Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971)


Directed by: 

Written by: Lucile Laks

Story by: Marcello Danon


.... Inspector Tellini
Claudine Auger .... Laura
.... Maria Zani
Rosella Falk .... Franca Valentino
Silvano Tranquilli .... Paolo Zani
Annabella Incontrera .... Mirta Ricci
Ezio Marano .... Masseur
Barbara Bach .... Jenny
Stefania Sandrelli .... Anna Tellini
Giancarlo Prete .... Mario
Nino Vingelli .... Inspector Di Giacomo

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 12, 1971 (Italy); May 7, 1972 (West Germany); June 7, 1972 (USA)



A mysterious killer in rubber gloves is killing women by using a long sharp needle to paralyze them as well as using a sharp knife by cutting open their stomach's in which the Inspector Tellini (


We spot a side shot artsy beginning of this film with someone being massaged top to bottom as it almost leaves a lustful feel to everything that is surrounded here.
Also there's some mild effective and intense moments with an obnoxious husband named Paolo Zani getting aggressive with his wife Maria in which we spot him smacking her as well as her getting crude with him. It looks mildly powerful and intense but it could've looked a bit more powerful as I've seen better dysfunctional situations. Yet the writing was well put in since we see him calling her a whotre since in italian horror flicks I've often spotted situations like this.
There's some nice close up shots on the killers hands wearing the rubber gloves as well as him lighting up his thin needle in which there's a great moment on killing one of his victims as things looked perfectly intense as well as good close up shots on him stabbing the vicitm through the neck as well as nice close up shots on the victim's wine spilling on the floor and the blood spilling too which showed nice timing. Also a nice shot looking down with this killer tearing open the clothes and then a nicely focused shot on
his knife stabbing at the stomach. A real pleaser for slasher fans to watch all of this.
We have some nice uplifting moments like the husband whom is Inspector Tellini coming home and his wife greeting him and preparing dinner as this all looked nicely paced as well as petting their cat which also looked cute. The scene seemed to look quite necessary.
There's many pointless situations with Tellini and Inspector Di Giacomo discussing the cases that they discover as well as trying to search out for them as it was confusing to follow as well and very slow to watch too.

Perfect close up shots on a a wasp and a tarantula on how they are struggling against one another as well as a scientist discussing on what they do which really draws into your attention a great deal here along with a good moment on this scientist taking a tarantula out of a jar and trying to swing it at Tellini as this for sure adds great suspense to the scene for anyone who's scared of spiders in general. So I give a good pointer here.
A nicely focused moment with Paolo pointing a gun in the backseat of Tellini's car and being very stern towards him as this was solidly done with a possible suspect trying to prove his innocence and doing anything to get someone to listen to him which also was a decent add on in the plot.
Nice crime scene with Tellini and his people chasing down a suspect around as this looked dazzling to watch along with them running on top of a building and spotting that it's a long way down which gives you the chills as well as a couple people falling which looked terrifying as well to add to the chemistry in the story.
Nice still moment with Tellini questioning Laura at her masseuse about the killings which also brought your attention and giving the story a good cold feel to everything that was going on and looking perfectly mysterious to watch as well with her answers in which you wonder if she's behind the madness throughout all of this.
A good dark shot on the killers gloves along with stabbing through a plastic sheet as well as Laura encountering him which looked good and impressive giving you a feeling that she will be done in next.
A nice close up shot on what this killer does for his next vicitm as well as great intensity with the woman trying to get away along with a good close up shot on him impaling that large needle into her neck and then a good centre camera shot on this killer raising a knife over his head which should please the slasher fans.
Perfect shot on the killer being revealed which looked good but yet the story was hard to follow in the first place it was hard to tell who was who in the film. Also a great moment on this killer petting the cat while planning on doing in Anna which keeps you in suspense wondering if she will be okay by all that's about to happen with the killer creeping in on her. Plus some good suspenseful moments on Tellini tackling down this killer and really lunging at him as this was a decent vengeful moment to watch too.
Bottom line is that although there were many effective and well done moments in the story the plot was confusing and yet the story was rather boring too which earned a well deserved bomb in the story. It's hard to tell on what goes on from start to finish and I tried really hard to follow it but couldn't watch it properly. Just a mysterious detective type of slasher film doing in female vicitims with a deadly looking needle and knife explaining as how a tarantula kills it's victims. That's about it. Not very scary either in fact not scary at all.

The acting is overdubbed by english sionce I don't understand italian language and very few were worth mentioning which I will do my best here.... (Inspector Tellini) seemed to have the right looks and motive to portray this role as you could tell that he showed off some good energy within his role as well as having a good loving attitude to his onscreen wife as he really got into this too. Also does a great job losing self control while battling against the onscreen killer. Yes I'd say he knew on how to portray a character actor.
Claudine Auger (Laura) certainly drew in her attention as a possible victim with her convincing nervousenss and scared expressions too. Plus she shows off some decent aggressions whenever she needed to be this way. Also knew on how to act still and tense too near the end of her performance along with a bang on job by freaking out too.
(Maria Zani) drew out her dysfunctional attitude by acting violent and reacted well to being hit too just rolling with the punches by making her part worthwhile and springing into action whenever she had to be this way. Knew on how to freak out when she's attacked by the onscreen killer adding a nice intensity.
Silvano Tranquilli
(Paolo Zani) cetrtainly drew in quite well with his obnoxious attitude and knew on show some good vicious expressions while striking someone but his blocking could've looked a bit more powerful than it should have. However he does well while getting defensive or stressing something. Plus shows a nice fearful attitude with his aggressions.
Barbara Bach (Jenny) showed off a nice still and calm innocence to her role as one of the workers at the masseause in which she shows a nice cautious type of personality into everything that she does here. Has the right looks and appeal to all of this having a wholseome healthy girl looks which was another nice plus for her. She seemed to have the most effective supporting role.
Stefania Sandrelli
(Anna Tellini) offered a nice housewife attitude with her uplifting behavior adding a nice full of life charisma while greeting her onscreen husband as she seemed to know on how to get into her role a nice deal here. Also does a good job while talking to her cat while letting this feline in which she showed a cute personality within this. Added a high paced fearsome attitude when she is attacked and knowing on how to react to this too.
Nino Vingelli
(Inspector Di Giacomo) drew in his part well with his gruff attitude in which he seemed to act convincingly tough and having a no nonsense attitude. Also drew in well by acting sarcastic too. Had the right tough looks for this part too. He added some nice inspiration to his role bouncing in and out of his appearances quite energetically too.

A beginning with a woman being rubbed down revealing her breasts and butt.
Many victims having their clothes torn open exposing their breasts and at time their vagina.

Many sharp needles are impaled into their neck.
Many shots on a knife stabbing through a woman's stomach.

The music works in okay in some spots as we have a peaceful type of music and the odd breathing sounds for the calm moments like the massage scene's but it's overly played and tends to get annoying. However there's alot of high pitched clear screeching and tapping sounds for the murderous scene's which sounds superb and suspenseful too. Also there's some old fashioned chiming type organ music which doesn't do anything for my liking. However we hear a woman harmonising in other spots as this sounded good and melodic. All of this was put together by Ennio Morricone