Blood Moon (2006)


Directed by: Thom Fitzgerald

Written by: Lori Lansens


Victoria Sanchez .... Tara
Don Tiefenbach .... Ryan Klein
Shelby Fenner .... Krystal
Shawn Ashmore .... Beau
Tony Denman .... Cory
Nate Dushku .... Whiffer
Tim Curry .... Harley Dune
Lesley Ann Warren .... Dr. Klein
Darlene Cates .... Athena the Fat Lady
Grace Jones .... Christoph / Christine

Release Date: Fantastisk Film Festival Lund: September 21, 2001 (Sweden); Cable TV: October 16, 2001 (USA); Fantastic Film Festival: April 13, 2002 (Netherlands)






A group of troublemaking teens decides to go an see a carnival freakshow in the middle of the woods only to discover a girl with full body hair named Tara (Victoria Sanchez) is doing an act as a werewolf.
She is taunted and tormented by these teens as well as some of the local villagers. She feels that the freakshow carnival run by a stern man named Harley Dune (Tim Curry) is the only sdafe place to be.
Yet, she runs into an eccentric teen named Ryan Klein (Dov Tiefenbach) and tries to hep her cure by losing her body hair as his mom does experiements on animals by using chemicals to take off their hair.
However, Tara keeps having nightmares and hallucinations on becoming a werewolf and killing people and suddenly her powers unleash after a freak accident caused by two of the troublemaking teens named Beau (Shawn Ashmore) and his girlfriend Krystal (Shelby Fenner) occured and they may have to pay for their nasty tricks on her


A nice beginning of the story in which we have some bullies looking around in the forestry area as well as them about to shoot a rabbit which looks disturbing wondering if they will succeed and then we have a misfit kid Ryan Klein walking this rabbit which is a nice relief but then I got a sinking feeling that these punks will try to do some harm to him.
Nice shots on the carnival driving in and what we all spot which is strange looking people and midgets setting up as well as practising. Of course this looks clever for a freakshow that we are expected to see while we look further into the film.
I enjoyed a nice and caring moments between Tara whom is hairy all over talking with Athena the fat lady in which the moments looked very mellow and comforting. It looked good and natural by what they were both talking about.
A good scene when the head bully Beau is knocking on Tara's door in her trailer about to pull a nasty trick on her by using his dog as I was wondering what this prank will be and hoping that this will backfire on them.
Perfect dark setting when the kids are in the forest heading back home and they hear a howling sound and start running as this for sure makes this moment chilling and suspenseful especially the shots on the tall trees during these moments.
Terrific powerful moments with Beau being foreceful towards Ryan and beating the crap out of him as this was well focused and very intense which looked believeable with an obnoxious bully towards his innocent victim.
Many good takes on the freakshows happening but what was a real attention grabber is when we spot Christoph / Christine doing a song and one side is male and the next is female which confuses you on what sex this person really is which looked incredibly clever and well remembered to anyone who saw this flick.
Well drawn in situation when Ryan shows Tara by what he can do to her to remove her hair using a formula as this is a perfect drawing card to a horror story.
There's perfect camera shots on the villagers whenever Tara strolls in the village and having good shocked glances too.
Perfectly strong hallucination sequence when Tara walks into a cafe and sees a dog growl at her as well as what she does to this animal as this was hard to watch and disturbing for any dog lovers. It looked perfectly well done in a horror type of fashion.
Effective moment when Tara does her freakshow act and we have Beau throwing darts at her with nice close up shots on her being effected by this as well as her cold eyed staring towards him which left an impression that she will leap out and get him as I was cheering her on to go for it. This scene was well drawn in.
A scene that really stood out in my mind is when Athena gets overly protective after Tara telling her on what happened and Ryan comes in with her grabbing him and making sure he wasn't one of the bullies that did this to her as this scene was really brought to life greatly like a mother protecting her daughter.
The film shows some nice romantic sequences involving Tara with Ryan making them have perfect chemistry working together. Their discussions looked nicely uplifting with them sitting near a log in the dark woods.
Another perfect hallucination when Tara is hungry spotting some cute lambs in a fence and leaping in the air ready to lunge at one of them which is another hard to watch moment on an innocent animal ready to being slaughtered.
We watch both Tara and Ryan going into a cafe with people staring at Tara as well as Beau coming in and tormenting them along with a great strike on her towards this prick as I was hoping this wouldn't be another hallucination sequence since he literally deserves this. This showed great horror fast paced timing.
Another shocking situation is when Tara spies on Beau at his home and has a dark secret of his own which made me think he's no different than the other freaks at the carnival which is a nice reveal as to why he was so insecure and bullied others by trying to hide his own guilt.
Energised chasing scene with Beau chasing after Tara with a gun and being pitted in the woods as we get a feeling that she will lash out and kill him which made me root for her since we all know this bad guy's always get something coming to them in the end.
In the story there's a strong situation with Krystal talking to Tara on seeking revenge against Tara and her not realising that she is right there with her as all her hair on her face is gone as well as Tara herself touching Krystal's face as this leaves an impression that a lesbian moment will occur but there's a good shocking moment on what happens afterwards which was done in a good horror fashion.
A nicely done near ending when the circus leaves the area with really sad moments on the gang grieving which almost makes you cry yourself if you're in a sad mood.
Bottom line is that it's a nice look at someone who doesn't belong in the real world. While watching it, it doesn't seem like it's going to be a horror film, just a drama fantasy with horror elements but just wait and see, you'er in for a big surprise. This film is very clever, shocking, original and creative too. It was almost like a Stephen King type of tale borrowing elements from the bullies off of It or Sometimes They Come Back. Also seemed to borrow similar situations off of Ginger Snaps as well. A nice story showing an misfit understanding another which offers a nice message to the story.

