Annabelle Comes Home (2019)


Written & Directed by: Gary Dauberman


.... Mary Ellen
.... Judy Warren
.... Daniela Rios
.... Lorraine Warren
.... Ed Warren
.... Bob Palmeri

Release Date:
Theatrical: June 26, 2019




Demonologists Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) tries to deal with the possessed doll Annabelle by a holy blessing with their local priest and keeps it in a glass container in a locked artifacts room where the evil will stay contained as this object remains locked.
However their daughter Judy (McKenna Grace) is about to celebrate her 11th birthday party with her babysitter Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) since no one at school wants to go there due to the history of what the doll did so instead Mary's friend Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) drops by and they all spend time together.
Lorraine however goes into the artifact room and awakens the doll as it wrecks havoc with demonic forces.

I was in for a real treat here in which the beginning looked hauntingly impressive with the married couple Lorraine and Ed stuck in the middle of nowhere when their vehicle breaks down with the Annabelle doll in the backseat while Ed tries to fix the vehicle and it's foggy in a wooded area near a cemetary in which everything is way too still which all of this comes together that it's extremely spooky that something is bound to happen as something does occur as it will give you the chills while continuing to watch this scene unravel and very suspenseful as well.
While this couple arrives at home with a preacher cleansing the evil spirit of the doll before locking this object looked a little too contrived which was one of my only criticisms. Otherwise everything else showed off some great horror timing as well as spotting this object locked away in what looks like an attic or cellar of some sort along with other antiques in which this seemed to add some creepiness on what other objects were in this room.
Then of course the opening credits occur but this looked more unique as it rolls up describing Annabelle as well as showing the opening title after that incident.
While watching I knew that this flick took place in the 70s by the whole atmosphere in which we spot a child Judy Warren having cereal while watching morning TV before going to school as we all remember watching a weekday morning show beforehand which seemed uplifting while watching this moment unfold.
Of course there's the mean kids who knows her history about what happened at her home and is being picked on and refusing to go to her birthday party due to this which shows some good tension as well as her babysitter Mary Ellen coming into the school to protect her from these bullies which looked well done.
Also there's a situation when Mary is shopping for birthday supplies as we all remember back in the days what items looked like back then as well as a good strong discussion between her and her friend Daniela Rios
The suspense slowly starts to occur when Daniela tries to find some keys to unlock that room and curious as to what's down their which is of course a stupid move and a traditional one to awaken evil in a horror flick since there's a certain type like her in a story to made a bad mistake as well as seeing object in the room which is an eye grabber wondering if these are just objects or are they part of the evil spirits that will occur later on in the story. Things are very still when she enters which is a good cringing moment and having a feeling that anything sound will make you jump out of your seat big time.
She asks for a sign if her fathers spirit is presence and asks for any sign which I found that this is a bad idea.
Suddenly after she spots something different about the Annabelle doll in that glass container that isn't supposed to be opened she figures what key to unlock that container which was well focused as it made me cringe nowing that all hell will break loose.
The first spooky moment is when someone is at the door and a child asks for Annabelle to come out and play but when our babysitter Mary looks at the peephole no one is there as this leaves a nice ghostly feel to the story as I knew more exciting stuff was going to come along and it does just that.
Suddenly in Judy's room she spots a note saying MISS ME? Also some haunting moments on what looks like a ghostly bride passes by as well as things rumbling this looked suspensefully hyped and terrorising like being in a fun house in which can please any horror fans who love haunted house stories.
A nicely focused discussion afterwards with Mary talking to Judy on what she saw as well as explaining that not all ghosts are evil which is a cherishable moment while watching this scene as I enjoyed on what was discussed here.
When night falls charming teenage kid Bob Palmeri sings to Mary at the front of her home as there is fog occuring leaving a perfectly creepy feeling with a monsterous looking werewolf nearly trying to lunge at him as this looked greatly done and can please any horror fan of any type of monster flick as this one offers more thrills while watching and can give you the chills within all that's happening.
Even better scary moment is when Daniela goes back to the room and taps on a piano there and then a ghostly hand is on the piano as I was like WHOA! Plus she sees a reflection in a mirror of her father and she is about to turn around which is drawn in creepily and I had a feeling that something horrifying will occur as this will for sure scare you out of your seat big time.
Then a TV is on showing herself and what will be happening to her as this can't get any creepier and looked extremely clever while watching all of this happening and done in perfect horror timing too.
Meanwhile after all this is happening in the home poor Bob is hiding in the residents chicken coop from that beast which still packs some suspense wondering if he will be safe in there as well as a chicken about to leave the coop walking out which gave me a bit of a chuckle but a concern too that this cute bird will be devoured.
Mary walks into a closet while there's these objects with coins on their eyes stalking her which leaves a nice mysterious horror feel as well as this closet seeming to be a dark passageway which was wonderfully set as well as silent and still moments and had a feeling that something will lash out breaking this silence as I cringed trying to prepare for this moment to happen as this was terrifically well done.
Many more struggling moments involving both Mary and Judy pitted against a possessed Daniela as this looked vicious to watch and making me wonder if they will kill her in order to survive.
Plus they try to survive by putting the doll back in the glass container but is having a hard time which made me focus each secind wondering if they will succeed by doing so.
Bottom line is that although I normally don't like sequels better than the original I must admit that this was the best out of the series and had a good retro setting to everything. I hope that they keep on making the series of these flicks. I can't get enough of them and are better than the movies that we see today. Hollywood should really take note of these one's and get better ideas to make other flicks using similar elements as this is what we need in today's horror industry. Plus this flick had a nice happy ending too which is nice to watch since alot of horror flicks at the end show that the nightmare isn't over yet.

