Autopsy (2008)


Directed by: Adam Gierasch

Written by: Adam Gierasch, Jace Anderson & E.L. Katz


Robert Patrick .... Dr. David Benway
Jessica Lowndes .... Emily
Jenette Goldstein .... Nurse Marian
Michael Bowen .... Travis
Robert LaSardo .... Scott
Ross Kohn .... Bobby

Ashley Schneider .... Clare
Arcadiy Golubovich .... Dmitriy
Ross McCall .... Jude

Release Dates:
London FrightFest Film Festival: August 24, 2008; After Dark Horrorfest: January 9, 2009




After a college graduation, a group of people are partying out and then accidentally runs over someone when they plan to take their last vacation and are stranded in the middle of nowhere.
But suddenly an ambulance arrives out of nowhere and are sent in an ambulance with their vehicle gone and entering a mysterious hospital for the injured victim who tries to tell them the people there are evil.
When they arrive at the hospital it is empty with a minimal staff and a nurse named Marian (Jenette Goldstein) who asks them to take a seat and one of the people named Bobby who was in the vehicle named Bobby (Ross Kohn) discovers he is injured as well with a piece of window glass that was stabbed inside him and a paramedic named Travis (Michael Bowen) whisks him away in a room and is told he will get the proper surgery.
The hospital is looking very eerie when Bobby's girlfriend Emily (Jessica Lowndes) realises that her friends are missing and these people are not paramedics at all as they torture and slaughter them to death conducting inhuman experiments on helpless patients under the instruction of Dr. David Benway (Robert Patrick), a direct descendant of the infamous New Orleans family that committed atrocities in the 19th century.


We spot an impressive beginning to the story with the young cast crying after hitting someone while there's a shot on the person who was hit grabbing someones leg underneath the car which makes you jump. We also have a good shot on him in the ambulance weakly trying to tell them they're in for danger with good facial expressions.
We spot a good shot on the character Bobby looking in shock and losing conciousness by pulling out some broken glass inside his skin with Travis dragging him into a hospital room with Emily crying hysterically.
We have a great shot on Emily walking in a hallway with a thunder storm and approaching a ghostly like figure which adds nice flavor to the story.
We see a nice shot on Dmitriy spotting a corpse and him looking shocked, then getting sick and suddenly jumping up behind Scott putting a needle in his neck which is another terrific jumping moment.
We spot a good camera shot looking down on Dmitriy lying on a stretcher with a camera shot looking up on Travis pushing him with the wall lights passing by.
There's a good close up shot on Dr. David Benway's hand going inside his stomach and taking out his heart which makes you cringe as Dmitriy is awake and acting weakly in pain. Perfectly directed in horror taste.
A good shot on Nurse Marion in a room with a red light reflecting on her along with Bobby lying in a room as the setting looked truly evil.
We see a nice dark and silent scene with Jude slowly walking towards a body bag in a room that is moving and him wondering what is going on and suddenly an arm moves out of the bag which this is a real shock for the viewers making them jump out of their seat.
A good shot on a hospital corridor with Emily running all the way and looking around each corridor too.
We have a nice scene with Emily lying on a stretcher and Benway putting a needle in her back all the way with a great close up shot on it which makes you cringe.
We have a good moment on Emily hiding with Scott dissecting body pieces and trying to reach for a cell phone without getting caught.
There's another great moment when she tries to hide away under a desk in an office with Travis entering and then thinking she's safe making out he left with him grabbing her which is very suspenseful.
We have a good moment with Emily crying towards an officer telling him what's going on and Travis trying to convince him she's a mental patient as the direction was well done with this psyching you out wondering who this officer will believe.
There's many great gruesome shots on Emily smashing Travis' head with him doing well by suffocating to death and she gets real menacing too.
We spot a great struggle between Emily and Nurse Marion with a chopping knife and fighting for it showing great aggressions on the two of them.
We spot a good shocking moment between both Emily discovering Bobby in a room and their dialogue about getting out of the place with their struggling attitudes and perfect shots on the gruesome things around him which I don't want to spoil it for you folks. It's nothing that you've seen before in a horror flick trust me.
Bottom line: A film that was similar to The Hostel but in much better taste in every way as it really made you jump in many scene's plus it made you wonder if the hospital was haunted by zombie's too.
The film also made you really fear of a hospital which most do in reality and by watching this you'd have every right. It does make you squirm on these people being tortured to death for those who can't take intense pain or pain at all for that matter. The film really starts off like I Know What You Did Last Summer but then turns out to be totally different to top it all off. The film was definetely dark and not really showing any humor at all like you'd picture in some horror films.

The acting is very well done as Robert Patrick (Dr. David Benway) does his job well with a serious attitude as a doctor but very creepy and mysterious too. A perfect psychopath he portrayed with his still expressions too.
Jessica Lowndes
(Emily) showed terrific emoitons and energy to her part in the film along with the perfect looks too and great raging aggressions when she needed to do that too. She does well with her intensity too especially in one of her first scenes when she's crying hysterically. She also does a great job by reacting in pain for another scene.
Jenette Goldstein
(Nurse Marian) was always versatile in her roles since I saw her in Aliens and really drew attention to the viewers as an oddball nurse in the film with her firm attitude and a good evillness to her behavior too.
Michael Bowen
(Travis) showed perfect bad ass aggressions to his part and really knew how to act deadly and violent as I found him to be the best actor in the movie.

Tons of horror gore in this film.
A piece of glass is pulled out of a persons ribs.
A hear is pulled out of a persons stomach while the body is cut wide open.
Someone's head is split open.
Numerous body pieces are exposed in different scene's.
Someone's head is constantly bashed in and smashed off.
A face is stabbed in.
Many people in gruesome stitches.
A patients insides are torn out with pieces hung around this fellow
A doctors face is severed
Plus lots of blood and many more gruesome moments.

The music was very intense sounding with some rusty sound effects and the loud thumping and some booming sounds. Plus we have the airy synthesizer music too which really fits in as well all composed by Joseph Bishara.