Blood Cult (1985)


Directed by: Christopher Lewis

Written by: Stuart Rosenthal


Charles Ellis .... Ron Wilbois
Juli Andelman .... Tina Wilbois
Jim Vance .... Joel Hogan
David Stice .... Deputy
Josef Hardt .... Doc White

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: May, 1985





A bunch of college students at a campus are being butchered by a maniac with a meatcleaver as their body parts are used by sacrifices for a cult ceremony.
The head sheriff Ron Wilbois (Charles Ellis) tries to find clues on these terrible slaughterings but realises that he's in for a shocking surprise while being caught up into this bloody mess.


We spot a beginning which had computerised video style effects which I knew that this was going to be a made for video flick as well as someone having an overlong shower while we spot the mysterious killer taking his time stalking her and coming into the dorm with his meatcleaver as I was thinking let's get on with it finally. An excuse to kill time of course and offers no skin at all unlike most splatter flicks would offer here. Also things looked terribly phony when the killer does her away with her freaking out as well as watching the meatcleaver swinging down so many times as this was supposed to look brutal and intense but really it looked terribly amateurish but offered okay gruesome horror violence after we spot the results here. Still inexcusable no matter how you spot this scene it was terribly slow and sloppy.
We also spot the screen going black with a narration rolling up and the voice of the character Ron Wilbois describing some deadly situations which also looked very amateurishly done here as it made me wonder if they borrowed this from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Things seem to look impressive at first when we spot a dorm student at night sleeping and the killer slowly moving in to kill but then it falls flat when she struggles against this maniac as it looked terribly uneven as well as her pleading for mercy which was laughable and in a bad way too.
There's a not too shabby discussion with Ron talking to his daughter Tina on some unsolved cases as well as looking at some books on the occult trying to figure out some clues which draws in a bit but not too much as things still looked awfully stale while we continue to watch through this.
More amateurish looking slayings with the killer against a dorm student while going outside at night during a frat party as well as the boyfriend spotting her dead body later on and reacting unnatural instead he should've looked shocked and upset but just seems disappointed. I was thinking "Is this gonna get any worst than it is already???"
There's some shocking moments on what we spot in the sorority cafetaria but while one of the employees spots slaughtered pieces in a garbage bin and she screams this looked so off the wall it's not even funny. I mean who hired these performers along with the terrible writing so far?!
We spot a romantic near lustful scene between Tina and her boyfriend Joel Hogan in their dorm room offering no skin whatsoever as it takes way too long and looked like they were forced to act this all out which isn't anything to be proud on the filmmakers note to accomplish here while trying to grab the viewers attention here. Just seemed boring and annoying too.
This was a case of bad filming when we spot a farmland and doesn't look like that anything is happening here except we hear sounds of chickens going wild as well as a dog barking and yelping which seems to save the budget by exposing any of this going on and then we finally see a resident walking over to see what the problem is. Also a nice shocking moment which is not good for any dog lover to spot although this looked like a slaughtered stuffed animal.
Yet there's nicely focused shots on all Ron, Tina and Joel at a table discussing the deadly situations and trying to solve some clues which there's nice close up shots on each of them talking so I will give the filmmakers some credit with this piece.

Things seem to be rolling a buit with nice touches on both Ron and Joel going out to a farm area at night in the woods and we hear cheesy sounds of a thunderstorm which adds a bit of cheesy creepiness as well as their discussions along with Ron not feeling well after we found out a mysterious person put poison into his drink at a diner beforehand which keeps you watching wondering on what's going to happen next. Also a good moment with both Ron and Joel going through the woods and then Joel disappearing which adds more nice flavor to the horror story as well as spotting a cult group in hoods ready to do a ceremony with some shocking moments too. This scene is what saved the film from bombing. Then what really makes you wonder later on if he was really dreaming this since he wakes up in the woods and the area is deserted.
There's also a near strong ending dealing with his daughter in the city and crazy moments are starting to occur as this tries to make up for the awful start of the film but still it was too later for any of that.
Bottom line is during this time period most films went to theatre's even for a limited release but this was too low budget made for video to have it out in cinema's and one of the very first one's that went right to your local video rental shop in the horror movie section. It was very amateurishly done as I thought I'd have fun watching this one thinking a movie so bad it's good. Very little suspense in it as the makers tried way too hard. Best to watch something else as I could see why this one was almost unheard of and very obscure too.

The acting is terrible for the most part as it seemed like most of the people in this film were friends with the filmmakers who desperatly needs to find a better hobby for sure. There are some exceptional one's that were mediocre so let's see here... Lead actor Charles Ellis (Ron Wilbois) seemed to do okay with his uplifting and charming behavior playing a head sheriff in the flick with his laid back attitude as well as having a nice seriousness to things whenever he had to be this way. Defientely was convincing as one of those likeable types for sure. However when he does the narration in some of the sequences he was very wooden and needed to spice it up a bit and sometimes was wooden in other areas of his performance like when he was sedated in a hospital and so fourth. He does a nice job acting anxious and upset near the end of the movie though.
Juli Andelman
(Tina Wilbois) showed off a nice spunky type of behavior as well as showing a nice caring type of behavior too. However she is at times off on her energy and needed to really pick up the pace here. She comes off okay onto the camera as well as showing a nice seriousness for the unsolved cases that were going to happen here. Plus shows off a nice versatality near the end of her performance acting crazy and insane just rolling with the punches here as well as showing good wild expressions too.
Jim Vance
(Joel Hogan) shows off a nice sarcastic and bubly type of behavior to his role as well as a guy who has a hard time controlling his hormones in which he seemed to be so far one of the better performers in this film. He also shows off a nice mysterious presence to his character which makes you wonder as if he's a suspect to the murders. Definetely does what he had to do in order to pull off this type of behavior as well as having the right looks and motives too.
David Stice (Deputy) seriously couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag as he was just a line reader and showed no characteristic's or natural reactions whatsoever. In my books he is not an actor period by what he does here as he lacked big time within everything and didn't seem to be up for playing this part.
Josep Hart (Doc White
) shows off a good accent as the doctor in the film and seemed to perform okay. He also does not too badly when he is doing a cult ceremony showing off some energy but at times it's a little too much. Yet he was well noticed onto the camera by doing all of this.

An arm is cut off and placed in a bathtub as well as the dismembered body revealed in the bathroom.
A decapitated head is revealed as well as a dorm student being chopped up.
Another dorm student's leg is chopped off outside during a party.

Body pieces are revealed in a salad like fingers as well as the rest in a garbage bin.
A decapitated head og a dog is shown as well as it's lifeless body.
Body parts are spread out during a cult ceremony.
Plenty of violent bloodsheds here and there in certain scene's.

The music sounds annoying in certain spots which makes you hope that it will improve like some piano playing with someone whom isn't all that good at composing music for it. Also we hear some off tunes for a romantic scene and sometimes cheesy synthesizer music for the suspense yet it seems to blend in well due to the lack of the budget that this movie was made on sounding at times sharp and high pitched which seemed passable. Also we hear some thumps and beats which works into the story too. Plus we hear some fair foggy type chanting sounds too which works in well especially during a cult ceremony quarter way through the film. All of this was put together by Rod Slane.