The Babysitter (2017)


Produced & Directed by: McG

Executive Produced & Written by: Brian Duffield


Samara Weaving .... Bee
Judah Lewis .... Cole
Robbie Amell .... Max
Emily Alyn Lind .... Melanie
Bella Thorne .... Allison
Hana Mae Lee .... Sonya

Release Date:
Netflix: October 13, 2017




Cole (Judah Lewis) is tormented by his peers and has only a couple of friends inclduing his babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving) who tries to scare the kids who bully him.
The two of them have fun together before he goes to bed but discovers that she is a part of a cult devil worshipper in which she brings her friends over to do a sacrifice in a surprising way.
Will Cole be their next victim???


Tons of cornballish moments when the outsider kid Cole is going home after school and is confronted by his bullies which looked to cheesy to be taken seriously to have that nervous feeling as to what they're going to do to him. What looked cool however is that his babysitter Bee comes to save the day by whispering in the head of the bad ass kids as to what she will do to him if he hurts Cole in which this turned the tables big time and was nicely put intol the story. However, doesn't save the flick from bombing regardless.
When Cole arrives home he spots his mother climbing through the bottom of their home to get some stuff as we see tarantulas crawling around there which looked creepy to watch. A good sharp discussion between her and Cole which added some decent slapstick to the story.
Then the next day things looked terribly dull in which Cole is starting his next day on school while talking to his only friend Melanie on the bus and other situations like that.
During the evening, Cole's parents are heading out and has Bee babysitting him in which they do some zany entertainment which was energised big time. Offers alot of tongue in cheek with the games that they play making you wish that you had someone like that in your childhood life.
Then Bee offers him a shot of alcohol and asks her to get one for herself while he pours it out in which this made me wonder if she filled his drink with poison.
While Cole is in bed he hears Bee socialising with others and spies on them. This for sure left me a chill down my spine that something bad is about to happen. Of course Bee and her friends do spin the bottle and are kissing one another. Hell, there's even a suggested lesbo scene on this too.
Next it's a nerdy guys turn to do some kissing and he's nervous. Bee approaches him to make him feel relaxed and when she's about to kiss him something shocking happens to him as I was like WTF!!!! Trust me this is horrifying and shocking so this type of genre rolls in big time proving that this flick isn't just a plain boring comedy.
Cole is of course in the hands of these cult members which makes you watch carefully if he will succeed or not when pursuing to escape. However, we've seen many moments like this that were a whole lot better.
The police tries to save the day as this looked exciting to watch in which there's fast action happening here as well as alot of graphic horror violence. This was probably the best scene throughout the who story of this clunker.
When the slashings keep going on I was getting restless as it looked dull. However, Cole grabs a hold of Bee's satanic rituals and is about to burn it while she pleads to him to return it back to her. It made me watch carefully by hoping that he won't give in.
Might I mention there's a moment when a car spins out of control and crashing into the home as this looked mildly suspenseful. Nothing to brag about at the same time.
Bottom line is that this film was very corny as at first it can seem like a fun type of flick to watch but it fails big time. Not scary at all but it may please slasher fans while watching the killings. I couldn't wait till the flick was over.

The acting is in fair taste in which Samara Weaving (Bee) stole the show with her performance by having a deceivingly charming attitude while she tries to have fun within what she does. Shows a great versatality when she acts demented by going at a full thrust when she attacks. Also shows off her energy when trying to plead when she had to while her book of evil doings is about to be lit on fire. She really brought it all together.
Judah Lewis (Cole) was also a great performer in which he had the right motive for acting tense or looking a bit nerdy. He for sure reacted well to doing stuff. Plus shows off a nice type of spunky attitude when getting into fun situations. Also does well by acting shocked when he spots terrifying as well as trying to get away from stuff showing off some great fearful adrenaline.
Robbie Amell (Max) has the right brawny looks and appeal for playing someone else as a crazed killer but can he act? Well sometimes he has it on the ball and other times he's a bit stiff. Shows off some energy in an okay fashion but he was a bit too much.
Emily Alyn Lind (Melanie) shows off a nice spunky outgoing attitude in which she does a good job within her conversations as well as coming off as a bright little girl. She for sure offered some great timing whenever she strutted her stuff. Does this all in decent style.
Bella Thorne (Allison) was incredibly annoying and too over the top. She had hyped energy when freaking out but needed to tone down. However was good by getting crazy and attacking others as she tried her best but needed some lessons.
Hana Mae Lee (Sonya) seemed to have an effective supporting role however in which she does a nice job by acting slick and evil. She really showed alot of enthusiasm. Also has great icy words with her speaking especially near the end of her performance.

Two knives are stabbed in someone's head with lots of blood gushing out.
A police officer's throat is slit wide open with blood gushing out.
Another Police officer has an object impaled through his eye.
Bloody gunshots.
Head is blown off with chunks of flesh splattered.

Douglas Pipes does a great job with his composing in which he offers strong classical music especially for the chasing sequences having fast drum and violing playing. Plus he has the odd chanting sounds of a choir singing which really pumps up the situations. Plus some soft screechy violin music whne the killer tries to find the victims too which was another great plus to the story.

John: Three out of four people got an STD; I got two people's blood on me! You do the math! I got AIDS! I know I got AIDS!

Sonya: Do you even know what an orgy is?
Cole: I'm guessing it's something sad people do cause they want other sad people to like them and they can forget for one minute how sad they are in general.
Max: That's actually a pretty good answer.