Blood Oath (2011)


Executive Produced & Directed by: David Buchert

Written by: David Meier Smith


Natalie Hart .... Lisa
Roger Horn .... Charlie
Jamie Reynolds .... Kevin
Katie Vaughan .... Beverly
Patrick Holt .... Krupp

Special Appearances:

Tiffany Shepis .... Janet
Tina Krause .... Jennifer

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: May 10, 2011




A group of friends agree to go on a camping trip to  investigate a local urban legend. Yet they realise when they arrive they are hunted and killed by a bloodthirsty killer.


The beginning of the film you could tell was a no budget look but a clear screen regardless compared to other trashy horror films that only made it to DVD if ever at all. However, the situations between a teenage couple making out in their car looked mildly entertaining and making you watch for more as we get a feeling that these two will be the first victims which seems common in a slasher flick. However there's a killing when you least expect it but the CGI effects looked fairly poor.
After the opening credits we go to the main characters as they tell a campfire story which looking fun to watch and probably the best part of the story as well as some people mentioning a story that we remember in the cult classic of Sleepaway Camp which brought my attention greatly. One of the friends named Kevin tells a true story about what took place for where they are going to which was carefully focused and made me want to watch for more.
When the group of friends go hiking for their camping trip one of them experiences some sort of a mysterious tourist named Jennifer who likes to take pictures and it was nicely added to the plotline. Later on when she goes exploring there's a nice camera shot on the killer in front of her as this leaves a chilling feeling that she will be his next victim. It was well set.
The four friends discover a borded up cabin and decides to explore it in which this leaves a chill down my spine that it's the home of the killer. What's discussed in there as to what is going on leaves a nice touch to the horror story knowing that they're in danger especially with one of the friends revealing her deep and dark secret.
Along in the story we have 3 girls camping out and having fun along with them going out in the woods with a lantern then it cuts back with the two others getting changed which is supposed to leave a hint that the killer got their friend off screen but it's a total teaser and catches you once again when you least expect it.
Things then grow intense when the four friends struggle for their lives against the killer but the situations become a bit slow. However, there's a great moment when the killer is distracted and one of the survivors from the deadly massacres tries to slowly try and get the maniacs deadly weapon he left on the ground as this made me watch in suspense as to whether he will notice.
Bottom line is that this film had good potential for a slasher flick even if it was made cheaply. The story seems a bit slow and has been done before which was the reason I rated it a mediocre type. Seemed to pay a tribute to other great outdoor films like Friday the 13th, Just Before Dawn, Madman and unfortunately Don't Go in the Woods but this one was far better. Watch it as a party flick and for the laughs.

The acting is mediocre to poor so I will sum up on what is what here. Natalie Hart (Lisa) seemed to do her job fairly well in which Natalie Hart (Lisa) seemed to do well with her bubbly type of behavior as well as acting full of life on what she says. Plus has a decent versatality when the terror strikes her by acting fearful. Has some fair amount of energy throughout her whole performance.
Roger Horn (Charlie
) was another good example with his characteristics in which he does a fine job by acting like a tease as well as showing a fair humoress attitude in which you could tell that he focus on his role in a fairly good pace.
Jamie Reynolds (Kevin) however was plain wooden in his performance as he shows no emotions for when he says his lines. I've seen worst but he needed a bit of a push especially when he tells a campfire tale. Sorry but no gold stars for this fellow.
Katie Vaughan (Beverly) almost seemed to be the same way as she tried to make her voice sound ditzy but doesn't cut it. Yet her performance changes when she screams or freaks out with her emotional sobbing as she really packs a punch here and makes it up big time. Also shows a great vengeful rage near the end as well.
Tiffany Shepis (Janet) seems to have a nice cameo in the flick before the opening credits as she shows some spunk into her part and does well with speaking to her online boyfriend and got into what she did. She also does well by screaming and acting fearful too.

A few girls take off their top while changing in their tent breasts exposed.

Tons of violent bloodsheds
Stomach is slit
Insides revealed on the ground in front of a tent
Throat slit with blood gushing out

William Sherry played soem versatlie synthesizer music in which most of the time really works in well in which he has some high light sounds for the peaceful moments sand changes it sounding intense and dark for the horrific moments as he really knew his craft proving that simple music can work just as well.