Blood Dolls (1999)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Charles Band


Jack Maturin .... Virgil Travis
Debra Mayer .... Moira Yulin
William Paul Burns .... Mr. Mascaro
Warren Draper .... Harrison Yulin
Nicholas Worth .... George Warbeck
Jodie Fisher .... Mercy Shaw
Phil Fondacaro .... Hylas

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: August 31, 1999




An eccentric and crazed billionaire named Virgil Travis (Jack Maturin) who has a head the size of a avacado has made his latest creation on some blood thristy killing dolls while residing in his mansion as well as keeping a female rock group forcing them to play on command while he has killed people he trusted and betrayed him sets them out to kill more on his enemies who have wronged him
He meets up with his match on a woman named Moira Yulin (Debra Mayer) and finding love, both of which come in the form of a woman who is even more evil and twisted than he is.


There's a good shot on a character named Howard Loftus when a drill is about to plurge in his chest as he shows good frightening expressions but however isn't convincing with the yelling or screaming and the same with a woman involved here named Cindy Agami when something happens to her.
A good scene involving a bodybuilder George Warbeck in his weightlifting room trying to find out who's spying on him with good shots on the dolls peeking as well as attacking too.
There's a terrific reaction on another character Squires getting aggressive and pointing his gun when he enters the room and being attacked too.
We have many discussions between a married couple Moira and Harrison doing perverted events and kink like being whipped as well as other painful stuff. It's cheesily done but at times amusing.
A nice shocked look on Moira after Virgil Travis removes his mask as well as the dolls attacking her and her lying on the ground screaming with him looking over her and speaking evilly towards her.
Apart from this there's nothing much more to mention but there's an amusing moment with certain character's in a scene by performing rock music in their cell while being forced to.
Bottom line is that Charles Band tried to make another version of Puppet Master but he failed majorly as this was difficult to watch cause it will bore the hell out of you with no point to the story at all so what's the point? Well Full Moon Pictures probably was hurting for money so they'd try anything and I bet were humiliated after the results.
The vhs box cover looks impressive and the story may seem like something to watch while reading it on the back but by all means a complete torture to watch and not the least bit scary either.

The acting is in average taste as lead actor Jack Maturin (Virgil Travis) seemed to be so-so with his evil attitude but he tends to get carried away alot and lose that evil charm he's supposed to have.
Debra Mayer
(Moira Yulin) however does her job well enough with her slick, sleazy and evil speaking as well as trying to seem innocent and charming too which showed her versatality in a descent mode. She does well speaking smoothly in a scene and acting tempting towards someone to marry her.
William Paul Burns
(Mr. Mascaro) had the right looks and deep speaking as an assitant to the evil Travis which he knew his part inside out and had good timing with his seriousness that it's quite comedic on what is going on with him.
Warren Draper
(Harrison Yulin) was cheesy with his performance but yet really lived to play a perverted type in the film making his role realistic at the same time and a reminds you of those morons you can't stand that has only one thing on their mind when it comes to women. He reacts well while getting tortured to death.
Phil Fondacero
(Hylas) annoyed the hell out of me the most with his high strung attitude as you'd want to kill him to shut him up.

A woman briefly takes off her top with her breasts exposed.

A person is drilled in the chest with tons of blood splurting out
Some bloody stabbings mainly by the dolls
The odd blood smears on corpses
An eye is stabbed
A person is tortured in wire

Richardo Bizzetti was impressive with his synthesizer playing along with the heavy metal guitar riffs in certain scene's especially the tragic moments when the dolls attack and kill. Almost reminds me of a scene in Carrie at the senior prom when she unleshes her powers in a cheesy kind of way. He also has the odd circus type music which almost sounds similar to the Puppet Master flicks.