Banshee!!! (2009)


Directed by: Colin Theys

Written by: John Doolan, Gregory C. Parker & Christian Pindar


Ashley Bates .... Veronica
David McCarthy .... Rocker
Kevin Shea .... Jack Gorman
Kerry McGann .... Julianna Bansley
Iris McQuillan-Grace .... Kerry
Troy Walcott .... Lake
A. Mike Forgette .... Corey

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: October 30, 2009




A group of college kids decides to spend their spring break time off by camping in the great outdoors but yet this group of force which is a Gargoyle type of creature is coming through strange sound waves and attacks them and eats them alive as well as cloning their bodies in which they escape to an isolated farmhouse run by an older man named Jack Gorman (Kevin Shea) who experiences this monster as well and alltogether try to battle these monsters and think of a plan to kill them before they become their next meals.

The film was a bit hard to follow with alot of the excitment going on but yet it is very adventureous with lots of shocking and dark moments too making it very fun and entertaining.
There's of course the great beginning with a female hitchiker appearing out of nowhere and then attacking the people in the vehicle which doesn't look pretty leaving the film off with a good impression. The story is very quick paced by in the beginning which shows many good camera shots with with people driving in their vehicle and having a rowdy conversation as well as a shot on a person acting expressionless standing in the middle of the road with their vehicle coming to a screeching stop and them looking shocked and concerned trying to talk to her. There's good shots on her in the vehicle attacking all of them which almost makes you jump.
Then some interesting cheesy effects with one of the friends to the lad character's in the camping spot just acting expressionless and carving a sharp stick which makes the whole scene look like that something isn't normala and then havoc starts with gargoyle's nearby trying to attack. It almost looks like some possessions as well as creatures taking over people's bodies.
There's a good aggression by one of the character's after he discovers his tent is mangled and getting demanding towardshis friends with a good shot on him acting expressionless sitting down and carving a stick and then suddenly striking it through his head with a good throwing action along with fearful reactions on the others. There's many great camera takes on them running away in the woods and near some railroad tracks with good shocking reactions with what they discover.
There's many good camera takes on an officer looking around for some clues on murder cases like in vehicles and struggling against these gargoyles in which this moment definetely looks mysterious and creepy.
There's good dark camera takes on Jack Gorman looking for his dog and then having a good upsetting reaction along with a good shot on a gargoyle with him trying to run back to his house as well as using his gun on a gargoyles battling with it in his house which looked exciting and spooky to watch.
Of course some of the surviviors still try to havre a fun time by flirting with one another which seemed a bit corny after experiencing their other friends being slaughtered or eaten alive by these monsters hours before. But again this seems common for a horror film with young people involved. In fact the surroundings here almost looked like a video game.
There's scene's involving a character suddenly doing something like going itno a room and comi ng out of another door going into the same room which almost psychs you out wonder "Howd this happen???" Which of course was this gargoyle type of creature cloning this character in which you know something awful is about to happen.
There's a good shot on Veronica walking up some stairs to go into a bathroom as well as another shot on her entering from another doorway to go into a bedroom which makes you think "What the hell???".
There's good shots on Julianna Bensley walking up a ladder in a barn with a shot of her peeking up at the very top which makes you cringe that something is going to happen.
There's many terrific camera takes with Rocker blasting away his guitar trying to attract these creatures which looked highly entertaining on how this scene was directed.
There's of course good settings in the forestry area and having cheesy thunder sounds and lightning effects which works very well for this film since there's this and more fun touches throughout the story including a moment with the lead male character playing his guitar to try and attract these creatures. The ending also leaves the door open for a sequel.
Bottom line is this film almost looked like it borrowed certain elements off of Jeepers Creepers with these Gargoyle tpye of creature's attacking it's prey but yet it was a story of it's own in total. It doesn't have a powerful plot but the story is always exciting to watch with these people struggling from these deadly events which makes it a good film nonetheless. Plus there's great forest scenery showing the great outdoors as well as it looking creepy when it's nighttime. Check it out if you're a fan of Gargoyle movies.

The acting is very fast paced but still well done and energetic in which lead actress Ashley Bates (Veronica) seems to come off very flirtatious and has the hot looks too. She also knew how to show anxious expressions as well as an outoging attitude. She brings alot onto the set and really knew her craft as an actress as well to knowing on how to portray her character. There's a great moment with her crawling up towards Walcott acting lustful and then getting into a rage by slashing someone.
Kevin Shea
(Jack Gorman) was a true character actor playing an old coot in the flick with his nseering and obnoxious behavior in the flick and knowing how to act physical when he needs to plus shows some great action while battling the gorgoyles with his shotgun too. There's a great raging action by him getting aggressive towards a crazy old man in a bar which looked quite tense. He does well with his violent blocking by slamming someone against a wall and a great stern attitude on all this. Also shows great high paced energy while preapring weapons to battle with. He kinda reminded me of the characters Clu Gulager portrays in horror flicks.
Kerry McGann
(Julianna Bensley) had the best supporting role in the film as a woman officer really having a tough as nails attitude showing a great dynamic performance in her role really making her part adventureous. She knew how to battle these gargoyles and could portray a good character as a warrior type.
Troy Walcott
(Lake) shows great anxiety and some humor with his part in the film as well as getting hyper and aggressive too along with his raging and negative attitude. Also does well by struggling and yelling in pain when attacked in a certain scene. He seems to know what to do in each scene without letting his characteristics down at all. He made a nice key role to the story of the film due to his performance in it.

Many bloody bites from a woman hitchiker in a vehicle with great gory results
A person's head is stabbed by a sharp wooden object
Lots of bloody chewed up heads from a gargoyle
Guts are torn out of bodies lying there including a dog
A head is torn off
Bodies are chewed up
A man is crushed by a vehicle he is repairing with blood splurting out of his mouth

There's some icy synthesizer violin sounnds with fast paced playing for alot of the scene's used in this film as well as some windy sound effects too with the odd thumps. There's also some good bluesy guitar and harmonica playing in the first bit of the film all composed by Matthew Llewellyn.