Autumn (2009)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Steven Rumbelow


Dexter Fletcher .... Michael
Dickson Tolson .... Carl
Lana Kamenov .... Emma

Special Appearance:

David Carradine .... Philip

Release Dates:
Direct-to-DVD: September 11, 2009 (Germany); Grimm Up North! Horror Film Festival: November 1, 2009 (UK)




A horrible virus is going around making people sick, spitting out blood and then dying with very few survivors left and have to deal with the shock of the apocalypse, and they have no idea that things are about to get much worse.
Three of them named Michael (Dexter Fletcher), Carl (Dickson Tolson) and Emma (Lana Kamenov) are discovering after the people die they are resurrected into zombies at first seeming harmless but it seems that they begin to get their most basic senses back and this makes them much more dangerous and so the three travel to a countryside thinking they are free from them but more and more of them starts to find where they are as well as discovering that these zombies are attracted to light and sound so these three have to live in darkness and quiet in order to stay alive.


We spot some good camera shots on Michael driving his vehicle as well as looking around spotting some crashed up vehicles and dead bodies lying around. There's also good takes on him carrying his dead family on a bed.
There's also many good takes on some people sneezing and coughing out blood in classrooms or work areas which looked disturbing.
We spot a good shot looking down on a local dressed as a clown walking into a community shelter area with the camera zooming up on him acting very obnoxious and paranoid which was also well done.
There's some good camera shots on zombie's banging on some windows at the sheltered area as well as more zombie's walking along a roadway and other areas.
We have a good shot on all three of the main characters
packing stuff in a vehicle and then a good shot on the front mirror of the vehicle with more zombie's pounding on the window.
There's a perfect suspenseful moment with Michael staring at a dead corpse and him slowly staring at him and trying to take something out of his hands in which you wonder if he will attack or not.
We spot many nice shots on the three of them dining and having a conversation along with a brief dispute in which the direction looked believeable on that.
There's a good shot on Carl loading a gun. Then we have nice shots on Michael shooting the rifle as well as their discussions on what they see in the distance with a nice distance shot on a zombie and then a good shot on him appraching this extra playing that role along with a nice slow motion shot on this extra attacking him.
There's good discussions with the three of them looking out the window spotting a dog in the fields with another shot on zombie's eating one another alive.
We spot a good scene with a resident acting obnoxious in his house and battling away some zombie's.
We have some good dark shots on Michael looking around a dark area spotting some dead bodies and zombie's along with a good shot on this resident going crazy with blood all over him.
We spot a good discussion with Michael between a supporting character named Philip in his place and acting sick as well as being clumsy which looked very good. There's also a good shot on Philip next to a female zombie of his mother thrashing around tied to a bed. It was very disturbing when Michael takes him away from her telling him his mother is dead and leaving her alone.
We have a good shot on Michael opening a door and many zombies reaching at him and he is trying to go through them.
We spot a good discussion between Carl and Emma in their vehicle near an oceanfront along with some of their disagreements which looked natural too with many good camera shots in front and on the side of the car.
There's many good shots on Carl and Emma driving their vehicle and plowing zombies.
Bottom line is that the first hour of this film was awfully boring and bland showing just mainly the three main cast travelling to get away from the virus and was convinced that I'd bomb this flick but it picks up a bit when they reside at a countryside and the zombie's approaching there on a snowy day as well as the intensity going on elsewhere too so it did come together for the rest but still it's an average aAnd unoriginal zombie flick since we've seen this before like in those George A. Romero Living Dead flicks or Cabin Fever.
The movie is way too long which is probably why it was slacking at first trying to kill some time but if someone wants to make a long film then they need to keep the story flowing so it won't seem so friggin long.

The acting is in average shape and nothing to brag about but lead actor Dexter Fletcher (Michael) tried the best he could with his aggressions and straight forward behavior too. He delivered his lines in a good fashion and showed nice serious expressions too.
There's also a nice special appearance by David Carradine (Philip) who does his job wonderfully as an eccentric old coot acting sick with a virus. He really brought everything out with what he had in his 5 minute appearance in the film and the best out of all the cast with a great emotional attitude too.
He does a great job going into a rant while being dragged away from a house.

Many people are sneezing and coughing out blood.
There are the odd body pieces.
Some zombies eat one another.

There's good loud metal scraping and some echoey piano playing too with some classical music with the odd thumping music too for the scene's that were necessary. There's perfect low sounds for when the main cast discovers what these zombie's are capable of doing. There's good terror music from the synthesizer too which sounds friggin awesome. There's a good zombie chant type of music too for a zombie invasion.