Bleed (2002)


Directed by: Devin Hamilton & Dennis Peterson

Written by: Devin Hamilton


.... Maddy Patterson
.... Shawn Banning
.... Chris
.... Tillie
.... Peter
.... Laura

Special Appearances:

Brinke Stevens .... Phyllis Patterson
Lloyd Kaufman .... Carl Patterson
Julie Strain .... Linda

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: December 24, 2002








Maddie Patterson (Debbie Rochon) falls in love with her co-worker Shawn Banning (Danny Wolske) as he invites her to a pool party in which they have a secret on being part of their murder club as she falls for it and one time accidentally kills someone due to her raging temper and finds out that their club was all a joke and feels stuck on what to do since she is tormented in her nightmaores on the next murder case done by a killer in a white mask. Could she be killing these people or is it someone messing with her head since she has a dark secret of her own while growing up?


We spot an impressive beginning with a whore having an attitude while waiting for someone to show up and then we spot the killer as this looked not too shabby spotting this maniac in a white mask which is of course a familiar looking type of image for the slasher films we've seen before with a figure like this one. It seemed to work in. However, there's a moment with two guys dressed in drag ready to drive home with the killer about to do them in that doesn't work in well at all.
However things seemed to improve a bit with sharp discussions between Maddy being moved into her new workplace and Shawn acting charming towards her while doing this as this all looked good and naturally done while we continue to watch all of this.
Yet the moments in another scene looked awfully cheesy when Maddy opens some cards and gifts sent to her which was awfully silly when she talks about all of this as this was roughly done and too sappy as well.
There's some decent nightmarish sequences involving her and spotting deadly moments with victims being killed which works in well into a slasher film for sure and making this character a possible suspect and making us wonder who the real killer is since it's not revealed till quarter way through the story.
Nice shots on people at a pool party with the sun shining on this moment but yet things seem awfully silly that offers alot of skin and the teasing which is often common for cheesy b-films to grab your attention. However the pieces came together nicely when everyone gathers together in a hottub and discussing them as a killing club which adds some psychological moments pitting against Maddy herself wondering on what to do in this situation. The moments are carefully put into place.
Perfect strong moment on Maggie challenging a woman in a parking lot with a violent moment breaking out and a perfect intensity on a klilling mode which for sure was a terrific attention grabber and making you wonder as to how far someone will go and be out of control.
There's also good moments when the group of friends get together to discuss on what Maggie did behind her back and she eavesdrops which was an impressive moment on their conversations on joking around of what they said previously. Seems to be a nice touch for a horror flick especially in a psychological format too as well as the concerns and fears of the group of friends on what had happened.
However we spot a couple getting kinky by having sex and their words towards one another as if they were forced to say this in other words very amateurishly done in a sad way too as the filmmakers needed to spend more time on this to make it seem more convincing but they didn't. However there's a nice brief close up shot on the killer wearing a white mask to do them in as the moment looked still and dark.
There's a perfect setting between the couple Peter and Laura in a pool together looking at the stars and their discussions which looked believeably romantic while watching all of this as it makes you want to join in. Also there's a good quiet moment when he leaves to get something but doesn't return yet and she gets concerned as this looks good and chilling. Also there's a great surprising moment with the killer killing someone when you least expect it as well as this killer ready to do her in and she stays in the pool which shows that people in slasher films don't make wise choices since she had the option to get out and run but instead she screams and stands there.
Perfect flashback sequence revealing Maddy's abusive parents poisoning her mind which was a perfect touch to the story since we often see these situations and draws you in wondering if she's killing these people or not since this is common entering the mind of a serial killers background the flashback sequence looked good, serious and not being cheesy at all.
Good situations with both Chris and Maddy going to the areas where the people were killed and trying to find the missing pieces on who's killing these people as this was sharply done and entertaining too.
A perfect and strong moment with Shawn trying to reason with Maddy and she freaks out and trying to force him to leave thinking he's the killer as it makes you wonder as to what will happen next since this is a good pressuring moment.
However the story starts to slope quite a bit when the killer is revealed since things don't seem to be suspenseful anymore but there;s the odd chilling moment when Maddy tries to call 911 before it's too late as well as a moment with the killer chopping a door down which was done in a similar style like we saw in the Shining.
The ending also makes you hope for a sequel which there wasn't yet it was corny ending anyhow so it's not a big loss.
Bottom line is that this film had many weak moments but had some entertaining moments for a fun party horror flick as it seemed like a flick David DeCoteau would do with the plotlines involved when we watch the story unravel. Also the masked killer was a familiar tribute to those 90's slasher flicks like Scream. The movie was colourful and made on a clear screen as well as a low budget made for DVD type too.

