Black Cadillac (2003)


Directed & Story by: John Murlowski

Written by: Will Aldis


Shane Johnson .... Scott
Josh Hammond .... C.J. Longhammer
Jason Dohring .... Robby
Randy Quaid .... Charlie
Kiersten Warren .... Jeannie

Release Date:
Hollywood Film Festival: October 18, 2003




After a major brawl at a bar while two young men named Scott (Shane Johnson) and C.J. (Josh Hammond) are partying with some of their girls they are stalked by a mysterious black cadillac on a stormy winter night while the two of them along with Scott's younger brother Robby (Jason Dohring) are heading home.
They are stopped by a police officer named Charlie (Randy Quaid) as he says his car is stalled and needs a lift back to his house.
While they are on their way the cadillac chases them off the road and doing other events causing these people to be frightened by this incident thinking that Charlie is held responsible for this incident and kick him out of their car. But then Charlie is shot by the person driving the cadillac and then is on the lookout for the three guys as they are held as witnesses.
The three of them tries to find every way to outsmart this killer by driving him off the road but he seems to end up returning.


The story seems to have an interesting start with a bar scene in the wintery night as we spot the credits happening like watching a TV show as we spot people partyinh and hanging out as well as everyone partying out and having a good time which makes you want to join in on the fun. Also we spot a bunch of roughnecks ready to brawl against one of the main character's C.J. Longhammer after intimidating one of the women there as this gives you a sinking feeling of intimidation against these tough dudes along with nice timing on C.J. getting fresh with them which also looked impressive too. Plus great brawling and fast action moments on everyone which looked believeable too. Then we have his bigger friend Scott cutting in to save the day which looked good and heroic knocking all these people out especially the biggest one in which he beats nearly to a pulp as you wonder if he will kill this goon as this looked like it was going to the extreme.
Things get real suspenseful big time when the bar is quiet with everyone staring at the three of these guy's as well as them rushing to their car while the locals at the bar are about to come after them. This seems to be a nice drawing card to the story in which something will unravel big time.
Things look great and wild when Scott goes wild by swerving with his car driving around on hard ice as this was well shot. Also we see C.J. about to take a whizz outside and the ice is about to crack which keeps you glued watching while Scott tries to help him on time as well we wonder if all of them will fall in inclduing their vehicle if they don't get out in time. Certainly this all looked incredibly effective.
There's a ton of dark and mysterious moments when we spot the black cadillac on their tail driving which gives you the creeps as well we don't see who's driving the vehicle as it looked totally dark which works well for a mysterious horror such as this one. Plus we spot this cadillac doing all sorts of tricks stalking these people which also looked impressive to watch as to what will happen next.
More mysterious moments when we spot a sheriff named Charlie getting into their car for a lift which also gives you a sinking feeling that this isn't right at all. Also we spot Robby trying to hide beer bottles rolling on the car floor as you wonder if he will get caught since this makes you cringe as if you were in this situation and scared on being charged.
Many suspenseful moments when they do a race with the cadillac and spot this car crashing against their vehicle as this brings up the excitement here as you wonder if they will crash into something else and end up being killed or injured that this all looked well shot spotting all of this.
A nice still moment when all of them are at a diner and then suddenly the power goes out leaving a spooky touch to the plot when the owner told them they're closed due to all of this and they spot a writing on their windshield about the sin will find them as this adds more great horror mysterious moments to everything making you cringe wanting to watch for more here.
Also there's perfect suspenseful shots on their car being wiped out near a hill as well as great rage with Scott losing it on Charlie suspecting he's bad news in which all of this looked good and dark. What's more suspenseful is when they drive away without him we spot this cadiallac driving next to him and getting shot as this looked spooky too.
A perfect situation with the three of them planning a trap for the cadillac as well as them signalling the car using their own smoke to follow this vehicle which seemed clever to watch but then suddenly their car is stuck as we spot this cadillac charging towards them while a couple of the guys are trying to push this vehicle out of this situation making you wonder or not if they will make it back to their car in which this showed perfect horror timing. There's also great shots on the three of them dodging the blocks in the road which looked suspenseful to watch as well as a great shot on the cadillac tumbling down a big hill.
We have some great disturbing moments when there's a fight between the three of them as things look pretty powerful and intense while watching all of this which was well put in to the story here. Alot of it looked very fast paced by what we see here causing bad blood big time which looked realistic.
Also a nice shot on the cadillac smashing through a doorway towards C.J. in which you wonder what is going on here.
There's some great dark and creepy situations with Scott and his brother Robby searching for C.J. through the dark forestry as we spot nice camera shots on bloody trails as this makes things seem nearly shocking wondering on what they will find after this. Alot of this really grabs your attention as it looked well done.
Then we unravel the unsolved mystery as the settings for this looked well put together plus a great setting here which I won't give away but it seemed pretty dark and intense.
Great shots on everyone trying to run away from the cadillac as this all looked incredibly intense to spot all of this. These moments showed great adrenaline with the chases and so fourth.
Bottom line here: Although this film was fact based it seems extremely fabricated and just meant to be a fictional movie.
This movie is excellent and extremely mysterious as you wonder who the killer in the black cadillac is just like in other movies like Joyride for example.
This is what makes the viewers interested as there's lots of twists and turns. You just wonder why is this madness happening and you also wonder when the killer in the car will show up next.
I would advise this to all horror buffs as you're guaranteed to enjoy it if you love suspense with your horror.

