Beyond the Wall of Fear (2016)


Written, Directed, Shot, Edited and Scored by: Joe Sherlock


Madeline Morgan .... Lisa
Bob Olin .... Carter
Ron Merickel .... Harvey Warren
Mick LaFlamme .... Detective Cypress
John Bowker .... Gary
Jackey Neyman Jones .... Stevie
Tom Griffith .... Marty
Stephanie Marie .... Julia
Bryn Kristi .... Kyle
Liana Williams .... Kim
Jewel Siren .... Justine
Richard Johnson .... Andy
Chris Keown .... Rick
Jank Thurber .... Steve
Melody Berg .... Tabitha

Kellie Erin McMahan .... Judy
Sarah Hubbird .... Gwen
Donna Rooney .... Becca
Tonjia Atomic .... Peggy
George Stover .... Dr. Steven Sherman

Release Date: Crypticon Seattle Film Festival: May 29, 2016





A seven part anthology of shorts:

Chapter One: Scared to Death tells the tales of Lisa (Madeline Morgan) whom is tormented constantly in her nightmares on a monstrous hand trying to get to her as well as kill her and goes through frights while trying to stay up and not dream anymore. Could her nightmares get to her causing her to die in reality???

Chapter Two: Carter (Bob Olin) is a troubled man in hearings with Detective Cypress (Mick LaFlamme) on the mysterious death of Harvey Warren (Ron Merickel) as they go to a tomb area and a demonic force started to occur.

Chapter Three: Walking the Dog finds a man Gary (John Bowker) walking his pet but finds out there's a ferocious beast that is eating local animals and is targeted on saving his own pet for being the next victim.

Chapter Four: The Curse of Pelican Bay has a writer Stevie (Jackie Neyman Jones) whom is unhappy on how her films are turning out but suddenly got some inspiration after looking at newspapers on creepy stories one night has her next idea come to life and in a bad way.

Chapter Five: You Bitches Aint Witches has a stuck up Kyle (Bryn Kristi) and her friend Kim (Liana Williams) studying a book on witchcraft as they try to do a sacrifice on Kyle's maid Justine (Jewel Siren) but things start to backfire on them big time.

Chapter Six: Tabitha is a story on Rick (Chris Keown) heavily in debt with his mobster Steve (Jank Thurber) but has to find a way to pay him back on breaking into someone's home who has a deadly secret.

Chapter Seven: Crazed is on a nieghborhood being attacked by a deadly virus turning people into succubuss'


The first chapter Scared to Death was a bit slow and alot of the times hard to follow but we do have a nice relaxing moment with the title character Lisa feeling good and getting ready for bed as it leaves a cozy feeling to her surroundings. We spot her in bed watching TV with a corny programming and her not impressed by it which can offer the odd brief chuckle.
We spot many nightmare sequences with her running away from what looked like a slimy green hand from a monster but this beast is never revealed and the hand is a fake looking object made from a rubber costume.
We spot many psyched moments on Lisa freaking out or trying to take meds as well as some 3d effects on her losing it.
The ending was also oddly funny when we spot an agent witnessing her dead and speaking like a robot on the case. Seemed to show okay timing.

Carter was my favorite one as things looked impressive with the title character in hearings with Detective Cypress and trying to get information from him and the deadly case on his friend Harley Warren. The surroundings looked impressive in a still room leaving a good and dark impression.
Some neat no budget moments with the story being told that involved Harley and Carter going on a search in a wooded and meadowy area with rain pouring down which seems to fit the story quite nicely.
A perfect effective moment when we see some sort of a home torn down as this was used to look like a tomb of some sort with Harley going underneath to do some research and a good dark shot on him with dark type objects covering his body as this looked good in a no budget horror type of fashion. Then we have a campy demonic voice shouting out to Carter which was entertaining fun.

Walking the Dog seemed a bit bland at first but the story rolls along eventually when we spot the character Gary seeing the ads on missing animals when walking his dog as this was supposed to give you the chills while watching on what is happening here.
Then there's a nice close up shot on some monstrous teeth at night near a bush spotting an animal as this looked cheesily creepy.
Then when we spot Gary walking his dog we spot this monster coming in for the attack with it's full features which looked obvious that it was a costume losing it's touch on the creepiness of this beast. However things look hilarious when the monster attacks Gary and a funny shot on the dog watching in amusement. Then things get more hilarious when he beats this monster to death as you don't see this in an everyday horror flick offering a totally different twists to things. You will laugh when you spot on what he did to the beasts head.

