He also springs into action during the nightmares like when he acts insane by drinking in a vehicle and acting wild like this or when he is a gourment chef just getting forceful with his attitude here. Also his timing with his evil humor still shows perfect timing with whatever he does looking energetic with this as usual.
Lisa Wilcox (Alice Johnson) reprises her role and still struts her stuff well. She performs with dynamic energy. She does a perfect job with her anxious and struggling energy in scene's of her nightmares. She does a good job with her concerned reactions at the graduation ceremony as she shows some good calm characteristics here. Does a perfect powerful job by her yelling actions in her dream showing alot of great forceful energy here. Plus does a great job with her panicking words while calling her onscreen boyfriend as well as later on showing a perfect crying out and devastated attitude which was brought at a high pace here. She does a great job expressing her aggressions too whenever she had to do this and getting into her role superbly here. Does a nice job by speaking softly towards a child which really shows a nice mellowness to her role and makes it come across very real too. She also does well with her demanding attitude while trying to find Freddy.
Kelly Jo Minter
(Yvonne) stands out well as her wise and intelligent friend. She shows a great outgoing type of attitude as well as showing spunk into her speaking in which is very memorable here. She does a perfect job giving her friend a cautious warning in a hospital and coming across as believeably serious while she does this too. Does a perfect job when she acts ignorant in certain parts of the film along with getting short on stuff and good powerful reactions on her behaving like this which looked energetic. Also does a great job reacting anxious or scared when she is attacked in her dream as she really brings alot to her freaked out attitude.
Joe Seely (Mark Gray) is believeable as a goofy teenage comic book artist in the film and really knew his character i nside out. Does a good job by acting bubbly with his discussions and shows off some good spunk into whatever he does here. He also does a nice job with his seriousness as well as showing off some good struggling energy in certain spots and being well focused into a certain subject too. Plus comes across nicely when he dreams of being a superhero and having a good masculine voice.
Erika Anderson (Greta Gibson) stands out beautifully and is stunning. She does a nice job with her outgoing attitude in her part as well as showing a good upsetting behavior too. Plus she let's out a great rage in her dream when she gets aggressively sarcastic in which she made this look very powerful and to the point. She also does a great job with her choking actions and coming across as someone who is tortured by getting her face stuffed.
Nick Meele (Dennis Johnson) returns as well and does a good job playing someone sobered up. He shows a good behavior trying to get it together at the graduation and trying to be open which he looked very realistic by doing all of this. He also does an impressive job by acting protective on his onscreen daughter during a situation showing a great sternness into his actions here which looked great. He certainly comes across as a likeable person.
Whit Hertford (Jacob) knew his stuff as the unborn child with his quiet speaking which works in well along with having a good expressionless appearance too. He also does a good job with his upsetting behavior and getting defensive as this shows a nice sharp type of attitude. Shows a great gruff type of speaking and vengeful energy during the final moments with what he does almost coming across nicely as a child type of Krueger. Yes he was a nice character child actor and can get work in future stuff.
Beatrice Boapple (Amanda Krueger) probably is the best one in the film putting alot of emotion to her role as Freddy's mother. She does a great job with her heroic type of actions when trying to protect someone as this looked superbly done. Plus does a great job by acting in labour in a dream sequence as she was perfect crying in pain. Does a great job speaking confidently towards a child and telling him what to do which was on the ball. She does a great job during the end of her performance reacting in upsetting pain and struggling to try and get away.
Supporting actress Pat Sturges (Mrs. Gibson) is hilarious as a stern mother trying to watch her daughter's weight which she shows a good stern and wicked type of expression along with a perfect wide eyed type of look to her. Also in a nightmare sequence does a great job with her cackling behavior too as she comes acorss perfectly with her evil behavior.

Lisa Wilcox is fully naked behind a glass door taking a shower.

Freddy Krueger rips his arm off with acid and later on some inmates do the same thing
Wires and other deadly stuff is stabbed in Dan's body while driving a motorbike as his flesh gets burned off too.
Gretta has her face overly stuffed with food and her face is close to exploding as well as having chunks taken out of her.