The acting is great by these three young and talented people. Shane Johnson (Scott) makes his role believeably temperamental as you wonder whenever he gets violent if he's going to kill the person or not. He shows a great masculine approach especially during one of his first appearances in a bar acting believeably heroic. Plus does a terrific job learning his fighting choreography slamming down with his punches proving terrific energy here. He also does a great job going wild and acting full of life while driving his vehicle bringing his energy to a high pace here. He also does a great job with his aggressive and quarrelling behavior whenever he had to show no mercy in which this looked pumped up too. Basically he made his role believeable as someone who has anger management issues.
Josh Hammond (C.J. Longhammer) is very goofy but acts tough when he needs to be and can really pull it off. He shows a perfect sarcastic type of approach when we first spot him which looked pretty convincing here. He also shows nice dodging moments during his fighting scene's at a bar really acting very sharp and fast within all of this as he is on the ball within all of this. Also he was great acting like someone who doesn't take much things seriously acting like a nautral ham here. But yet he drove his intense anger quite well quarter way through the story in which he brought alot out here.
Jason Dohring (Robby) is terrific with his emotions and deserves good credit for it as he came across well with a young innocence to his role as someone soft spoken and trying to avoid a fight. He does a great job with his worried attitude along with acting strong in a discussion and getting believeably serious too. Plus he does well with his anger in other situations showing off a ton of great energy here and acting gruff as well as blunt later on. He also does a great job with his dringing type of personality which shones off nicely while getting spooked during a terrifying situation.
It's nice to see Randy Quaid (Charlie) back in the spotlight again playing the strange sherrif and makes his role very mysterious. It makes you wonder why he is in this picture and it makes you think to yourself "There's something not right about this person." He does a nice job acting someone who is young at heart and seeming a little too open minded with whatever he does here. Also, he does a great job really getting into his excitment during a drag race acting wild about this which he makes his personality here very beliebeable too. Also he does a great job with his firm speaking acting obnoxious and violent with his sneering and expressionaless behavior. He really rolls in with the punches here and proves that he can pull off a perfect horror character here.
Kiersten Warren (Jeannie) only appears a qurster way through the story here but yet she really brings out her troubled behavior here. She does a good job with her short attitude getting stern and driving out her aggressive energy here. She also does a great job just lunging into a situation with full might for a real suspenseful situation which looked highly energetic too. She seemed to have a nice key role to the story in which she studied her part very well here.

A deer is gutted tied to a tree with its ribs exposed.

Chris Bell is a newcomer and does a very good job with his composing. There's alot of good deep violin sounds as well as perfect drumbeats and clanging for the fast action sequences. Also nice hissing sounds too for the still moments as this sounded very effective. Also there's great metal clanging with good dark keyboard music. Plus some nice light sounds for the near ending of the film with a woman chanting. Also we have a treat hearing some indian woodwinds peaceful music during the ending adding a perfect touch to the film. He makes the music very icy around the spots that needs to be and I can see him working in future films too.