The next one The Curse of Pelican Bay seemed to start out funny when we spot a cheesy looking horror film but then we get a teaser with the main character Stevie watching and then a hilarious reaction of her not being impressed.
Then we have a phone conversation between her and the agent Marty with her griping which flowed well but then things seemed to drag a bit.
Then we have two overweight lesbian skinny dipping and making out in a hot tub as well as Stevie catching them in the act and these two lovers choked up thinking that no one owned it which was a convincing moment on them being embarrassed.
Nice close up shots on Stevie looking at newspaper article's on missing cases or something terrifying that has happened which seems to draw you in on the terror that we may see happening later on but at the same time the situation looked mildly stale.
Suddenly we spot Stevie writing a script as well as a search creature that you could tell was a rubber costumes creepily coming into her home which seemed to work in well and sort of pays a tribute to those old fashioned sea creature flicks.
Then later on we spot a talk show with Marty discussing the new movie that was written by Stevie as well as dedicating the memory of her as this was funny after finding out on what happened to her at the end of the last scene.

This next chapter is another favorite of mine You Bitches Ain't Witches as I laughed my ass off watching this one.
And good moment with Kyle talking on the phone and then she spots her maid Justine wearing her bathing suit and Kyle getting stern with her about using the swimming pool. Then we see Kyle back on the phone talking to her friend and gossiping on what had just happened which was funny along with griping to her husband Andy on the situation and he has a passive behavior in which this offered good timing.
Also we spot a scene between Justine and Andy making out in a garage which is a great sign on them secretly having an affair.
Perfect moment with Kyle spotting a book on witchcraft and being nervous about it all as this one his looked like the book from the Evil Dead.
Plus there's a great moment with her talking on the phone with Kyle responding to her missing him with a sarcastic look on her face which will make you laugh.
Then we have Kyle and her friend Kim inviting Justine over for some cheese and wine as there's some odd decent humor as well as some gross sarcasm.
And funny moment with Kim coming up from behind Justine and whacking the book on witchcraft over her head but at first failing to knock her unconcious which was done in a good slapstick direction.
Then we have Kyle and Kim trying to do a sacrifice on Justine unconcious with a fake looking knife as you could tell was a toy. Yet it was funny when the two of them were lost in thoughts on what to do. Suddenly Kim wakes up and a perfect surprising moment her using lasers out of her eyes on the two of them as well as their bodies dried up and looking skeletal as I must admit that this looked well done for a no budgeter and done in a fair horror fashion.
Good moment with both Justine and Andy in a hot tub and a funny moment with Kyle's skeletal head bobbing up.

In Tabitha this chapter looked rather dull with Rick in bed with two women and then having unfinished business in an alleyway with his mobster Steve on owing him some money as well as what to do in order to get what he wants from him as this needed a bit more inspiration on an intimidating one against someone in a bad position with him.
And corny moment with Rick making out that he's a repairman going to fix a player at a residents home by the name of Tabitha in which there's a fairly strong moment with her kicking his ass along with a shocking horror moment on whom she is as the moment should please fans of horror violence.

Then we jump into the chapter of Crazed which seemed rather confusing as it seemed like the same story.
Things looked interesting when Judy is partying at a dance club and then she passes out which has a some what psyched out moment big time.
A nice situation on realising as to where she is and then taking a shower which seemed to be way too long for an excuse for filling in the time.
Also there's a good heated discussion between Judy and Gwen which was powerfully done along with a good intense and powerful moment on Judy herself attacking her as well as doing something gruesome to her too.
Nice discussions with people talking about a virus going on and spotting people getting sick and attacking as well which looked intense and done in a good horror fashion.
Plus we see people in a white suit and a mask trying to stop the terrors as this seemed to pay a tribute to the Romero flick The Crazies. This seemed to work in a nice fashion.

Bottom line is that this horror comedy anthology was done on a shoestring budget and looked like a bunch of friends getting together to work on a fun project. It's more funny than anything but it's a film to bring a bunch of the people to watch to get some lights out. It was a party flick in other words. It can be entertaining if you're in the mood for it.

Alot of the acting varies from good to over the top to mediocre so I will try my best to see on what to review here.
For the first chapter Scared to Death Madeline Morgan (Lisa) seemed to do fairly okay by acting relaxed when heading to bed but when she acts fearful or alert she at times is a bit much or lacks some energy by what she does here. Doesn't seem too convincing with her characteristics.

