Frost Giant (2010)


Directed by: Victor Garcia

Written by: Rafael Jordan


Dean Cain .... JC
Lucy Brown .... Sedna
Steven Waddington .... Hasslein
Mike Johnson .... Gates
Louisa Clein .... Shayla
Mike Straub .... Chandra

Release Date:
Made-for-Cable: August 7, 2010




A group of researchers head to a coast of Antartica where they find an old shipwreck buried in ice 200 years ago which was owned by an ancestor of one of the crew members named JC (Dean Cain) by finding gold coins and a frozen corpse who's body has been torn open. 
They also find an alien ship there awakening a creature that starts to attack them in which it was responsible for the deaths of the people on the ship causing to kill JC's people as well as this alien's plan to head to the mainland, where it begins sucking the heat energy from Earth.
One of the survivors named Gates (Mike Johnson) thinks that to stop this thing is to use heat on it which seems to work but this creature is too powerful and seems to get through different areas of their headquarters to kill them off one by one.


The story sounds very interesting and yet it is with a bunch of people from a ship that's trapped in ice discovering some sort of an iced type alien in the arctic attacking others which almost looks like the shape of the creature used in Alien as there were interesting special effects used in this made for cable flick and later on takes place present day with the main character JC hanging out in an area there playing games and having fun in which you wanna join in as well as alot of great moments finding the alien space ship frozen there with them finding a corpse back then and trying to discover other stuff that was buried in the deep ice which seemed fun and mysterious to watch.
Then there's more interesting moments like when two people are still looking for stuff and the alien creature kills them off in which this moment was supposed to make you jump with it's surprise attack but that fails. However it seemed entertaining to watch by what was going on.
But there's a real chilling moment with two teenagers out on a patrol and are called back to headquarters then before you know it they see the alien creature a bit ways away thinking it might be a polar bear which makes you cringe as to thinking they need to get the hell out of there and they panic trying to start their vehicle's but before you know it that one of theirs doesn't start. After all this is very common in a horror film whenever anyone tries to get away their vehicle gives out. When this happens it's neat seeing this alien shooting out icicles as deadly weapons.
One of the crew makes a stupid choice since there's always that odd someone in a horror film by trying to escape in his helicopter and the creature touches him which the effects looked awesome when he freezes up and his helicopter crashes even if the effects foer that wasn't dynamic but suspenseful enough at the same time.
The suspense piles up when their heat is lessening which is a sign the alien is going into their headquarters making things more mysterious wondering when this beast will have a surprise attack but when it does attack this is supposed to make you jump and once again this moment fails big time. But yet one of the characters act heroic by using a flamegun towards this monster but then he is touched by this thing on the arm. Next you know he has to have his arm cut off so it won't spread fast which is psychological spotting stuff with other painful situations in flicks. It's neat how his arm is cut off showing nothing but an arm made of ice falling and crashing into pieces.
Also we encounter haunting moments since this monster can form into icy mist going through vents etc to get to the other people which seems to be cleverly scripted on how this things gets from one place to another while the survivors try to get away.
The best happens last when JC uses a weaponary vehicle to try and snuff this creature down which looked very fun to watch and interesting computerised effects used here for sure.
Bottom line is the film was hard for me to give a detailed review as it was a bit of a bore since it was terrible trite with the dialogues and not enough action. I found the film paid a tribute to those old school flicks like Alien, Thing from Another World and a touch of The Fog for what is happening in the story but those one's mentioned had more going for them than this. It can be entertaining if you're in the mood for it and has some fun special effects used in it too. This film is also titled Arctic Predator.

The acting is not too bad in which lead actor Dean Cain (JC) really brought out a perfect charm with his outgoing and witty attitude making him a very likeable guy as well as showing a nice seriousness to his work in Antarctica. He brings alot of terrific charisma to his characteristics along with playing a role as his ancestor too showing that he can pull it off portraying someone different too. Does a great job driving a vehicle and having a perfect vengeful attitude and really pushing forwards with it.
Lucy Brown (Sedna) brings alot of seriousness to her part of a "I mean business" type of behavior and really getting into the full swing of it. She shows a good firm attitude towards her fellow cast member in a certain scene about a certain situation which looked sharply done and in good taste too. She was very powerful whenever she delivered her lines along with showing the odd good emotional behavior too. I found her to be the best actress in this film and can go far in the acting field.
Steven Waddington (Hasslien) brings a nice calmness to his part playing the head scientist of the crew showing a good type of behavior towards everyone and really molding into his role in a big way. He had the nice clean cut looks too which suited his part. He speaks very calmly and seriously with everything that he did. He was a nice key to the story and performance too.
Mike Johnson (Gates) was a perfect attention grabber with his tough as nails behavior as well as someone who speaks his mind big time. He comes across as a head lieutenant of an army type of guy and puts alot of enthusiasm into his performance. I liked his character the best bringing alot of powerful energy into his role. He shows a great shocked expression on his face finding a frozen corpse which looked pretty hyped. He also showed alot of great aggressions and tough attitude while using a flame gun really getting into it as I found this piece to be his best performance in a scene.
Mike Straub (Chandra) shows off a perfect serious aggressions to what he had to do in his part and had a good clear voice to his speaking talents too. Shows a great aggressive attitude while about to leave in a helicopter which looked powerfully performed showing good aggressive expressions too. He really came off nicely in his supporting role and can be well remembered for what he did in this film.

Pieces of ice blades are stabbed in people with a bit of blood but nothing too major here folks.

There's alot of great drum booming sounds to make the story suspenseful as well as low sounding classical violin chords sounds crystal clear and unique which was all done by Frederik Wiedmann. This showed a good feel to a made for cable flick such as this and having a cold feel to it too.