The Birds II: Lands End (1994)


Directed by: Rick Rosenthal & Alan Smithee

Written by:
Ken Wheat, Jim Wheat & Robert Eisele


Brad Johnson .... Ted
Chelsea Field .... May
James Naughton .... Frank
Jan Rubes .... Karl
Stephanie Milford .... Jill
Megan Gallacher .... Joanna

Special Appearance:

Tippi Hedren .... Helen

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: March 19, 2004




A family named the Hockens moves into a beachhouse at East Coast Island trying to forget the tragedy of what happened to their son in an accident and trying to raise their two little girls named Jill (Stephanie Milford) and Joanna (Megan Gallacher) they best they can. But however the Mom named May (Chelsea Field) has a new job and her employee named Frank (James Naughton) seems to have eyes for her and acts incredibly charming towards her during their summertime at the island.
Her husband Ted (Brad Johnson) gets suspicious that Jill might be having an affair. Yet, the family has a bigger fear as it seems there's some birds attacking them where they live and even invades a bedroom of their daughters while they just healed an injured bird they kept as a pet.
Ted tries to warn some locals but only a gorcery store clerk named Helen (Tippi Hedren) seems to believe his story that these birds are vicous while others think it's just a coincedence.
Yet they meet an old timer named Karl (Jan Rubes) who lives nearby in a lighthouse who clamied this has happened decades ago that gripped the West Coast. Due to this the family tries to struggle to keep their windows boarded up and in their house at night since this is when the birds mainly attack but even that doesn't stop them as they seem to be powerful enough to break through anything.


The film shows a good beginning with a a fisherman and a bunch of birds attacking him with good close up shots on his face. We have many good takes on seagulls near a sandy beach.
There's a good camera shot on the lead character Ted on a ladder painting an outdoor light lamp and then a camera shot zooming in on him with a seagull swooping at him and him falling off a ladder.
We have some good moments with the two children Jill and Joanna at a beach collecting sanddollars and then spotting a dead seagull along with a corpse.
We have a good camera shot on Ted in a kitchen window with a crow zooming in and biting his face.
There's a good discussion between Ted and an employee in a corner store discussing the birds attacking which looked very effective.
There's a nice emotional dialogue between Ted and May about staying at the beach house as well as mentioning their dead son with good close up shots on the two of them.
We spot a nice scene with both Jill and Joanna trying to run after their pet bird running downstairs and a nice discussion later on with their Mom explaining to them that the bird got better and now wants to be free.
We spot many good discussions between May with Frank trying to act flirtatious and charming with her as well as a good close up shot on them nearly kissing one another.
We have a good angle shot on some pigeons cooing and sitting on a top rail of a kids swing set.
We have a nice shot on the little bird near some drapes tapping on the window with both Jill and Joanna getting out of bed to open their window and put their bird in it's cage acting happy that it came back and then a great shot on pigeons and seagulls flying in the room and attacking with great reactions on the girls screaming and then Ted coming in trying to battle the birds which looked incredibly suspenseful. I felt sad what happens when it encounters some deadly birds flying into the little girls' room.
So yet the story can seem disturbing when necessary but it doesn't have Hitchcock's feel to it that's all.

There's a nice moment between Ted and May first thing in the morning discussing to go for a swim in the ocean with them running to the beach.
We have many good shots on Karl in his lighthouse and being terrorised by the birds attacking him.
There's also a good shot on Jill slowly walking with her dog to her house and the birds watching her then some swooping down and later on attacking with Ted trying to get her as well as good disturbing shots on the dog being constantly bitten by the birds. We later have good shots on the birds trying to break through the boarded up windows with the family reacting scared.
We have many good shots on people trying to catch a boat with some birds attacking and shots on people firing at them with their shot gun along with some water on fire during a gasoline spill packing the additional suspense.
Bottom line is that I kinda wonder if this really is a sequel to Hitchcock's original 1962 classic as there's nothing mentioned on what happened in the town beforehand. It seemed like a remake with some different happenings. It's fun to watch as I enjoyed TV and cable movies but yet the story doesn't go anywhere all that much. Oh well they tried. At the same time I wasn't a fan of the original film either.
There is nice settings with a disturbed family couple trying to forget the past about their son passing away and trying to be there for their daughters. There's also a good impression if the couple will stick together as there's a womaniser working with the wife and she almost seems to give in to him.

The acting is quite good as lead actor Brad Johnson (Ted) knew how to portray a frusterated and troubled family man in the film with good energy and anger when he needed to be in many scene's of the film. We have a good reaction on him acting frusterated while he tries to warn someone and the rest about the birds attacking. He brought out alot of character in his performance.
Chelsea Field
(May) who played his wife was also good with her troubled emotions and was good crying on set when needed to as well as doing her job playing a comforting mother too. She does a great job quarrelling at someone in a scene which looked incredibly aggressive. She does well in a scene jumping in for a swim and acting full of life which looked natural.
James Naughton
(Frank) really brought his charming attitude to life and his flirtatious behavior as an employee in the film. He stood out quite well in the story. He really reminds me of someone who is a total desperate womaniser.
Jan Rubes
(Karl) does his job as an intimidating eccentric old timer living at the lighthouse and then showing he is warmhearted which is a good part for a horror film like this and he made sure that he came across with this type of role too. A total elderly man next door kind of appeal. I found this character to be my favorite in the story. Does very well welcoming the family with a large fish for dinner and nice dialogues with him telling some tales which looked quite heartwarming.
We have a special appearance by Tippi Hedren (Helen) from the original film but yet her character name is different so it makes me wonder if she's playing a different part. Well she brought a nice friendliness attitude as a grocery store clerk expressing nice speaking to her lines.

Many people's eyes are plucked out by the birds
We have some slaughtered birds
A dog is badly bitten by a bunch of birds
There's the odd bloodshed on victims caused by the birds
A birds is shot to pieces

We have many good peaceful clarinet playing for many of the scene's that were supposed to look pleasant along with some piano sounds. There's some good suspense with the music too for when the birds attack composed by Ron Ramin.