Backcountry (2014)


Written & Directed by: Adam MacDonald


Missy Peregrym .... Jenn
Jeff Roop .... Alex

Special Appearances:

Eric Balfour .... Brad
Nicholas Campbell .... Ranger

Release Dates:
Toronto International Film Festival: September 8, 2014; Atlantic Film Festival: September 15, 2014; Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival: September 19, 2014; Calgary Film Festival: September 23, 2014; Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catolina: October 9, 2014; Telluride Horror Show: October 12, 2014; Whistler Film Festival: December 5, 2014; True North Film Festival: December 27, 2014; Palm Springs International Film Festival: January 2, 2015; Mauvais Genre Film Festival: April 2, 2015




A couple go camping out in the great woods during off season in which they run into a strange tour guide that doesn't seem trustworthy. Also, they hear sounds at night and are being hunted.


Things start to look nice and peaceful with both boyfriend Alex and girlfriend Jenn going on a trip in the woods in which they stop to talk to a Ranger about hiking and camping out into the wilderness but he warns them that they could end up in trouble during the period they're staying as this looked well focused and a good add to a horror plot for horror fans wanting to watch for more as to see what will happen later on.
They have some fun moments like skinny dipping and moments like that as well as a good camera shot in the distance as if someone is spying on them in which this made things look a bit suspenseful.
Then they encounter a mysterious tour guide Brad in which he flirts with Jenn which makes things look not too pleasant with Alex as it made me wonder if the horror will happen in which we see him making dinner for them by gutting a fish as there's a blade he takes out which made me wonder if he will use it on them as it kept me wide eyed in horror.
Also later on Brad insists towards Alex as to what he meant by what he said earlier on and getting in his face which made me tremble big time wondering if he will attack him. It kept me on the edge of my seat while watching this moment outcome.
While the two of them head in for the night they hear some sounds outside of their tent in which this made me wonder if Alex was doing this as this was genuinely creepy to watch all of this happen. I was thinking to myself to stay in their tent.
The next day they spot strange things that can cause them to have a hard time walking through the woods as well as they realise that they ended up lost. Another spooky situation indeed as well as Jenn loses it with Alex which looked very psychological.
My favourite moment is when it's night once again and they hear something in the woods and Alex calls out as this left me a big chill down my spine wondering if Brad is behind all of this and wanting to cause deadly trouble.
While the couple are sleeping they are woken up by something outside of their tent in which we see a figure of a bear sniffing around as this was genuinely scary to watch wondering if this beast will attack them or not.
During the morning they hike and spot a bear bed as this was another great chilling moment when they try to hike away as fast as they can.
The following morning Alex opens his tent and realises a bear is in their site as this scared me greatly while seeing this when he keeps watching to see as to what this animal will do next and boy is it terrifying if I dare you to watch this flick alone.
Jenn tries to find a way on escaping which looks painful while she goes out of her way to find safety with tons of intense and painful situations leaving great tension onto the screen.
Bottom line is that this was a fact based horror/adventure on surviving a scary incident and it works very well as it almost has a Blair Witch type of feel during certain parts of the story. It is guaranteed to scare you with who might be watching you or having fears of bears crashing your party since we all know not to be around them.

The acting is excellent and believeable in which Missy Peregrym (Jenn) really brought it out big time with her scared emotions as well as really going ballistic in a scene insulting her onscreen boyfriend and acting like a total bitch out of fear since she really focused well onto this moment. Also has nice crying fears and showing off freaked out adrenaline while trying to run away from her terror. Does a great job while reacting to being in pain too. She studied this part inside out.
Jeff Roop (Alex) shows off a nice spunky and charming attitude as the patient boyfriend. He really knew on how to act nice and caring. Also does a nice job when getting jealous in a scene along with acting nervous but trying to make his point. Plus does a nice job while being alert on some noises. Was perfect while getting scared or reacting to terror. He was a ball of energy himself.
Eric Balfour (Brad) had a real effective brief supporting role as someone who knows on how to act perfectly mysterious and untrustworthy. Came across as somewhat a bit intimidating when he tries to get to the point with someone else. His performance brought a chill down my spine big time.
Nicholas Campbell
(Ranger) brought it out nicely with his perfect seriousness as well as speaking firmly when trying to tell his onscreen actors about the time of the season not being safe as he brought it out very natural. He had the right middle aged looks and appeal too so he was a right choice for the part.

Jeff Roop exposes his butt while undressing to go skinny dipping into a lake.

A dead deer is exposed with it's insides torn out.
A womans hand is mangled
A mans body is mangled and torn up and eaten.
Womans leg is broken with her bone revealed.

Vince Nudo scored nicely with his synthesizer music sometimes sounding high or having sime other sounds yet it isn't anything too noticeable as well as not being played too often except for the near end of the flick as well as the clsing credits which there's was airy music along with string pluckings.