Annabelle: Creation (2017)


Directed by: David F. Sandberg

Written by:
Gary Dauberman


Stephanie Sigman .... Sister Charlotte
Talitha Bateman .... Janice
Lulu Wilson
.... Linda
Grace Fulton .... Carol
Philippa Coulthard .... Nancy
Tayler Buck .... Kate
Anthony LaPaglia .... Samuel Mullins
Miranda Otto .... Esther Mullins

Release Dates: Los Angeles Film Festival: June 18, 2017; Theatrical: August 11, 2017




A group of orphans lead by their Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) moves into a large suburban home lead by a dollmaker Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) 12 years after his daughter was killed and is told by him not to go into a certain room of the home.
One of the orphans Janice (Talitha Bateman) doesn't obey that rule and finds a possessed doll Annabelle as suddenly everyone becomes the target on evil happenings that starts to occur as well as possessions.


Impressive close up camera shots on Samuel Mullins creating dolls with the eyes and body parts too which looked interesting by spotting on someone working at his own factory.
Also some nice mysterious moments on Samuel finding little notes on someone telling him to follow them as you get a mysterious feel to what the outcome would be while tracing these little messages.
Perfect suspenseful moments when Samuel's vehicle breaks down and a speeding car is charging by and a bolt falls in the middle of the road and his little girl was going to get it as this leaves you in fear and terror on what is going to happen to this poor innocent child.
Interesting moment taking place years later with an orphanage bus coming to the home and Samuel approaching disturbed but greeting the orphans as well as these kids being excited by what they spot in the home acting full of life which looked very uplifting when they explore the place.
Good still moments when young Janice explores the place cautiously as well as talking to Samuel about the place and him telling her that a certain door is not to be opened which draws you in as to why he's so secretive about it all.
Good uplifting discussions between Linda acting full of life towards Janice in their room together as the energy looked fairly hyped as well as Janice seeming uncertain on stuff as the timing looked right and this scene grabbed my attention while watching this piece.
Perfect mysterious situation when everyone is at the dinner table and Samuel goes to help his wife out when it briefly reavls that this woman is on a sick bed but not revealed and Janice tries to peek to see this moment but Sister Charlotte prevents her which is a nice scene for a mysterious horror story.
Nice chilling scene when Janice sees the little notes like what we spotted in the beginning late at night leading to the room when it is the room she's not allowed to go into as there's a perfectly focused moment when she is about to open the door which leaves a chill down your spine while continuing to watch by what we spot inside the room as well as a nicely focused moment when she looks at a doll house as you wonder if someone will approach behind her since things seem too quiet when she is curious on this object.
Terrific spooky moments when she sees a closet with the creepy looking doll and she tries to close the door but it continues to open by itself which is another great spine chilling moment as well as her then going to a window to look out to see who's outside and a nice blurry distant shot on the object rising and moving towards her which can creep you out while watching this happen bit by bit.
Great suspenseful moment when Samuel catches Janice from outside peeking at the window and he is about to come back inside and she rushes out and tries to jump into her bed so she won't be caught by him which makes you hope that she will make it to her room in time.
Well focused camera shots circling both Janice when she confesses a sin to Sister Charlotte and she gets serious with her on what she did.
Perfect moment when Linda hiding underneath a staircase and then we spot the doll near her with a great jumping moment on what happens which looked incredibly effective and more mysterious each time something happens with this object.
I loved a fun moment with both Carol and Nancy hiding underneath a sheet and using a flashlight trying to scare one another making you want to join in on the fun as well as them hearing a bell ringing which was supposed to have been the sick wife of Samuel's and then there's a shadowy object approaching them when they can barely spot what is watching them as this looked perfectly scary along with the bell jingling.
More scary moments when Linda hears footsteps coming into her room and looks down from her bunkbed and sees the wet footprints along with her cautiously looking under the bed below her to see what's there which of course is every child's fear of the dark and wondering if something spooky is down below and works well while watching this unveil.
Terrific dark camera shots following Linda when she is running with the doll to a well and she hears footsteps following her but nothing is there when she turns around as this was extremely spooky to watch. Then when she tries to drop the doll into the well she bends over to see if she succeeded which there's nicely focused camera shots on this making you scared thinking that something will pull her under. This was a clever moment for a horror flick.
More of the suspense and terror really piles up when Sister Charlotte and the others try to struggle away from the madness that involves Janice whom isn't the same anymore which delivers a great punch to it all. Alotof neat painful special effects surrounding both Samuel and his wife. Also makes you watch more and more wondering if anyone will survive the madness.
Bottom line is that this somewhat prequel is as exciting as the original one drawing in your fears as a child and suddenly they are really happening into this film. I think Hollywood needs to spot these one's to get better ideas than having these bloody remakes all the time as they're too overrated. I really am rooting for another one to follow as I bet it will be just as exciting. I tip my hat off to the makers of this for making this not be just a run of the mill horror story as it has many twists and turns. Check it out by all means.

The acting is terrific in which Stephanie Sigman (Sister Charlotte) played a great Nun showing a convincingly calm and understandeable kind as well as showing a great warm hearted and generous attitude. Plus shows off a nice seriousness when talking to someone else after confessing a sin in which she made this seem quite realistic. Plus shows off great energy when the terror starts to strike. Had the right looks and appeal to this role which was another great plus.
Talitha Bateman (Janice) stood out the most in her part of the film with her wise and mature behavior in which she performed these actions perfectly. Also does a good job by acting cautious as well as curious too. Showed a nice anxious and fearful attitude as well. Offered a great versatality when she acts possessed with her wicked behavior as well as showing a great rage and leaping into action which she packed a punch while doing all of this. She was a great character actress.
Lulu Wilson (Linda) was another perfect character actress showing off a great happy go lucky attitude as well as coming across as a charming little girl. She seemed to bring this to life a great deal whenever she acted like this. Also shows off a great fearful behavior reacting terrifically to everything. Also shows off a great aggression when she plans on getting rid of the doll in a certain scene acting perfectly natural.
Philippa Coulthard (Nancy) had the spunky nice teenage girl looks acting typical for someone her age which she does this in great style as well as acting perfectly outgoing as well as snooty at times. Also shows off a great energetic behavior when she is under a sheet telling a scary secret. Plus reacts well to being frightened too. Studied her role inside and out within all of this and can go far with her acting career.
Anthony LaPaglia (Samuel Mullins) was the best out of the cast and had the real key supporting role. He offers a perfect and likeable attitude during the beginning of the story as he drew this in greatly. Later on made it convincing that he was disturbed about what had happened and feeling down which shows off terrifically. Shows a good stern behavior in some spots. Also acts perfectly unpredictable in a certain scene acting psychotic which he drew to the extreme during a certain moment which was also impressive too. Had the right rough middle aged looks for his part which was a perfect bonus too and a right choice for this fellow.

Woman's remains after her eye is taken out
Half of a body is impaled on a wall

The music was incredibly powerful as Benjamin Wallfisch really delivers the chills and horror with each scene used as he has screechy violin music especially for the doll scene's as this works in delivering a great terrorising sound. Also there's low rumbling noises and banging which is good for jumping out of your seat when this comes up. Also there's echoey piano music along with deep sounds and moans leaving a perfectly dark feel to it all.