Black Christmas (2019)


Directed by: Sophia Takal

Written by: Sophia Takal & April Wolfe


.... Riley

.... Kris
.... Marty
.... Jesse
.... Landon
.... Professor Gelson
.... Nate
.... Helena

Release Date:
Quick Theatrical: December 13, 2019




Hawthorne College is quieting down for the holidays. One by one, sorority girls on campus are being killed by an unknown stalker. But the killer is about to discover that this generation's young women aren't willing to become hapless victims as they mount a fight to the finish.


Someone warned me how bad this film is so I prepared myself and boy was I prepared big time. At first the story seems to start off nicely with a sorority sister walking home for the holidays and is getting a deadly text with a fellow walking behind her texting thinking that this is the person who's doing it yet doesn't look as dark or effective like it should have been. Plus we all know that it wasn't this stranger doing all of this.
Suspense is mediocre when we spot a hooded killer trying to get to her as well as trying to go to a house to get help but yet this leaves a chilling feeling who's home this really is. Not scary enough like it was supposed to have been. Then the final moments happen as there's nice camera shots looking down on this helpless girl as this is one of the only scene's worth watching. Yet doesn't save the film from bombing but close though.
The story is slow and pointless when it rolls along but there's some interesting moments with the sorority sisters having breakfast and preparing the day with Riley acting charming through all of this.
Also the conversations between Riley's friends after a semester seemed to look good and natural which stood out in my mind but things started to move quite slowly for the rest of the time as I was hoping some horror would come in but there was too many time wasters as well as trying to make things mysterious with certain character's that were involved in some of the scene's that didn't work at all.
Then the sorority sisters do a naughty singing performance for the guys as well as a real attention grabber when Riley spots a guy that did something nasty towards him beforehand and she loses touch with her performance which is another mysterious moment and making me wonder if she will be okay but sings out lashing words towards him as this looked awesome to watch by bringing this creep down.
Eventually the mysterious killings start to happen like someone looking for her cat Claudette as this sounds familiar to a situation in the original but the moments looked lame and contrived here so you're not missing out on much if you haven't seen this flick yet. It looked completely uninspired and amateurish when the killer is about to do this sorority sister in. Not the least bit scary at all.
Then there's suspects which is supposed to give you the chills but doesn't cut it at all as things once again looked too contrived and not at all suspenseful including one of the instructors at the university as I couldn't make sense out of the situations that unravelled here.
The sorority sisters get into a heated argument which looked unnatural and way too planned out as I rolled my eyes while watching them argue while one of the sisters goes up into the attic to look for some Christmas lights and they don't work which leaves a clue that the killer will do this one in next which was done in decent style but yet doesn't save the film from bombing unfortunately.
The suspense improves a bit when the surviving sisters lead by Riley tries to survive from the killer wearing a black uniform and mask wich almost saved it from bombing but didn't do the trick and then when the moments are revealed which takes place in some sort of a satanic ceremony falls flat since we've seen these situations happen many times beforehand so this was nothing new at all. It was just dull to watch period!!!!
Bottom line is that I wouldn't really call this one a remake as it's nearly a different story alltogether with just the same name and taking place in a sorority house with the odd deadly texting but that's just it! It was a bad flick to watch as someone warned me so I was prepared. I noticed it was by the same makers of Happy Death Day which was also a god awful flick. Fans of the original or even the 2006 remake will be extremely disappointed. Avoid this one at all costs.

The acting is in fair shape but not the best in which (Riley) seemed to try to bring out her performance the best she can with her spunky behavior as well as acting bubbly at times in which she's fairly natural while doing this. Reacted well by being emotionally scared while spotting someone while doing a song which looked belieable enough as well as singing aggressively later on which she was powerful while doing this. However when she gets into a heated argument during a certain moment in the film she needed a bit more energy and enthusiasm but it was due to poor writing too. When she gets emotionally scared when the terror hits her she is only half good while behaving like this.
(Kris) seemed to breeze by with her outgoing and sarcastic type of behavior in which she stood out well by doing both of these actions. Was a okay with her characteristics for all that she had to do here. Not terrible but not the greatest. Still she does the job the best she could here.
(Marty) was probably the best out of the cast in which she shows off a great cheerful loving every minute type of personality as I really loved to see what she did here. She for sure brings up her energy and enthusiasm to the highest. Was very clear in her speaking and was a worthy character actress.
(Landon) drew in well with his shy guy next door type of attitude offering a good innocence but does he have the looks and appeal to this? Well... sort of. He wouldn't be my choice but still did the job with what he had to do and not letting an ounce of energy down whatsoever. He reacts well to situations and shines off his performance in a fair fashion.
(Professor Gelson) shows off a good charming personality as an instructor at the university having a nice uplifiting delightful attitude but he was supposed to be a suspect in which he didn't come across as someone untrustworthy at all like he was supposed to have been which was my amin criticism as well as later on revealing on what he does later on. He didn't cut it at all proving not to be too much of a versatile character actor.

Brooke Blair and Will Blair composed the music which is the only good thing in this movie as there's good screeching violin and other sounds especially for the beginning when the killer is creeping up on his first victim. Also some good deep sounds especially in a scene taking place in an attic leaving it off with a perfect dark feel to everything. I have to admit the music was right on target for what we watch here. Kudos to these composers.