The acting is well done for a low budgeter such as this one as scream queen Debbie Rochon (Maddie Patterson) gives it all in her performance showing off a good and sharp performance as she does well with her clear speaking and shows off a nice charming personality and outgoing attitude too. She also does well reacting to stuff as she shows a nice ticked and turned off behavior in other areas really being on the ball. However she's a little over the top in other areas like when she gets lustful as she doesn't act natural and seems to act forced in to behave this way. Also when she acts distubed about her past seemed a wee bit rough. She needed to be more convincing with her versatality this way. However when she acts terperamental and crazy with her violent attitude in a certain scene this looked marvelously done. When she gets spooked and cries this wasn't too shabby. However she needed a bit of a push to really be driven out of her.
(Shawn Banning) seemed to pull his weight off perfectly as the hunky guy next door type of character in which he adds a great charming attitude to his personality within whatever he did here. Also does well with his conversation as well as getting into what seems to be a secret about hs friendships as he comes across fairly well and memorable. Also does well showing off his concerned behavior too as well as acting anxious on stuff and trying to reason in a situation as he does this fairly powerful too. Had the perfect looks and appeal to this as well.
(Chris) knew his stuff as someone whom acts like an idiot as well as having a dorky sarcastic attitude as he came across as convincingly annoying within whatever he did here. Also he adds a nice versatality to his role by trying to help someone out and being perfectly serious as well as being good and energetic. Yet when he starts to act mysterious and strange it doesn't come off as too convincing.
Tillie) draws your attnetion in with her ignorant type of no nonsense behavior acting bitchy and serious on stuff. She drew in some decent energy within all of this and has a convincingly turned off attitude on stuff. Also does well with her alerted behavior too with what is happening.
(Peter) also knew his craft as an ignorant type too in which he adds a perfect cockiness to his appeal as well as doing a nice job with his blunt and aggressive behavior. Plus got into a good mode while acting romantic in a pool scene and getting into this realistically. Also does a nice job with his sarcasm too. Brought out alot of spunk into everything that he did.
(Laura) brought attention nicely into her role as one of those too innocent pretty girls who lacks intelligence although trying to be wise. She does well by acting concerned with what she stresses after hearing an awful incident. Also reacts well by being fearful but when she screams she seems to be a wee bit off on that. Had the beautiful looks though.
Scream queen Brinke Stevens (Phyllis Patterson) brought out alot in her part even if it was a cameo in a dream sequence as an abusive mother showing wide eyed expressions and her verbally abousive and forceful attitude. I was impressed with her work in this since I always found her mediovre in most of the trashy b-films that I spotted her in. She deserved a good pat on the back.
Troma Team president Lloyd Kaufman (Carl Patterson) is hard to be taken seriously with his actions as he tried his best to do so in the role as the passive/abusive father but did his best as you could tell and almost pulled it off. However his speaking is just too hard to pull it off in general.

A topless hooker is waiting in a dark room breasts revealed.
Numerous people are skinnydipping in a pool with guys butts and gals breasts and butts revealed.
A guys butt is revealed when fornicating with someone in bed.
The lead character takes off her top to try and seduce her lover as well as a brief butt shot on him in bed.
She also takes off her shirt while it's bloodied breasts revealed as well.

Persons skin is sliced off with their insides briefly shown
Womans head is bloodily bashed against a pillar in a car parking lot
Knife is stabbed through a guys neck
Throat is openly slit
Axe is stabbed in someone's shoulder
Bloodied dead bodies

We have some mild light synthesizer playing that doesn't sound catchy at all or too memorable but there's many other types of music which sounds nicely done like the sound of high type violin music for certain moments when a victim is ready to be killed during a dark silent moment as this worked like a charm. Plus we have piano rolling music as this also blends in not too shabbily. Also there's the odd mild drum boomings too. This was all put together by James T. Sale.