Barricade (2007)


Produced, Edited, Composed & Directed by: Timo Rose

Written by: Timo Rose & Ted Geoghegan


Raine Brown .... Nina
Joe Zaso .... Michael
André Reissig .... David

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: February 9, 2007



Three old American friends from the states reunite in Germany and decides to go camping out in the woods there only to be terrorised by a bunch of deformed looking family of cannibals.


During the beginning of this film I spotted some campers whom were speaking German as I wondered if I had gotten myself a flick that speaks just that but later on I spotted that it was done in english. Yet, there was no subtitles to understand as to what these people were saying at the same time.
Then a couple of them go into the woods to do their thing and they get slaughtered which isn't a goood feeling at all and shocking too as to what these maniacs did to them offering shock value.
There's interesting gruesome effects to what these killers do to the survivors torturing them to death and so fourth as well as these cannibals doing this to them look like in which I'd admit the make up effects are fairly passable.
Then of course the story goes into focusing on the 3 main characters going on a trip to Germany to camp out with their pointless discussions which was a total bore.
Plus there's amateurish camera shots luring in on victims when these cannibals are ready to attack their next prey which didn't look entertaining to watch at all.
Meanwhile, the 3 friends go to a lake and Nina pressures her two friends to go skinny dipping and they do just that which looked lame brained and then she nearly runs off with their clothes as this for sure is a good brain teaser to be forced to try and get their clothes back without others catching them nude but at the same time it's a rather disappointment as to what happens here.
Then we get into a scene with a couple in their tent making out and lusting after one another which looked extremely amateurish to watch as I was thinking to myself okay these two are about to be slayed with is normal in a horror flick which could've been trimmed down and when something does happen it does look gruesome and intense but not enough to save this dud from bombing.
The 3 group of friends encounter a fellow who warns them about the ara which is a nice touch to the story and was done in a mediocre fashion in which it could've been a little more convincing but again it wasn't terrible while watching the outcome of this.
With one of the friends kidnapped by the canniballistic family and watching him being butchered looked goood and dark especially the fact that he was still alive while this was happening as this isn't a good feeling at all. Fans of horror violence will love this scene.
Michael gets caught in a trap in the forest which sounds familiar to another canniballistic family flick but that was done in better taste. This moment looked okay however.
There's an impressive moment when Nina tries to run for help when she sees a house but it's not the house she hoped for as well as struggling moments between her and Nina against the demented family as it looked half darkly effective and half amateurish of course.
During the final moments Nina goes on a shooting spree with a shotgun blowing these family members away as the CGI effects looked cheaply done for the most part but again this was a cheaply done flick.
Bottom line is that what do you get when you see Wrong Turn meets Hostel type of flick??? A total ripoff that's what and it was a total bore to watch with some good gruesome killings but we've seen it in many others which are alot better. The DVD cover looks better than the story itself so don't let it fool you.

The acting is poorly done for the most part but however Raine Brown (Nina) seemed to pull her weight fairly okay with her sarcastic attitude and sharpness into what she does here. Shows some decent aggressiuve energy into what she had to do here. However when she cries or is screaming in fear it lacked.
Joe Zaso (Michael) seemed to pull his weight quite well into what happens to him in each scene as he seemed fairly natural by what he did. He's not award winning material but he still tries the best that he can do. He somewhat did a nice job when reacting in pain quarter way through his role.
André Reissig
(David) however was overly annoying in his role and way over the top by what he did here. He got on my nerves and wasn't a character actor whatsoever. He wasn't the right choice for this kind of a role.

Butt shots on two guys skinnydipping
Breast shot on a woman ready to fornicate in a tent
A battered up body on a table with breasts exposed

Crotches are chopped off
Flesh being torn off.
Insides torn out and eaten.
Flesh being bitten in.
Numberous butchered stabbings.
Lots of violent bloodsheds.
Bodies being butchered with parts being sawed off.
Heads are blown off by a shotgun.

Timo Rose composed the music for this flick as well as doing the rest in which at times had some strong synthesizer classical sounds but it was overly played a little too much and became extremely annoying to listen to while watching the flick. He had the odd good heavy bass guitar playing for the opening credits which was half decent though.