Annabelle (2014)


Directed by: John R. Leonetti

Written by:
Gary Dauberman


.... Mia
.... John Gordon
.... Father Perez
.... Evelyn

Release Dates: Theatrical: October 3, 2014; Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival: October 8, 2014





A married couple Mia (Annabelle Wallis) and John (Ward Horton) move into a new home in Santa Monica, California expecting a baby but are terrorised by a satanic cult and then move out after demonic forces start to happen after their baby is born. However the evil follows them as well as an evil doll that theyt got for a collection that they can't get rid of.


We spot a prologue which is brief and hard to understand but then things start to roll later on which we spot the married couple Mia and Gordon entering their new home in Santa Monica, CA as well as one of them discussing their new home and keeping things safe since they're new to the country which draws your attention quite well.
Great close up shots on Mia sewing and having her finger close to the needle in which this makes you watch cautiously wondering if she will get stabbed as the camera shots and motives looked perfectly clever.
We also have moments with Mia watching a TV historical moment on Charles Manson in which this was unique for what was told and cheesily fun which seemed to pay tribute to those cheesy low budget horror stories that takes place which I liked the fact they did this.
Also nicelyt focused moments when we spot a new doll and then displayed on the other dolls as this was also drawn in perfectly since this doll looked genuinely evil while we spot this object displayed.
A perfect silent and still shot on Mia sleeping and suddenly something is happening next door which sounds not too pleasant as this for sure creeps you out big time and nearly a jumping moment too as you wonder what that was all about.
Plus a perfect creepy moment with a figure passing by in a background while Mia is taking care of stuff as this gives you the chills along with another perfect situation when we spot a bloodied maniac attacking her and doing something shocking to her pregnated stomach this scene is what you picture in those funhouses you went to at a carnival and shocked you in which this worked in nicely.
Perfect situation with Mia sewing away and then we spot a moment with the stove turning on with the jiffy pop as well as good terrifying moments on things catching on fire, Great suspensefuil moment when Mia falls and how she falls while she's pregnant as this makes you gasp and making this hard to watch as well as good close up camera shots too.
Real cute moment with Father Perez wanting to have a picture taken with Mia and the baby as the discussion flows in well after a ceremony at the cathedral in which you wonder if anything shocking will happen later on.
Interesting situation with two little kids drawing a picture and Mia tries to talk to them and one of them tells the other not to say anything which draws in a nice mysterious moment into the story. You get the feeling that something not nice will happen later on.
A nice situation with Mia taking her baby on a stroller and noticing some books as well as a nice uplifting moment on the storekeeper Evelyn getting aquainted which looked good and natural.
Nice moment with Mia and her baby going into their apartment and spotting different pictures the kids drew each time they go up a staircase as what she spots more and more doesn't look nice which is a perfect drawing card by having a feeling this is going to happen to them later on which works in nicely into the story.
Nice creepy shots on the doll rocking on a chair and other shocking moments that makes you jump which involves Mia as well as some cheesy moments on a dark demonic figure terrorising her when she tries to struggle away from the building as well as the staircase as there's good action moments on this.
Perfect touching moment between Mia talking to Evelyn about her daughter who passed away in which there's carefully focused moments on the two of them and their emotions. Certainly looked nice and dramatically done.
A perfect freaky moment when we spot a bloodied figure racing towards Mia near a doorway in her suite and then a great jumping moment afterwards when this object enters the room. Certainly another terrifying moment that's out of the ordinary in a horror flick that will scare the pants off of you.
A good moment with Father Perez driving and a nice back camera shot on him driving in which this leaves an impression that something scary is going to happen as well as a good moment on him getting out and approaching towards a figure as there's a good jumping moment later on that boggles you as what happened here.
Perfect moment with a door banging and Mia answers it and spots the back of the head on Father Perez when she tries to talk to him and approaching him as this for sure gives you the creeps and expecting a good jumping moment when we expect something to happen which looked terrifically well done.
Perfect suspenseful situations with Mia trying to find her baby as well as more on the demon being revealed as it looked creepy but cheesy in a fun way during the same time. Plus good moments on her being fooled as well as her head turned and the evil doll rising up to it's feet and she slowly turns around which is nicely done.
Real powerful moment when Mia is close to jumping out of the window with both John and Evelyn trying to prevent her which was carefully focused and perfectly well done while we watch all that is happening here.
Bottom line is that this flick is as good as it sounds and what youy could imagine in those horror films we all remember watching back in the days has a little mix of everything in it. Defientely catches you by surprise and what you'd picture in something that scared you whjen you were younger or having a nightmare even. Worth watching.

The acting is in fine shape as we got (Mia) did her stuff as someone whom is soft spoken as well as someone who liked to be occupied doing stuff. Shows a nice mellow attitude. Also shows great timing when she is alaerted by the suspense that happens as well as doing good with her choked words when someone creeps up on her as she really gets into this a great deal. Shows a nice emotional attitude while getting into a discussion and being perfectly calm as this came off nice and natural. Also does well freaking out to find her baby or crying which was well energised.
(John Gordon) seemed to come clear with his words when having a discussion and seemed pretty sharp as the ideal husband to his wife as well as having a good posisitve type of attitude. His clean cut looks were mediocre though. Shows off great energy near the end of his performance while trying to convince someone not to do something as he shows off a great powerful performance here.
(Father Perez) shows off a nice and warm attitude as a preacher and did his part nicely. Also gets into a conversation pretty good when discussing stuff. Shows a good seriousness when talking about the demonic situation which he was powerful at doing. ALso adds a great versatality when he acts possessed which looked perfectly freaky.
(Evelyn) was by far the best out of the cast in which she shows a nice warm and friednly attitude which seems perfectly realistic making her perfectly likeable. She has a perfect motive to everything with her mellow behavior making you want to be her friend. She also does well with her sobbing emotions talking about the passing of her child. This was all drawn in nicely. Was energetic while stressing something to someone before doing something terrible as she studied this scene perfectly well.

The music was superb as we hear alot of screechy sounds and scraping violin music for alot of the horrifying moments that we see in the film. Also alot of good violin music that sounds sad or calm which is nice and versatile too. Also great pounding sounds for the jumping moment or hearing dark hissing type of effects and other situations like that for when we spot the demonic moments or freaky situations as the timing is perfect for what we see in each scene. The composer Joseph Bishara certainly did his homework as the music has that old school horror feel which is what I like and not overrated sounding at all.

Thin Woman: [whispering to Mia] I like your dolls.