Blair Witch (2016)


Co-Produced & Directed by: Adam Wingard

Co-Produced & Written by: Simon Barrett


James Allen McCune .... James
Callie Hernandez .... Lisa Arlington
Corbin Reid .... Ashley
Brandon Scott .... Peter
Wes Robinson .... Lane
Valorie Curry .... Talia

Release Dates: Toronto International Film Festival: September 11, 2016; Theatrical: September 15, 2016




James (James Allan McCune) finds the lost footage of the Blair Witch Prject in which he believes is lead by his sister who's been lost ever since and goes to the woods with his team of people to try and find her but paranormal events starts to attack them.


The film seems to start off okay as we have the main character James looking over the found footage from the first flick of the house as well as voice over on people searching through the woods and not finding the area in which is a nice start off to a sequel.
However we get moments on the gang agreeing to help search through the woods as it seemed all too planned out with their conversations looking like a typical sequel instead of wondering if this is real or not. Of course we all know that it's fictionalised but could've been more convincing regardless.

We have everyone going in a bar partying out and discussing on what they're going to do on their destination which didn't impress me at all. I would've preferred a better scene than this one.
There's some impressive moments when someone shows a drone camera which is impressive showing today's technology compared to what everyone had in the original as this was nicely put into the story.
Of course they're having fun in their hotel room as this was unnatural but seemed to be well put into the story regardless since the original showed this as well along with a nice moment on them going across the countryland and seeing the sign on where they're going which can impress the fans from the original flick such as myself.
When they arrive in the woods it doesn't have the same kind of touch like it did in the original and seemed too planned out. However there's an effective scene when Peter acts sarcastic towards Lane and he is turned off by this wondering if a fight is going to happen which looked convincing enough.
A nice surprising moment when Ashley is walking in the river and we hear a snapping sound with her foot being cut as this draws in your attention as well as this being a key to the story on what will happen later on.
Good frusterating moments when Peter is frusterated in building his tent on their location as well as others discussing the history of the area as this grabs your attention. Plus a neat moment when the drone camera goes into the air to see the wooded areas and is impressive to see on how high this thing can fly too.
Nice shots and moments on the gang roasting hotdogs and marshmellows at night as well as one of them telling the true tale of Blair Witch as this draws you in perfectly since we hear more on the history on what went on in the woods since it didn't explain itself all too well in the original.
There's some creepy moments when James is sleeping in his tent and he hears some noises outside but at the same time this creepiness going on at night was a bit too obvious. However there's the odd effective howling and ghostly types of noises as well as a decent jumping moment when Lisa Arlington catches him by surprise by going into his tent.
Then when we have the next day we spot them with those stick figures being hung as to me this looked a little too obvious as I was thinking to myself that things are too prepared for the horror that will outcome on all of this but there's a catch to this which seemed to work in well.
Perfect intense disputes between people like Lane when they found out they were set up as the moments I must admit looked pretty strong and nicely put into the story here.
Nice running moments with Peter videotaping as well as what we see here plus some effective moments on a suddent attack scene with him falling as this adds nice horror and mystery to the story.
Interesting situations when James tries to call Peter on his walkie talkie and hears strange sounds as this adds perfect creepiness to the story or when they notcie Ashley's foot is getting puffy and moving since her cut in the river along with her getting sicker as this was all well put into the story as well.
Great surroundings with a bunch of the stick figures surrounding their camping area which is really in your face by all of this and this time not looking too obvious on what goes on here.
Good creepy shot on Ashley pin pricks her foot to try to get something out with the results as this looked creepy to see on what comes out of her foot.
We have fast shots on what happens to one of the friends with the evil force surrounding them as things looked good, hyped and intense with the rest trying to run away from it all.
A real scary moment that's psychological is when Ashley spots the drone camera caught up on a tree as she tries to climb up to get it while she's using her own camera while we see her stepping on each branch to try and go near this object. This makes you cringe big time wondering if she will fall. This is a very memorable moment in the film.
The story gets rolling more and more as at first it seemed dull that most of it was at the camp site in which both James and Lisa find that abandoned house from the first flick in which it's pouring rain and a cheesy thunderstorm happening as this adds a nice touch for a horror sequel nevertheless as well as James running in to try and find his sister with creepy moments since we almost find out on what was behind the mandess with everything here.
Also we have Lisa coming in and going to the basement of the home since this is where it took place at the end of the last flick with a nice jumping moment on the madness of one of the team that helped out on the search. We experience possessions with this which was also a nice twist as well as Lisa being trapped in a cellar along with her going through a tunnel passageway there with her camera being pushed forward from wet areas as well as her being stuck as this keeps you watching and wondering if she will get out adding more psychological elements into the story. It was neat to see all of this.
Bottom line is that the film isn't as scary or effective as the original and like mentioned a typical sequel as well as not explaining where the other camera shots happened with some of these people as they only had one which is a bit of bad writing involved here. Plus things seemed too planned out as well as obvious effects that don't seem realistic enough for a found footage flick. However I still enjoyed it for what it was and hope to see other sequels on other films like this one than a bloody remake. I hope they make another one too.

The acting is was nowhere as believeable as the first flick which is a disappointment and seemed too acted out for the most part but these people tried their best as you could tell but weren't ready for being in a found footage flick. James Allen McCune (James) has the clean cut appeal for his role as well as delivering his lines in an okay fashion playing a level headed type of guy which he worked hard coming across. Shows some nice energy into his part especially when he tries to find on what he's looking for. Plus shows a nice crazed emotinal crying near the end of his performance which seemed creepily performed.
Callie Hernandez
(Lisa Arlington) seemed to breeze through her role okay as another level headed one in which she seemed good and strong minded by what she was talking about and using common sense by what she was telling others. This comes off nicely as well as bringing good energy into her role when the terror strikes her. Plus does well while struggling through the madness as well as doing a nice job crying by being scared.
Corbin Reid (Ashley) seemed to have an effective role in her part of the story as she reacts well after her foot is cut reacting sharply to the pain as she bring a nice tense reaction to it all as well as her fears later on. Plus does nicely when she acts sick and out of it as she studied this nicely. Also does a great job with her frusterations when climbing a tree to get something as well as her adrenaline showing a nice hype to all of this.
Brandon Scott (Peter) seemed to stand out well in his role as a serious no nonsense type of attitude and no one you'd want to cross if you jerked him around as he draws all of that in while watching this flick and does it with powerful force too. Seemed to know his craft as an actor for this one and has a nice strong personality but yet a good hearted behavior. I liked his role in this one and was noticeable in it big time.
Wes Robinson (Lane) stood out the most in his role as someone who's eccentric as well as a typical goof and idiot. Plus reacts well to being ofended or disturbed by stuff. Was on the ball by being an unlikeable prick. Plus does well in a scene panicking and freaking out when talking to someone in the woods. Also does a great job with his wide eyed and paranoid reactions quarter way through his role as someone believeably demented or possessed. He was a worthy character actor.
Valorie Curry (Talia) seemed to come across well as someone whomn is a bit on the flakey side also does well with her timid behavior too. She really got into telling a campfire tale on the history of Blair Witch doing it with nice nervous emotions. She deserved a good pat on the back for trying her best in her supporting role by what she did here.

Someone pin pricks her cut foot and some results of it shows which isn't pretty.

The composing done by Adam WIngard was very powerful in which there's alot of low gloomy sounds, effective banging and rumbling noises as all of it was darkly done and having a perfect suspenseful feel to it all. Yet for a found footage film spoils it as there's not supposed to be sound effects making out that this really happened as it spoils everything.