Jay Ferguson is quite good with his music for the film and has a silent and calm synthesizer type of playing for the opening of the film. There's deep sounding theme music trying to make the same types of style sound in a different sort of fashion. There's some good groaning type sounds for a dream sequence during Alice's dream in a psych ward situation which blends in nicely. Plus there's some good organ playing for a swimming pool nightmarish sequence as this sounds similar to something like Phantom of the Opera style. Also perfect congo playing for an adventureous moment on one person dreaming inside of a comic book trying to run away from Freddy as well as perfect powerful heroic music when a heroic battle happens with violin music and drumbeats as well as trombone music too. Also great chanting as well as some nice bonging sounds too. Plus we hear different type of chiming sounds which sounds strongly done too. Alot of good suspenseful violin playing as well which seems to be commonly used in any film that has action packed moments.

There's a soundtrack that isn't as out there like in the previous sequel but yet we have a great rap song by Kool Moe Dee for the closing credits titled "Let's Go" in which he has powerful attitude with this and great beats to it too as it makes the ending a good party type flick so I will add him credit for this.

Mr. Gray: Hey, Mark! Picture time. Come get immortalized, parents and brats.
Racine Gibson: [excitedly] Greta! Photo opportunity, dear.
Greta Gibson: Damn it! They caught me. I have to gnash my teeth for the paparazzi.

Alice Johnson: How was the meeting?
Mr. Johnson: Sobering.
Alice Johnson: Very funny.

Little Girl: [singing] ... seven, eight, better stay awake. Nine, ten, he's back again.

Freddy Krueger: It's a boy-oy.

Amanda Krueger: Your birth was a curse on the whole of humanity.
[Freddy hisses]
Amanda Krueger: I will not allow it to happen again. You brought me back to give you life, but now I must take yours.
Freddy Krueger: We'll see, bitch. We'll just see.

Freddy Krueger: Hey, Danny. Better not dream and drive.

Freddy Krueger: Yeeeeeeeeehaw! This boy feels the need for speed!

Freddy: Put your pedal to the metal, Dan!

Freddy Krueger: [Possessing Dan's dead body after the wreck] Hey Alice, wanna make babies?

Alice Johnson: What's wrong with me?
Yvonne: Nothing... You're just a little pregnant.

Jacob: I like you. I wanna stay with you. How come you don't like me?
Alice Johnson: Who said I didn't like you?
Jacob: My friend with the funny hand.

Greta Gibson: One of my friends died yesterday, Mother. Do you mind if I take a few hours off to remember him?
Racine Gibson: But we're having a party, dear.

Freddy Krueger: [In French accent] Madam, if I may.
[locks Greta in seat]
Freddy Krueger: Bon appÈtit...
[accent dies]
Freddy Krueger: ... bitch.

Freddy Krueger: You are what you eat!!!!

Freddy Krueger: Poor baby....

Mark Gray: [Interrupts Yvonne and Alice's argument and shows them the files under his arm] He found a lot more people before he found us.
Yvonne: You too?
Mark Gray: [Holds up his scarred palm to her] He invited me to his house last night.

Mark Gray: [as The Phantom Prowler] Time to die, you scar-faced limp-dick.
[fires a bunch of times until Freddy changes]
Super Freddy: Faster than a bastard maniac. More powerful than a loco-madman. It's... Super Freddy.
[changes back to normal]
Freddy Krueger: Told you comic books was bad for ya.

Freddy Krueger: Where are you goin' piglet? The party's just started!
Alice Johnson: I know EXACTLY what you're up to.
Freddy Krueger: I thought I was up to uhhhhh... Yvoooooone!
[Lifts Yvonne from water]
Yvonne: [Screams]

[disguised as Dan Jordan]
Freddy Krueger: Kids... always a disappointment.

Amanda Krueger: Jacob... Jacob! Alice will not triumph. Only you can save her now. Unleash the power he has given you.
Jacob: [Looking like Freddy] Hey Freddy! She's no fun anymore. I want to play with you. Kick me?
Jacob: [Looking back at Freddy after he sees that he has fallen into Amanda's trap] School's out, Krueger!