The acting is terrific and we have a marvellous known cast for the most part of it too. Lead actress Victoria Sanchez (Tara) is wonderful as a teenage girl at the freakshow with lycanthrope as she brings great energy to her role. She does great with her aggressions and terror well when she slowly becomes a raging werewolf. Does well reacting uncomfortable during when she tries to inject something in her arm. Also shows a nice peaceful side during the beginning of her performance while talking to someone else which looked very convincing.
Don Tiefenbach (Ryan Klein) played a perfect eccentric teenage outsider and knew how to play someone caring too. He had the perfect dweeby looks which was an awesome touch to his role. Plus does a good job acting courageous but not tough at the same time during the situations he needed to be as this shines off well too. Has a nice calmness to his speaking. He was a worthy character actor.
Shelby Fenner
(Krystal) had the right looks and appeal to play a stuck up troublemaking teen in which she seemed to roll with the punches in each scene that she performed in. Also reacts well to being sick or uncomfortable with what's surrounding her. Does well with her cold speaking when discussing on killing someone. Plus does a great intense job freaking out at the end of her performance.
Shawn Ashmore (Beau) really knew his stuff as a nasty bully troublemaking kid that you don't want around. He shows a perfect violent aggression in certain scene's whenever he had to act like this. Lived to be obnoxious as he brings this to the extreme along with his insecure behavior. Was great by getting into your face. He studied this role inside out.
Surprise surprise there's character celebrity actor Tim Curry (Harley Dune) who almost lived to play a freakshow carnival host and almost met up to his role as the transvestite in Rocky Horror Picture Show. He knew how to be stern and intimidating too. He does well performing a song on stage as well. Was good with his seriousness as well with his sarcastic and bubbly behavior too. He was very versatile in his role.
Lesley Ann Warren (Dr. Klein) shows it off very nicely as a protective and caring parent in which she offers a nice calming attitude and she also was clear in her speaking. She seemed to show off a nice sharp performance in her supporting role which there was no criticism into what I saw her do in the story.
But the best cast member out of them all is supporting actress Darlene Cates (Athena the Fat Lady) which is nice to see her get another acting gig due to her heavy weight as we all remember her in the blackbuster motion picture What's Eating Gilbert Grape. She is very loving and protective in her role as well as tough too which she brings all of that superbly to her character.
She does well when she grabs someone by the shirt and ready to be physical with them showing perfect timing. She truly makes you want to be on your side when things are tough in which she made all of this believeable.
Grace Jones (Christoph / Christine) does very well when she performs in a scene with a song on stage as one side of her is a woman and the other is a male with devil horns and it makes you wonder if she is a he or not. For sure shows off a ton of prunk in what she did and drew across superbly onto the camera within whatever she did here.

Victoria Sanchez wakes up and undoes her blouse showing her breasts and does this again during another scene too.
During the ending she crawls naked to a lake.
A guy takes off his clothes and is fully naked and a tiny pecker is revealed which is a drawing card that he's a misfit himself.

A dog's neck is bitten off during a hallucination sequence.
A boys neck is bitten off
A girls tongue is bitten off

Christophe Beck has some nice smooth music for this film as it really goes with the flow in this film. Some nice low clarinet playing in many of the scenes. Also a nice chanting sound for the opening of the film leaving a nice touch to everything. Plus there's alot of whooshing sounds for the hallucination sequences sounding marvellously strong. Plus we hear the odd rusty sounds and breathing sounds especially during a wooded area at night which sounds catchy. Nice sad classical music near the end of the film with a female harmonising singing as this has a great touch to what had happened in the story.

Athena: [After grabbing Ryan by his shirt] If you hurt her I'll flatten you like a pancake!

Beau: Didn't you see the sign? It said "No Pets Allowed."