Blood Nasty (1989)


Produced & Directed by: Richard Gabai & Robert Strauss

Written by:
Buford Hauser & Robert Strauss


Todd McCammon .... Roy Flowers
Cathrine Grace .... Mom Flowers
Allison Barron .... Sis Flowers
Richard Gabai .... Danny
Shannon Absher .... Nurse Sylvia
Troy Donahue .... Barry Hefna
Linnea Quigley .... Wanda Dance

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: 1989





A man named Roy Flowers (Todd McCammon) is killed by three jewel thieves and buried in an isolated area. Then he is brought back to life by a sporot of a serial killer named Blade who possesses his body.
His poor family who lives ina trailer is inherited by his life insurance but when he comes hom to a nice house his family isn't sure whether or not to really kill him in which they keep it a secret from their landlord Barry Hefna (Troy Donahue).
Blade has deadly things up his sleeve as he plans to kill this family one by one and letting everyone know that he is back for revenge as well as inviting his stripper girlfriend over named Wanda Dance (Linnea Quigley) over for some fun and kink. Wanda also tries to help save this family due to his wrath on her and the rest.


I was downloading this movie which took me 4 days to fully download and trust me this film is not worth glancing for the second time. I thought Murder Weapon was a bad horror flick but this one really took the toll of that. It's barely even a horror flick as most of it showed black comedy and was hard to tell if it just had horror elements in it. It was total crap I can tell you that.
There's an interesting beginning with some people bringing someone to a isolated area but yet there's a moment with one of them whacking him with a shovel which doesn't look convincing at all. There's good camera shots looking up at the three of them looking down at him though.
There's scene's with some people grieving which looked way too performed out and not at all together.
Some of the real corny moments for instance, is when the lead character returns from the grave with a steel pipe impaled in his body and has a hard time walking through a doorway to get someone to help him cut the steel pipe. Another corny moment was with the family grieving and then he returns to see them and they get money invested from his death so they don't know whether or not to kill him for good with the slapstick one liners involved. There's also people knocking at the family door which are the people about to prepare their pool in the backyard and the mother always tells them to come back another time. Also we spot a moment where they try to save the day by killing this possessed family member of theirs which offers nothing but awful comedy.
There's the odd good camera shots with three of the character's at the dinner table with Roy Flowers acting obnoxious and gross and Danny getting angry at him which is not as bad as most of the work in this movie but still a little trashy.
There's a cheesy camera shots looking angle side towards Wanda Dance getting dressed preparing for a strip show as well as an amateurish moment on her looking into some sort of a crystal ball calling for her lover and where he is which is laughable but not in a good way.
There's a trashy discussion with Wanda talking to Roy and not believing it's him until he tells her about what has happened which looked very goofy like.
There's a good camera shot on Roy in front having deep thoughts with Wanda behind him at a bed acting kinky in a topless cowboy suit but yet their actions on this was lacking big time.
There's a good shot on Roy's expressions towards Mom Flowers as well as shots on him putting her hand in a garbage dispenser but it falls flat after this.
A good shot with Wanda at the table joining hands with some of the others but yet when the ceremony happens it looks extremely sloppy and too hokey with everyone's actions that amateurish isn't the word for how this scene was performed.
There's a shot glancing behind Roy's shoulder when he looks into a broken mirror when he makes out that he is possessed trying to portray two character's which looked terribly done and unconvincing.
But here's some of the stuff that made this film just pass as a horror flick. There's goons killing this lead actor and later on in the story he is evil towards his girlfriend and is about to kill her and then he puts his mother's hand in a garbage disposer or him bashing someone with a baseball bat or the real person trying to control himself from being possessed. That's about it folks and it's not at all scary.
Bottom line is the film sucks the big one and everything about this film is amateurish which barely was released onto VHS and a hard one to find and it's not a big loss folks. Dead Alive did something almost like this but theirs was alot better. It was just an excuse to make a movie and did it with very little money.

The acting was in terrible shape as it looks like the cast didn't care to put any effort into this terrible film and I can't blame them.
Lead actor
Todd McCammon (Roy Flowers) seems to show great insane and angered expressions with his character as someone returning from the dead and acting possessed but he is very melodramatic whenever he performs like this by getting into an evil rage. He is corny with his blocking getting up and trying to walk back home. He's also a bit trashy while acting obnoxious. He was unconvincing with his blocking when he gets a knife and holds it to someone's neck along with being menacing about this. Very unconvincing and roughly done. He performs in a certain situation when he looks into a broken mirror when he makes out that he is possessed trying to portray two character's which looked terribly done and unconvincing.
Cathrine Grace
(Mom Flowers) was quite annoying as a nagging Mom in the flick and she tried to pull off some energy into her part but she really falls flat. She was not a true character actress even if she tried to do so with what she had. She also doesn't scream too well on camera for a terrifying moment that occurs.
Richard Gabai (Danny) who co-directed this film too usually isn't too bad as an actor but here he seems to slack off a little but yet he seemed to try and bring up the energy with his character whenever he gets anxious or acting charming in which he did quite well. He does well acting flirtatious in a scene of the film.
Former 50's hearthrob the late Troy Donahue (Barry Hefna) seemed to act like a robot almost with his character and just seemed to be saying his lines and showing very little effort with his part in the film as a landlord. During this time period the plug was pulled on his hey day and was accepting roles in direct to video junk like this.
There's of course a good supporting role by sexpot/scream queen Linnea Quigley (Wanda Dance) who tried her best to act kinky in the film as a stripper and yet she comes across being that way but even she fell flat on trying to act funny and outgoing with her role. Her skin did most of the talking as usual in these terrible films.

Linnea Quigley is changing into a top breasts revealed. Later on she is topless wearing a cowboy uniform trying to act kinky. Her boobs seem to be the drawing card to this story.

A steel pipe is impaled in a person's body
A hand is mangled in a garbage disposer
A finger is cut off
The gore effects were awful and not too graphic looking

The music was brought together by a synthesizer with nothing too spectacular but cheesy violin sounds and other technical stuff which was sounded terribly trashy all put together by Larry Berliner and Michael Morrell.