The acting is pretty good in which we have the cute babysitter (Mary Ellen) strutting her stuff well as someone who has a good strong type of attitude especially when defending someone which looked convincing. She also does well by acting sympathetic as well as concentrating nicely into her conversations too. Shows off a good natured behavior as a typical nice girl.
(Judy Warren
) as the nice little girl seemed to add alot of spunk and enthusiasm into what she did in her role offering a ton of positive energy during the beginning of her role as well as concentrating well into it all. Plus she shows some spooked behavior and getting scared too which was drawn in too. Seemed to offer a nice intelligence as well as a mature behavior into all that she did as well.
(Daniela Rios) wasn't too shabby in her part as she shows a nice likeable attitude and does well by acting curious on things along with doing a good job acting cautious by what she's talking about. She really does it well acting emotionally scared with her sobbing behavior along with acting possessed and lashing out as she knew on how to be vicious during this moment.
(Lorraine Warren
) shows it off well with her soft spoken type of speaking as well as her calm type of behavior. Seemed to do a nice job with her motherly type of behavior as well as showing a nice presence within whatever she had to do in her part of her supporting role.
(Bob Palmeri) certainly brout on the nice charm in the role as the typical boy next door type of heartthrob appeal. Offered a nice shyness as well as a nervousness with his actions as well as having a good clean cut type of innocence. Had a real effective supporting role in this one.

Joseph Bishara does his scoring in perfect horror style in which there's alot of hissing and screeching sounds working well for the real scary and surprising moments as well as some good violin and piano playing in other spots. Plus there's some chiming type sounds as this grabs your attention a bit with the haunting moments.

Lorraine Warren: [after Ed was almost hit by a truck] EDDDDD!

Lorraine Warren: It's the doll, Ed. It's a beacon for other spirits.

Ed Warren: Did it work?
Lorraine Warren: The evil is contained.

Lorraine Warren: There is a lot of evil in this room. But you know what I actually like about it? All the evil in here reminds me of all the good that's out there.

Judy Warren: I sometimes see things, like how my mom sees things.
Mary Ellen: You mean, like ghosts?
Judy Warren: Yes.
Mary Ellen: Where do you see them?
Judy Warren: Everywhere I go.
Mary Ellen: Well, ghosts used to be people. And not all people are bad. So maybe not all ghosts are bad...?

Judy Warren: Bob's got balls!

Mary Ellen: [on the telephone] Mrs. Warren?
Judy Warren: Mom?
Lorraine Warren: Is everything okay?
Mary Ellen: Something is happening inside your house, and we're not really sure what to do.
Lorraine Warren: Can I speak to Annabelle?
Mary Ellen: I'm sorry?
Lorraine Warren: You need to give her a soul, dear.
Lorraine Warren: [in demonic voice] SHE WANTS A SOUL!