Ayla (2017)


Produced, Written, Edited & Directed by: Elias


Nicholas Wilder .... Elton
Tristan Risk .... Ayla
Sarah Schoofs .... Alex
Dee Wallace .... Susan
D'Angelo Midili .... James

Special Appearances:

Bill Oberst Jr. .... Billy / Andy
Andrew Sensenig .... Grant

Release Dates: Västerås Filmfestival: September 21, 2017;
H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival: October 6, 2017; Feratum Film Festival: October 13, 2017 (Mexico); Philip K. Dick European Science Fiction Film Festival: October 28, 2017 (Germany); Fantastic Planet Film Festival: December 3, 2017 (Australia); Boston Science Fiction Film Festival: February 9, 2018; Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival: February 23, 2018; Vancouver BadAss Film Festival: February 25, 2018




A man haunted by the mysterious death of his 4-year-old sister brings her back to life thirty years later as an adult woman, with dire consequences.


This story is very hard to follow and understand so I will give it a shot here.... Well there's many dull and nearly plotless sitations surrounding the lead character Elton as he is travelling in his vehicle with his girlfriend Alex as well as them dicovering a run down house they plan to live in as she comments that it looks creepy which grabs attention to horror viewers like myself but nothing really happens so far. However though there's a lustful moment with the two of them inside the home to grab attention to a crummy story so far and there's seems to be a twisted figure that Elton spots but this doesn't explain the situation at all.
Then more leaky holes in the story which I couldn't understand at all but then Elton spots a dark figure of his sister leaving the home and he tries to follow her which leaves suggestive chills but even that moment fails as I was wondering if the writer knew what he was doing.
What's even more twisted is that he finds something out of the moss which looked like a figure that he's carrying and then it seemed like he was creating his sister Alya as I was wondering if this paid off a tribute to the Frankenstein stories.
Along the way it shows him feeding her at a diner and boring moments like this which I nearly bombed this flick but then there's a change in the story when he takes her home to his family in which there's strong discussions on her and so fourth as these moments were strong and dramatic. Also we spot Ayla having sneer expressions plus she's puking with her freaking out in which this is coming across a bit horrific as I was saying to myself that it was about time.
When Elton is driving home with Ayla she acts lustful towards him as this looked creepy to watch and having a sinking feeling that he's going to be in an accident and there's well focused moments with this scenario along with carefully focused camera shots.
After something tragic happens he can't find Ayla as he walks into the deep dark woods near towards his home as there's fog and creepy stuff like this as this was the best moment and it was at the films end making you beg for more to find out what had happened to her. This saves the film from bombing as well as crediting it as an mediocre flick.
Bottom line is that this is a dull flick like mentioned as it doesn't fully explain itself. It barely passes as a horror. The best is quarter way through the stoey but that's nothing to brag about. Oh well the makers tried to do their best with this indie flick but didn't pull enough weight. Better off next time.

The acting is not too badly performed in which Nicholas Wilder (Elton) seemed a little too wooden and rough at first but seemed to pick it up a bit while the story kept rolling in which he showed off a nice emotional and frusterating attitude. Also does a nice job getting aggressive or frusterated whenever he had to be this way.
Tristan Risk (Ayla) did her job well as someone who seems like a catatonic in which she was expressionless at times as well as having a wicked expression towards other in which she was convincing that she might be deadly. Also does well with her energy when she vomits or other situations like that.
Sarah Schoofs (Alex) does a nice job with her clear minded and healthy type of personality as she seemed to do well by getting into character as well as coming across with her caring behavior too. Had the decent types of looks too.
Dee Wallace (Susan) brought it on nicely with her sharp behavior as well as doing a perfect job by playing a straight forward parent. Does a nice job getting to the point of things as well as being short with someone. She studied this role nicely but again she often was cast by portraying a parent so has a ton of experience while behaving this way.

A breast shot revealed while fornicating performed by Sarah Schoofs.
She also shows her full body while and after another fornication.
Nicholas Wilder exposes his butt.
Tristan Risk is nude while being carried.

Chad Bernhard composes simple music in which he had echoey tack piano playing in which this time I quite enjoyed as it fit the plots. He offers some deep gloomy sounds for the creepy moments like outside in the deep dark woods in which he offers a great versatality in which he makes those scene's enjoyable and somewhat creepy.