Second chapter Carter was a bit better with Bob Olin (Carter) however does a fine job with his role by acting truly overwhelmed as well as serious and disturbed while he's in hearings which he seemed to focus well on this scene. Also does a good job acting nervous in the flashback scene along with freaking out on what happened. He delivers this all pretty well.
Rob Merickel (Harley Warren) however seemed like a born amateur by what he was doing as he was way too over the top with his anxious behavior or getting too carried away on his mission. He seriously needed acting lessons.
Nick LaFlamme (Detective Cypress) on the other hand does a fine job in his supporting role with his serious speaking and motivation by acting fair on getting answers on an unsolved case. He studied this part strongly. He also had the perfect appeal for this role. He I must say showed good characteristics.

In Walking the Dog John Bowker (Gary) was at times a little too average in his role but it was due to a slow plot. Seemed to do well talking to his dog and having a light headed attitude. Showed some great thrusting energy while throwing some punches as well as being convincingly aggressive.

The Curse of Pelican Bay was well performed in which Jackie Neyman Jones (Stevie) shows off a good funny attitude especially during the near beginning of her performance acting ticked. Also does well stressing her words and being short with stuff which she really got into this strongly. Had a great voice for what she did. She had the right looks too.
Tom Griffith (Marty) had the perfect looks for what he portrayed by being an agent as he had a Spielberg type of appeal. Plus does well with his talking and down to earth behavior as well. Shows a great nice guy attitude and comes across like that perfecty onto the camera. Offers some nice with near the end of his performance.

Next up in You Bitches Aint Witches, Bryn Kristi (Kyle) was the funniest in the whole cast of this anthology as she delivers some great energetic spunk by what she did here. Does a great job with her sarcasm and bitchiness. Also was believeable with her nagging bringing this to a hyped up pace. She does a nice job by acting clueless on stuff as well.
Jewel Siren (Justine) shines off well as the mistress in which she showed off a good level headed behavior and showed off a nice intelligent attitude too. Added a good powerful behavior later on in her role as well as rolling with the punches as this was memorable. She had the good sharp appeal.
Liana Williams (Kim) was also a natural ham in her role as she does well with her witty sarcasm as well as coming off at times gross too. Had the right looks for what she portrayed. Also had a good bubbly attitude.
Richard Johnson (Andy) does his characteristics well in which he shows off a good passive and innocent attitude. Shows a nice softness to his role as well as doing a nice job as an open minded type. Yes does well with his mellow behavior.

The performes slope a bit once again in Tabitha as Chris Keown (Rick) had a somewhat dweeby look to his presence and somehwat did his job by seeming wimpy as well as doing okay being nervous on confronting his onscreen mobster but when he disguises himself as a repairman he seemed a little too stale and not knowing how to get into his role at all. Yet reacts well when is is being beaten up.
Jank Thurber
(Steve) was somehwat miscast in his role as a mafia type but sometimes showed a good seriousness with his speaking. Yet wasn't intimidating enough for what he was talking about. Also didn't seem to have the mafia looks or presence. Wasn't a bad actor just didn't seem to fit the part in my opinion.
Melody Berg (Tabitha) seemed to strut her stuff not too badly as she added alot of high adrenalised energy with what she does and coming across to others. Plus does a nice job when she gets demanding on what's going on. Also was a great force of nature when she gets violent adding a perfect powerful behavior as well as acting viciously hungry at the end of her role. All of this was brought in nicely.

In the final chapter Crazed, Kellie Erin McMahan (Judy) does a nice job in her role acting out of it after a party in which she draws in the nice mysterious moments. Plus shows off some good energy when strangling someone else. Plus does a good job with her calm attitude and later changing it by acting ferocious when she attacks or bites into somebody.
Sarah Hubbird (Gwen) does well with her sharp behavior coming across as somewhat aggressive in which she really gets to the point with what she is talking about. Also comes across as somwhat nagging and does well with her fast talking. Had the right appeal for what she portrayed here.

Two overweight lesbians are barebreasted in a hot tub as well as having their butts exposed too after getting out (Scary stuff).
Two women are barebreasted in bed with a guy in bed.
A topless woman is lying unconcious on a table when a scarifice is going to happen to her.

A woman has a chunck of someone's guts in her mouth.
Someone eats other people alive with a violent bloodshed.

We hear alot of z-grade waltzy music for the beginning which worked in well. Also there's wavy and outerspace type of music which seemed to being overly played as it was a bit much. However there's various other types when we keep watching offering a fair versatality including classical music as this sounded decent. We hear the odd electronic music especially for the closing credits as it wasn't my cup of tea.

Stevie (After watching a film) What the fuck????

Kyle (Talking on the phone) I miss you too (Showing a sarcastic expression)