Baghead (2008)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Jay & Mark Duplass


Ross Partridge .... Matt
Steve Zissis .... Chad
Greta Gerwig .... Michelle
Elise Muller .... Catherine

Release Dates: Sundance Film Festival: January 22, 2008; South by Southwest Film Festival: March 9, 2008; Tribeca Film Festival: April 26, 2008; Limited Theatrical: April 26, 2008 (USA); Mar del Plata Film Festival: November 6, 2008




A bunch of film extra's are tired of doing the same old thing and really want to get into the acting and film business side of things so they go to an isolated cabin in the woods down at Big Bear, California to start and write their own project. However, not everyone is on the same page as they seem to slack off and wanting to party except for a fellow named Matt (Ross Partridge) who seems very passionate about the project.
He wants to write a story of a killer who stalks and torments people but suddenly his story seems to come true as they encounter someone like that and discovers that their vehicle is torn up and the dirt road leads to nowhere for miles and miles.


This this piece in a Blair Witch type of style with the camera jiggling and moving but yet no one is supposed to be with them filming it since it was meant to look more creepy that someone is out there.
We have a good moment with Matt trying to talk to his other cast who are wannabe filmmakers on an idea to write the first plot of their script and we have Chad goofing off by strumming on his accoustic guitar not taking anything seriously and the same with Michelle just complaining that she's tired which all looked real on how flakey people start off when they don't have any ideas yet.
There's another good moment with the bagheaded person entering a room with Michelle lying in bed and then goofing off in front of him thinking it's her boyfriend and then getting shocked thinking it's someone else.
Another a good moment on the character Catherine lying down sleeping with Michelle looking up over her wearing a sack and trying to scare her with a good argumentive moment.
We have a good intense moment with the four of them outside and discussing about someone out in the woods which looked very effective.
There's a good moment with Matt looking around the house and realising that he's by himself and the other three taking him by surprise wearing sacks over their heads and scaring him which truly makes you jump.
We see the four getting spooked at night with a distant shot on the bagheaded person watching them near the woods and Chad shouting to him that he's on private property and to leave. There's also a good moment with him bringing a bat and trying to charge at this bagheaded fellow and this maniac takes out a knife swinging it and then all of them run inside and try to get away from him as the story here is very suspenseful along with them trying to lock themselves in the house.
We spot many good shots on the four of them walking a long dirt road. Next we spot a good close up shot on the bagheaded person moving in for the kill towards Matt and having the others screaming and running away.
Bottom line is that This was a film which seemed a like a bit of a tribute to those retro horror flicks like Blair Witch Project, Friday the 13th Part 2 and April Fools Day showing the odd similar elements on all of them. It does seem creepy and mysterious as you wonder who is watching these people up at the cabin.
The film looks believeable with wannabe filmmakers trying to write a script but getting flakey about it all and mostly wanting to party all the time which can relate to your frusterations of something you wanted to do so badly but no one took you seriously and weren't on the same page. Then suddenly you're living a horror film with a killer outside watching you and your vehicle is trashed having nowhere to go.
The ending is a bit of a disappointment though in which you wonder if this was actually a horror film or not. It's very mysterious watching the film as a horror film should be that way making it very scary.

The acting is very well done as lead actor Ross Partridge (Matt) knew his stuff well as a passionate wannabe filmmaker showing a good serious no bullshit attitude to his part and was very strong with his words and serious expressions too.
Steve Zissis
(Chad) really brought his role to life as a flakey type of a douchebag in the film and not taking anything seriously. He reminds me of people I knew who never got stuff done and just seeing him on screen he made his point across very well. He shows good energy while calling out to the maniac as well as showing good action blocking by charging forward with a weapon as his performance here looks very effective. He also does well acting exhausted and out of it by running away from the killer too.
Greta Gerwig
(Michelle) really looked like a drunken type who was exptremely lazy and out of it. You kinda wonder if she was really like that she performed this part very well. There's a good moment on her going outside to throw up and then she looks around nervously and then shocked by what she sees outside which looked well done. She also does well with her anxious reactions and frightening actions to top it all off. We have a very good moment with her getting anxious towards the main actor while she asks him about what she saw.
Elise Muller
(Catherine) has the beautiful looks and knew how to act persistent and annoying in which she was meant to for her character and does just as well as the rest of the cast bringing on her energy.

There's two people who strip naked on an indie film.
Greta Gerwig
takes off her top lying on her bed fully barebreasted trying to flirt with the bagheaded man.

We have the odd accoustic guitar strumming during a scene where the cast is swimming in a lake as well as walking on the long dirt road trying to get help but nothing much composed here at all.