The Black Water Vampire (2014)


Written, Edited & Directed by: Evan Tramel


.... Danielle Mason
Andrea Monier .... Andrea Adams
Anthony Fanelli .... Anthony Russell
Robin Steffan .... Rob Allen

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 21, 2014




A group of students film a documentary out in the snowy woods as there's a legend of the Black Water Vampire along with interviewing crazy and closed minced locals along the way.
While they camp out for the night they reveal strange surroundings as well as them getting lost and finding on the legend being true as each of them may not survive this deadly event that surrounds them.


The film shows a found footage of a dead body in the snow as this looked pretty fake and needed to be more convincing since that's what kind of genre it is. I had a feeling that I was looking for a cheesy flick and I was right.
We have many moments like the group of friends filming one another and discussing on what they're going to do which looked terribly unnatural while watching all of this.
Plus we see them interviewing locals but yet half of the performances with their answers look cheesy and not natural enough like you expect in most found footage films making you think that this film was actually real. Does this scene sound familiar to a 1999 flick that we all know before the gang goes on their trip to the woods??? However, there were some other people interviewed that seemed to be right on the ball including a relative that was getting edgy with someone questioning the death of this relative which looked truly intimidating. Also we spot an interview with a killer in an asylum which looked genuinely twisted while watching on what he was saying to this woman questioning her.
Then there's a moment when they're driving along in the wooded night and their car gets a flat tire as this was a near jumping moment since this catches you by surprise as well as them trying to film what they might've spotted out in the woods which looked fairly creepy spotting the tall trees.
Then when we see them going to the wooded area to get ready to camp out we spot them spotting marked symbols on trees and other stuff too with the gang questioning all of this and getting anxious. Another scene that seems familiar here???
We also spot moments when they pitch their tent as well as later on hearing sounds at night and about to go out to see what it is which is another scene that reminds me of that found footage film that started the craze. Yet when they try to go to see what it is we spot a dark figure which looked interesting to watch however they seem to stop and no longer try to go towards this which makes you wonder why they did. Looked well done nevertheless.
Then the next day they spot a markings on their tent which we expect this since it was cloning the other stuff too.
There's also a moment when they try to find their ways around and are walking in circles as they open up their map and are getting frusterated as well as using a compass in which this is another stealer to the cult classic that we all remember. However they videotape an old woman they encountered beforehand a distance away which looked nicely done leaving the film a nice mysterious feel to everything.
An interesting moment when everyone is inside the tent and we spot someone pressing against it which offers a cheesy but creepy feel to all of this.
Also when they go to film what's nearby on a tree we spot a gargoyle figure hissing at them which kinda spoils the feel of the ofund footage scene's since this looks like a cheesy effect and doesn't show off well onto the camera but again there's many other moments in this footage that doesn't show off well either so this is not much different. Sorry to spoil the review here folks for anyone who hasn't seen this flick yet but I had to mention this since it didn't impress me at all. Not much of a surprise here nonetheless.
Yet there's an effective moment when someone opens their tent and a good close up shot on the gargoyle peeking in and hissing as well as a good ruckus on them feeling from the tent which looked incredibly suspenseful and terorosing with the camera shaking around which makes you wonder as to what is going to happen to everyone.
Perfect moments when the gang tries to find Danielle and then we spot a shocking distance shot on her and they come running to her as this looked incredibly effective by what had happened to her. Defientely leaves a good horror feel to the story.
We spot some footage with this beast attacking someone revealing their camera being dropped and seeing gruesome results but yet this doesn't look too convincing to make these moments seem realistic at all.
Bottom line is on what was all discussed on familiar scene's that this is officially a clone to the Blair Witch Project but adding new twists that don't work in too well trying to combine some gargoyle type of effects that comes off pretty cheesy while watching all of this. I almost gave this film a great rating since it was cheesy but neatly effective but only turning into a major disappoinrment nearing the end. These found footage horror films are overly done it seems to be in this day and age. Not like on how it used to be in the beginning at all. Better off trying out something new.

The acting is a bit cheesily performed for the most part and not coming across as believeable like we expected but let's take a look at the people here nonetheless. (Danielle Mason) plays the leader of the pack but doesn't pull her weight all too well within her discussions as it seems that she's obeying instructions in order to be this way instead of acting natural. She's a little too over the top at times as well. However, she seems to do a nice job interviewing cast members as locals drawing a nice attention into this. Plus she shows off some good energy at times revealing her frusterations and anger. Also does well acting shocked and expressionless during a quarter way within her performance looking like a zombie. She for sure drew this in superbly so she wasn't a terrible actress by any means. Just needed improvements in certain spots.
Andrea Monier (Andrea Adams) however did an impressive job as she knew on how to get into character a great deal as well as speaking perfectly clear whenever you spot her performing in something. She really got into her speech by telling everyone an experience on a horrific subject which she came out nice and still within this. Also reacted very well to being in pain when she got attacked which also looked impressive too.
Anthony Fanelli
(Anthony Russell) did his part nicely as well playing one of the level headed types as well as having the right looks for all of this and masculine presence. Seemes to do well acting anxious when the terrors start to happen showing a great amount of energy within all of this. Also shows a nice personality as one of the brainy and heroic types of the group too.
Robin Steffan
(Rob Allen) seemed rather annoying in his performance and at times over the top as a nerdy type as his looks were a bit typical but yet not too much since I've seen worst performers. He does well with his hyped up energetic speaking as well as really showing some decent intensity after he spots markings at a tent reacting okay to this. He draws in well within whatever he did in the story.

is stark naked while standing in the middle of a wooded area looking stunned.

A chewed up corpse is revealed in the beginning of the film but it looks terribly fake.
A chewed up and bloodied arm is revealed.

For the ending credits we hear alot of dark thumping sounds and ehoey type of effects with some stroming types of eerie sounds too as well as the odd high type pitched noises. However this was all starting to become incredibly annoying. This was put together by Richard Figone.