Blood Feast (1963)


Produced, Composed & Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Written by: Allison Louise Downe


William Kerwin .... Det. Pete Thornton
Mal Arnold .... Fuad Ramses
Connie Mason .... Suzette Fremont
Scott H. Hall .... Frank
Lyn Bolton .... Mrs. Dorothy Fremont

Release Date: Theatrical: July 6, 1963





An egyptian caterer named Fuad Ramses (Mal Arnold) slaughters people and collects their body parts from young maidens in order to bring Ishtar, an ancient goddess of good and evil back to life.
A woman named Mrs. Dorothy Fremont (Lyn Bolton) wants to have a dinner party for her daughter Suzette (Connie Mason) which gives him a great idea to finish his ritual in which he hypnotises her to have an engagement party so
he can perform the ancient rites of summons which hasn't been performed for 5,000 years, using the daughter as his final sacrifice.
Suzette's boyfriend Detective Pete Thornton (William Kerwin) is on the hunt for this killer that's all over the news with the police captain Frank (Scott H. Hall) which leads to more cases and fret's that he won't be able to get to Suzette in time.


There's a good shot on a woman running a bath and going in with a good shot looking up on Fuad Ramses with a knife in the air and a menacing expression on his face as well as a good shot on this woman screaming with a shot of blood in the bath water. Of course this has an impressive feel with the woman going into a bathtub and the killer butchering her away which almost had a similar idea in Psycho but this was way more gruesome of course.
There's alot of mysterious moments with this killer too on how he talks to others about his traditional feasts which seems to fit well with the story on someone having a dinner party but it's not what they're expecting at all. It's not for everyone who has a strong stomach that's for sure. There's a nice creepy discussion with Mrs. Dorothy Fremont entering a butcher shop and talking to Fuad about throwing a dinner party for her daughter with a great close up shot on him discussing to her about an Egyptian feast for her with big eyed expression and cold speaking which looked convincingly intimidating as well as a good shot on her looking a bit out of it as if she's been hypnotised.
There's a nice close up shot and makeout scene between two couples at a beach with a good approach by Fuad limping towards them as well as raising a blade in the ari with a great close up shot on the male boyfriend screaming in terror and then a shot on him throwing down his blade.
There's a good moment with someone walking outside near her hotel and then Fuad grabbing her from her room and him being psysically forceful with his hands on her face which looked disturbing to watch on how it was done.
There's a good camera shot looking down on Suzette Fremont and Det. Pete Thornton in their vehicle having a pleasant conversation and also talking about the killer on the loose which seemed quite natural.
There's a good camera shots and conversations involving Suzette towards her friends while having a pool party talking about their party which looked a bit cheesy but in a fun way. Of course there's the pool party gives the film a summer feel to it which looks like so much fun that you wanna dive in as well.
Of course there's this killers own cult ceremony which delivers more shocks with guts and galore on him placing stuff in a stew pot as well as whipping someone which fits the plotline. There's a corny moment with Fuad putting body parts and other guts in a stew type pot and performing a ceremony with a good shot on a female victim tied up sobbing as well as good camera shots on him whipping her which looked almost convincing that he was actually torturing her.
There's a nice moment with both Pete and Frank entering the torture room and spotting Kamp bloodied on a table with a good camera shot moving sideways on her body.
There's a good twisted scene with Pete and Frank trying to talk to the female victim bandaged up in a hospital on what went on with her answering very strangely and disturbing like.
There's a good moment with Fuad trying to get Suzette to close her eyes and lie on a counter with her acting ditzy about it breaking his concentration on what he wants to do as well as some good blocking on him raising a blade in the air when she closes her eyes.
The first controversial horror film which offered the first gorefest in which during this time period wasn't allowed to be shown to the public and I believed was given an X rating and considered adult horror. It still stands out as quite graphic to today's standards since it's about cannibalism. However the blood no looks fake and you can tell that it's red paint.
Bottom line is the film was pointless but fun to watch if you're in the mood for a very cult cheesy horror flick plus it looks like one of those old fashioned horror drive-in films which is entertaining. Basically the story revolves around a planned dinner party with a crazed caterer who kills people and uses their body parts for his ceremony and about to kill the host for the party but killing other locals in between at beaches or a motel. Nothing much more to this. Believe it or not this film inspired the trashy 1987 comedy horror Blood Diner.

The acting is in average shape as lead actor William Kerwin (Det. Pete Thornton) seems to birng on a nice charm as a detective and lover to the main character in the film with his easy going attitude plus he brings a great seriousness when a deadly crime is committed. He seemed to study this role quite well and comes across quite strong in his performance.
Mal Arnold
(Fuad Ramses) certainly had the right looks to lay a maniac madman in the film with his crazed expressions as well as his cold and insane speaking really getting into a rage as well especially with his wicked wide eyed looks. Plus does a good job with his forceful blocking like torturing someone or raising a blade in the air and really getting into this. He totally brought his role to life and portrayed a perfect horror character.
Connie Mason
(Suzette Fremont) had the beautiful blone looks which seems to be an attraction to the film especially a drive-in horror flick like this one but can she act? Well she isn't too bad. She knew how to act like a ditsy type on the film that's for sure so I give her credit for doing her best.
Lyn Bolton
(Mrs. Dorothy Fremont) seems to do well with her supporting role as her mother with a calm and pleasant like behavior. She seems to have that wholesome type of image. She seemed to bring everything together nicely with her work in it.
Plus has a great reaction like she's being hypnotised in a certain scene and getting into this a good deal. She also showed a great screaming reaction to a terror that she spots in a scene.

Body parts are chopped off
Guts and other types of insides are put in a stew
Many bloody slaughterings
Bloodied bodies are revealed
A scalp is sliced off
Insides are pulled out of a person's mouth
A decapitated head is revealed
Body parts are revealed
A man is bloodily crushed in a garbage truck
Yes folks plenty of blood and graphic gore here

There's numerous low drum poundings like a sacrifice is going to happen. Typical egyptian sounds. Plus there's lots of great quivering organ music which you'd hear in an old fashioned drive-in movie. Plus there's low trumpet music too. This is of course composed by the director Lewis.

Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: Good day, are you Mr. Ramses? I'm Dorothy Fremont. Well, I heard about you from a friend of mine, Annette Dupree. I'm giving a dinner party in two weeks for my daughter, and Mrs. Dupree says that you cater to just about the type of thing I'm looking for. I want something ususal, something totally different.
Fuad Ramses: Yes, Mrs. Fremont. I do cater to unusual affairs. What do you consider to be unusual?
Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: Oh, I don't know. What do you recommend?
Fuad Ramses: Have you ever had... an Egyptian Feast?
[musical fanfare]

Fuad Ramses: A feast such as this has not been performed in 5,000 years.