Barbarian (2022)


Written & Directed by: Zach Cregger


Georgina Campbell .... Tess
Justin Long .... AJ
Bill Skarsgård .... Keith
Matthew Patrick Davis .... The Mother

Special Appearance:

Richard Brake .... Frank

Release Dates: San Diego Comic Con: July 22, 2022; FrightFest: August 29, 2022 (UK); Theatrical: September 9, 2022





A woman named Tess (Georgina Campbell) enters a run down neighborhood and rents a Airbnb to be near her new job but something evil is living in that home in the basement.


With our leading character Tess arriving the house at midnight a storm occurs which is of course a good moment for a horror flick but it didn't look as effective as it was supposed to have been.
Then she realises that a fellow named Keith already had it booked as well as this was supposed to make things truly mysterious and almost worked that way but not quite. However there's some nice and natural conversations between the two of them which works in just fine.
While Tess is staying there she realises her door opened by itself along with some sounds as this was supposed to be chilling but it just didn't work but the excitement is about to come sooner than we think.
The next day she has an appointment and someone somehwat warns her about the nieghborhood she is residing in as this was nicely written in for a horror story. Plus when she arrives back to the house and a screaming neighbor charges towards her while she tries to run away from him and panicking by unlocking the door as this kept me on my seat wondering if she will be safe in time.
She goes down to the basement of the home and the door shuts by itself and she is trapped inside as this leaves a nice tension wonder as to what to do and boy do things start to unravel when she sees a rope opening a secret door to the basement with a nice dark shot on her entering the hallway which defientely left a chill down my spine knowing that she is about to find something creepy. This scene worked big time and knew that I was going to enjoy the rest of the story.
Nice intense moments when she tells Keith that they need to get out of the house after what she discovered down in the basement as this for sure makes you wonder as to what will happen next.
The terror gets better when Keith goes down the stairs to see as to what she warned him about as she calls to him and he answers and then later on he doesn't as I knew something horrible happened which scares anyone especially to every child's fear by what they imagine going in a basement.
Then she goes down the stairs trying to look for Keith and discovers a some sort of a cave when she goes hunting for him and it's dark and spooky and then something happens which made me jump out of my seat. This all worked incredibly well.
Afterwards we spot a whole new scene with a cocky fellow named AJ driving in his vehicle talking to someone on his cell and is guilty for an accusation as I thought to myself is the story starting over now with someone else about to go into a same situation???
When he enters the home he spots clothes and other belongings and hears something when he as the top of the basement door in which he tries to find something to protect himself adding humor to the story which I think was necessary to other viewers who don't like to get scared all the way through.
When he enters that cave a nice creepy figure charging towards him which is very scary to watch as well as him being trapped in a cellar there. The story also proves that this isn't a whole new situation as Tess is in the cell with him and she explains to him of what not to do as this was even creepy by what she tells him.
Afterwards she manages to escape from the cell and realises she's trapped shut in the basement which made my heart race but even more when she manages to break open a basement window struggling to get out as this made my heart race even more wondering if she will make it out. This was a real well done moment.
Suddenly she runs to a police car telling them she escape from a cell and that someone is still trapped in there which offered a chuckle as she gives the law a wrong impression and thinking that she broke out of jail.
Tess and AJ meet up with the mysterious neighbor who explains as to what that figure is which was well drawn into the story as well the scene is still and silent in which this will make you jump big time with a surprising moment later on. One of the best scene's for a horror flick.
More struggling moments between Tess with AJ trying to escape but then they're on top of a water tower in which AJ does a nasty deed towards her to save his own skin and I was thinking what a jerk and then there's a nice surprising situation with Tess and then the movie takes you by surprise with the closing credits when you least expect it which was clever to watch.
Bottom line is that this is truly a creepy and spooky flick with many mysterious situations as you think whoa with the surprising terrors as well as jumping out of your seat a number times. This for sure is every child's fear on what's lurking in the basement. Makes you beg for a sequel for sure. Nowadays horror films are getting alot better in which we don't need to watch remakes so much any more due to lacking films trying to be original. I think Hollywood this time has a better grip on stuff.

The acting is in good shape in which Georgina Campbell (Tess) brought alot of enthusiasm onto the screen in which she made her frusterations believeable when she gets annoyed by finding out that someone is renting the home and hers was screwed up. She really brought it out pretty well. She also was terrific when she becomes emotionally scared wanting to get out of the house in which she added alot of terrific fear within this. Also was great when she panicks and telling someone as to what this ghoulish figure wants adding great energy within all of this. She's also good by being aggressive whenever needed to be and showing off a ton of great energy throughout her performance.
Justin Long (AJ) really brought out his performance as someone whom is self centered and cocky. He knew on how to act hyper and was a natural ham. Was good by being cautious when entering the basement and acting like a drip by trying to find a way to protect himself. He does a nice job by spasing out of fear.
Bill Skarsgård (Keith) on the other hand portrays a nice charming boy next door type and studied his part quite well by coming across as someone whom is totally understanding on a situation. Reacts well while having a nightmare and freaking out when he wakes up. Also drew a great adrenaline by sobbing near the end of his performance in which he knew on how to come across as suspensefully scared.

Head is bloodily bashed numerous times.
Body gets slaughtered.
Head is split in two and eyes are gouged out.
Head is bloodily shot.

Anna Drubich composed the music for this piece and it sounds amazing in which there's alot of airy type music and hissing sounds along with deep tones which suits every scene giving you the chills while watching. There's also deep music with some comedic elements for the funny moments when one of the character's tries to track with a measuring tape as to where he is going which offers great timing. The best score is some deep synthesizer music having a good deadly low sound for when someone discovers a passage way to the dungeon or quarter way through the closing credits as this has a total old school horror feel to it all.

Keith: Do I look like some kind of monster?

AJ: [taking a phone call from a friend] What up, faggot! Guess who's back in town?

Tess: We need to go. We need to go now!

Tess: You cannot get it upset.