The Barn (2016)


Co-Produced Written, Edited & Directed by: Justin M. Seaman


Mitchell Musolino .... Sam 
Will Stout .... Josh 
Lexi Dripps .... Michelle 
Cortland Woodard .... Chris
Nikki Howell .... Nikki 
Nickolaus Joshua .... Russell 

Special Appearance: 

Linnea Quigley  .... Ms. Barnhart

Release Dates: Fright Night Theatre Film Festival: March 12, 2016; Obscura Filmfestival Berlin: March 6, 2017




Its Halloween 1989, best friends Sam (Mitchell Musolino) and Josh (Will Stout) are trying to enjoy what's left of their final Devil's Night before graduating high school. But trouble arises when the two pals and a group of friends take a detour on their way to a rock concert, finding an old abandoned barn and awakening the evil inside. Now it's up to Sam and Josh to find a way to protect their friends and defeat the creatures that lurk within "The Barn".


The film looked very retro from the beginning in which there's a prologue in which we spot a little girl and an older boy while trick or treating going to a barn and the girl daring him to call out trick or treat on the legend of that barn which is aways nice for a beginning of a horror tale. A real shocking moment that happens to this girl which can shock most people during this situation.
A wicked opening credits as the font is typed in the same style the Sleepaway Camp credits were in which I was wondering if this flick was paying a tribute to that one.
When the story rolls it is impressive for our main character Sam dressing up and trying to scare kids with his stories but things looked mildly cheesy when certain people like a local woman Ms. Barnhart and his father scolding him on what he is doing which seemed a little too campy but still entertaining to watch regardless.
Sam and his buddy Josh decide to watch a TV show hosted by Dr. Rock with him interviewing metal musicians as this showed off a ton of pizzaz and wanting to be a part of it all. It looked very well done I must say.
Things pile up more when these two along with their friends are taking a wrong turn up to a barn and having a bonfire dicsussing the legend on what happened there during a truth or dare game as well as being stupid by trying to do the same thing that causes these creatures to arise as there's great dark camera shots on the inside of the barn with boards rumbling as well as mist floating plus great shots on these monsters arising from the ground which should please any horror fan as I must say this totally pays a tribute to old school horror for sure.
Then more horror fun happens when one of the friends go in the barn to check out some hens and one of these creatures slowly approaches behind him as this left me an impression that this teen is doomed and done in great style as well as a nice shot on the outside of the barn doors having 3 different takes of this object going to a distance which is well drawn in.
Then some of them go back into town to go trick or treating and causing trouble as the set of this looked entertainingly well done with typical teenagers doing the wrong things and having discussions.
Two stay behind and decide to fornicate in a tent as of course this is a drawing card that these two are doomed as well as one of them thinking when they see a creature it's someone in a costume and talking to this object which of course is a bad idea. There's a campy moment with this creature having a goofy laugh but it did make me chuckle a bit as it's not as bad as it seems and a good slashing moment too afterwards but won't give it away. Should please some of you slasher fans.
Another teen whom is Chris goes into the barn and thinking at first one of his friends are in there and a good shot on a being having his back turned in which gave me the impression that he's doing something gruesome and that's just what this thing is doing which looked well done as well as Chris discovering on what is happening with good gruesome shots on what is in the barn which should please any gorehound. For a low budget indie film I give these makers great credit for this.
The fun really gets rolling when a preacher at a halloween party announces a band playing there and then they rock the night away with good shots on the teens dancing as well there's a middle aged drunk telling Sam and Josh the old tale of what had happened which seemed rather stale and uninspired but some of the flashback sequences showing the slaying of these creatures made up for that.
Then a riot breaks out when the creatures enter the dance doing everyone away which is a total bloodbath and a pleaser for anyone who enjoys watching a moment such as this.
Then it's campy fun when both Sam and Josh go into battle and prepare to kick ghoulish ass wearing halloween masks and get into gear while preparing the snuff these creatures as this was nicely done as well as some good dark moments and gruesomeness too along the way. Alot of good fighting sequences.
Perfect powerful moments when they try and rescue their friend Michelle inside the barn when a cult member plans to do a sacrifice with her and it's a surprising moment when they find out whom this leader is along with a perfect bloody skeletal scene in a barn as this seemed necessary to put into this scene along with neat low budget static effects on these ghouls when they get slayed adding more great flavor to the horror plot.
Bottom line is that this was a highly entertaining flick. Sure at times it's campy as well as cheesy but the makers put alot of effort in this grindhouse feature due to it's low budget. Defientely has a retro feel to it all which is what I like in a movie. Worth checking out.

The acting is quite stiff in which lead actor Mitchell Musolino (Sam) came across as someone whom was arrogant but seemed to be just saying his lines for the most part and having a difficult time getting into character but does show some enthusiasm when going into battle as he springs into action which looked like he enjoyed getting into this mode. He wasn't terrible but needed a bit of a push.
Will Stout (Josh) seemed to bring on a nice charming attitude to his actions onto the screen in which he portrayed someone whom is bright and knows what he's doing. Was okay with his speaking and so fourth. Had the right appeal to when he presented himself. He was a bit rough at times within whatever he did but better than most of the cast here.
Lexi Dripps (Michelle) seemed to add some spunk and charmisma into her role in which she shows off a good outgoing type of behavior as well as showing off a nice girl type of role. Tried to get into characteristics and pulled it off convincingly. When she got emotional or scared seemed to do an okay job but needed a bit more energy on this.
Cortland Woodard (Chris) was probably the worst in the cast in which he just said his lines and didn't seem to get into his role too well plus lacked energy and enthusiasm big time when he is anxious or freaking out when he encounters something terrifying and tells others as he was in a slope big time while behaving this way.
Nikki Howell (Nikki) seemed to add some charisma into what she did as she shows off a good sarcastic type of behavior as well as seeming somewhat rebellious. Reacts well to stuff and seemed to pull her weight pretty well with all that she did here.
Linnea Quigley  (Ms. Barnhart) had a cameo in this flick and she doesn't seem to be with it in this one as a nagger as she seems a little too over the top whenever she behaved this way. Sadly nowadays she's a washed up scream queen which is a shame as she needs to improve since I've seen her do better.
Ari Lehman (Dr. Rock) was a piece of entertainment as a rock show host in which he really knew on how to get into the gist of things making his part truly believeable. I found him to be the best out of the cast by what he did here.

Nikki Howell exposes her breasts while about to get it on with someone in a tent.

You gorehounds will love this!!!!
Knife stabbed through heads.
Arm is chopped off.
People are sliced and diced at a Halloween party.
Guts revealed.
Bloody stabbings.

Bodies sliced open.
Corpse skewered through a metal pole.
Creatures head is sliced.

The scoring for this film was fantastic and better than I expected for a low budget grindhouse indie flick in which it sounds very adventureous and sharp too with synthesizers as well as deep sounds plus some nice harmonising and the odd chantings too. It really sounded like an 80's type of music since it took place when that decade was ending in which the composer should be really proud for their work on this. Two thumbs up.

The film also had a balls to the wall score with many indie metal bands especially in the opening credits with awesome guitar riffs as it grabbed my attention greatly while I was watching this. Because of this certain band that score for the opening it guarantees an entertaining slasher flick.