Blood Legend (2006)


Directed by: Rusty Nelson

Written by: Jeremiah Campbell & Rusty Nelson


Jeff Dylan Graham .... Caleb
Eric Coffin .... Brian
Randal Malone .... Isaac
Heather Jacobsen .... Diana
Syn DeVil .... Moira
Jo-Anne Krupa .... Rachel
Ashika Gogna .... Isis
Rebecca Elizabeth Stevens .... Maris
Jed Rowen .... Harry

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: February 2006




A young witch named Diana (Heather Jacobsen) is obsessed with righting the wrong commited by those who burned her ancestor, Moira (Syun DeVil), alive at the stake for practicing witchcraft as her uncle Isaac (Randal Malone) tells her about her eternal rewards by performing a resurrection so Diana performs some sacrifices which includes a person's heart and beheading a virgin in order to resurrect Moira from the grave as her boyfriend Caleb (Jeff Dylan Graham) can't believe on what he sees on her evil deeds and has to make a decision to stop her from doing more harm to others as Moira also becomes this demonic beast and feeds on innocent human flesh and blood.


The work on this film is extremely rusty especially during the beginning of this film which involved a character named Diana whacking an axe towards a camper which looked very amateurish.
We spot many cheesy but fun watching discussions between Diana and Isaac as niece and uncle about summoning up an ancestor and other various scene's. I must admit that it was fun to watch.
We spot a good conversation between Caleb and Diana acting like a couple kissing etc. which looked convincing enough.
There's a good attitude coming from Diana towards a student by having a disagreement in a college classroom along with a flashback sequence which looked incredibly cheesy that involved Isaac preparing a sacrifice with his s clergymen's against Moira.
We have some good shots on Diana with her cult members dressed as a monster with smoke revealed and then Moira approaching towards Diana.
We have a good reaction on someone named Professor Barr getting out of his bed and trying to find out the sounds he's hearing and then in his bathroom we have Diana telling him about being the next sacrifice. We spot a cheesy camera shot on Moira in bed trapping him and then an interesting shot on a demon monster attacking.
The scene's with everyone at a park looked awfully trashy mainly with discussions between Caleb and Brian on making a move on one of the cult women and all their discussions too. I wasn't impressed on the lacking of it all.
There's a good moment with both Diana and Moira acting nasty and evil towards Mary with camera shots circling around them.
There's a good close up shot on supporting actor Harry loading his rifle and preparing stuff along with his corny discussion between his partner about their pratice in combat training.
There's shots on the demon running in the fields after others but it looks like someone in a costume. Don't get me wrong as it looked like that through his other scene's but this time it looked very obvious.
We have a great shot on Isaac holding a dagger and talking to a painted picture of his ancestor preparing for a sacrifice as well as him with Moira outside doing his ceremony.
Bottom line is that this was probably one of Brain Damage Films biggest budgets to come on DVD which isn't saying alot but at least some money was put into it but it looks very video like. At the same time the pic and sound quality is very clear.
The film seemed fun to watch at first but later on it becomes a real drag with pointless dialogues and corny humor too.
It was fun to watch the demon monster attacking even if you could tell it was someone in a costume but they tried their best to make it look as good as possible.
I still pass on this movie as it wasn't for me and prefer films that aren't as lacking either.

The acting is a bit terrible for many of the cast members and average with some others. Lead actress Heather Jacobsen (Diana) showed a nice nasty girl type of an attitude but when she tries to act menacing or killing someone she is way off and desperately needed improvement. She was a bit weak in a scene with her aggressiveness towards one of the actors on being the next sacrifice.
B-film scream king Jeff Dylan Graham (Caleb) on the other hand showed a nice charming attitude as her boyfriend and pulls alot of character to his role. He is probably the best out of everyone in the film. However in a certain part of his performance there's a moment when he acts drunk which looked decent but when he passes out after what he spots during a sacrifice looked amateurish. In another sequence he reacts well to being hypnotised.
Randal Malone
(Isaac) was quite an interesting character with his role acting sort of like a drag queen like in a Rocky Horror sort of fashion and knew his timing with his dark comedic side too. He seemed to know his craft somewhat as an actor to this low budgeter.
Syn Devil
(Moira) seemed to have the right evil and stunning looks plaus knew to act very wicked like too as a beautiful witch. She was amusing to watch and usually pulled her weight not too bad but sometimes she needed to pick up the pace. Not too much though. She does seem okay with her actions while being tied up acting cold and evil but however her screaming is phony when she is lit on fire in a certain scene. In another scene shows a good approach by speaking coldly towards one of the other cast members.
Eric Coffin
(Brian) however, couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag and tried so hard to portray his role. He tried way too hard and failed miserably and behaved very melodramatic. I pass with him.
Mara Marini
(Mary) was another terrible cast member who just read her lines while being on screen as the virgin in the film showing no energy at all whatsoever.

Syn Devil has a torn open shirt exposing her breasts during most of her scene's as well as fully breasted in a bed making out she's seducing someone.

A camper is butchered with an axe and his heart is torn out
A woman's head is ripped off with blood splurting out
A guy's insides are torn out and eaten
Another woman who is part of the cult is whacked by an axe
We have some bloody stabbings here and there.

Believe it or not we have some strong and fine classical music with violing and drum beatings as well as the odd chiming music. There's some good dark music and drum thumping during the closing credits which blended in nicely all done by Lewis Schoenbrun.